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Drupal has a very robust database framework, once you get past the vertigo of not having a traditional table structure. – Desktop Win/macOS/Linux if desired: Electron It’s hard to listen to your critics but when it comes form long term users like such as yourself, it’s coming from people who fundamentally wish them to do well. A new Xojo Cloud control panel was introduced in August 2020 that is built using the new Xojo web framework. For over 25 years we have worked with various programming languages (including dBase/Clipper, 4D, Filemaker, Delphi). I’ve identified several areas to look at and if I think it’s it might be worthwhile to look at (after using Instruments and Profiling) I will create a small sample project proving if I can make it more efficient. of a report as well as do some sorting, grouping, and also allow the user to ask for criteria before the report is generated. If you’d like to see it get implement throw your points at it. I understand that the future of Xojo is API 2.0. Which will require changing my whole reporting. What do you think about the desktop changes? Before this version that was a silent failure as it didn’t detect it so at least now you can take care of it right away. I hope it will improve when/if API 2.0 supports comes to iOS and when/if they support Interops. On March 11, 2014 Xojo launched Xojo Cloud, their cloud hosting service for Xojo web applications.[45]. – Mobile: PWA with React, alternatively Angular The API 2 fiasco and the many new targets has eroded and downright sheared off the goodwill for many of Xojo’s most ardent supporters. While there’s a default bootstrap theme there is no theme editor in this initial release but it’s not so hard to change the theme on your own. If Swift and its UI toolkits worked well on Windows/MS platforms it too could take off – but Apple has no huge burning desire to do that. Tim Parnell of Strawberry Software has released a new version of ARGen with some exciting changes. – Local hosting if desired: Docker Containers, The mentioned stack is of course much more complicated and more complex than Xojo. The API 2.0 rollout may take a year to get fully fixed. IMO Web was done in first place because they wanted to get somehow onto the iPhone early. Update on my 2020 R1 status. @Bob – do you know what is going on inside the company? I’ve believed that Xojo could use a consulting arm for nearly two decades. If you’ve used iOS in Xojo it acts pretty much the same way and allows you to have practically unlimited numbers of rows of data and it will load the data as the user scrolls. And when will the post shipping bugs be fixed? The whole life means constant learning. The WebSDK example comes with a Button Cell and Color Cell renderer too so it should be exciting to see what developers do with for this. The User Interface generation has been cleaned up. Would it be by pivoting into a company that primarily exists to use their own tools on a consultancy basis for large corporations? – Frontend: React, alternatively Angular This should allow XojoScripts to be considerably faster since they may not have to be recompiled every time they’re used. that’s he’s not really listening. You can search this blog for the post I did on it. Some times it’s good to challenge your assumptions. I’m driven away from Xojo because using their tools sucks. The next version _may_ well be better, but as others have noted old bugs may reappear or new bugs that cause different issues, possibly worse than the ones you already have, isn’t a great position for any of us or Xojo to be in. Sorry to throw this out, but you can’t discuss this stuff on their turf anymore. Perhaps an extension method that does this should be named “TestAndReturnEMail” because then you’ll at least look at it and go what the hell was I thinking. They believe they communicate and communicate clearly & fully. Converting from Date to DateTime is not a simple replacement either. And while Geoff knows this, he cannot openly admit it because then he won’t only lose those who learned this the hard way being long-time followers but won’t be able to attract the new ones, who are still clueless (and that’s what Xojo caters to, mainly). [26] The 2015r3 release includes 64-bit support for Desktop, Web and Console targets as well as a new platform, Raspberry Pi. I had much hope for Web 2.0 (we even completed a couple of Web 1.0 projects that still work fine) but alas – Xojo development seems to be focusing on other things like API 2.0… Licenses can be purchased a la carte, in any combination required. I’ve always felt that the assessment was a little too harsh but I have definitely come around to that thinking. Banning of users should be the very last resort. Curious if anyone here has explored LiveCode. How many times have I promoted Xojo over the past 20 years? Keep in mind that many users are not programmers per se, but Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, etc that use their expert knowledge to write apps that are useful in their work – and that need to be cross-platform (eg students and co-workers use different platforms from you). There are several tools in this sort of state. Among some of the big additions is the ability to load data dynamically using the WebDataSource. I believe Xojo is by far the easiest method to create a X-platform app from scratch. [2][3][4], In 1997 FYI Software, founded by Geoff Perlman, bought CrossBasic,[5][6][7] which had been marketed by its author Andrew Barry[8] as a shareware product. But they don’t seem to care, despite claiming the opposite at conferences every time. Xojo is a modern object oriented language and is quite powerful but it’s not a popular language. A global pandemic that greatly accelerated a looming recession? Also the learning effort should not be underestimated. Then there’s the now I’m going to do something hard with this tool phase.

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