Strolling Magician Paul Lee, Chicago Illinois

I started out doing Stage Magic & Illusions, but I have a new appreciation for the Close Up, Strolling, Street Magic. It often takes more to fool the audience with this type of magic & that’s why it’s so challenging & addicting for me.

Strolling / Close Up Magic is a unique performance art which allows small groups at any event to see magic up close while directly interacting with the magician and each other. Instead of focusing everyone’s attention on the entertainer, guests are free to mingle and socialize. Unlike a stage performance, a strolling magician doesn’t require a seated audience – strolling magic is great at events where guests are standing and engaging in multiple conversations. If the audience is seated, strolling magic is performed at individual tables.

This type of Magic is perfect for, Weddings, Restaurants, Cocktail Hour, Corporate Events, Trade Shows.

Street Magician Paul Lee

Magician Paul Lee Illinois

Strolling Magic by Magician Paul Lee

Chicago Strolling Magician Paul Lee

Magician Paul Lee performing Strolling Magic

Paul Lee Strolling Magic

Restaurant Magician Paul Lee

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