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Direct mount EVH Wolfgang humbuckers with Alnico 2 magnets are hotter and harness Eddie’s scorching signature lead tone that captivated the world of rock ‘n’ roll in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Tonight is the first time I actually measured. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? Designed for comfortable playability and speed, the Wolfgang WG Standard also features an oiled finish on the back of the neck and a 12”-16” compound radius baked maple fingerboard with rolled edges, 22 jumbo frets and black dot inlays. I know the nut is smaller on the Wolfs. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. One thing to note is the thinness of the frets— they’re not troublesome during shredding because of the fretboard’s flatness and the straightness of the neck (due to the graphite rods). And I played a bunch of bother versions side by side in store. The EVH Wolfgang is the best feeling neck I've ever felt. The clip starts with the volume all the way up, then rolled off a bit, then cranked again. Wolfgang Special neck vs Wolfgang Standard neck, VHLinks.com - The Internet's Largest Van Halen Fan Forum, If this is your first visit, be sure to The space between the top of the 8th fret and bottom of the string should not exceed .010 mm. Is this the best-sounding Wolfie so far? Dual EVH® Wolfgang humbucking pickups mounted directly to the body increase vibration transfer, resulting in sustain for days on end. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I really like the sound on the EVH, I think the neck pickup is better than the Peavey and even the Axis (well don´t know if the word is "better"). Terms Of Use. Huge tone. All Rights Reserved Like a TGPer said above, the profiles aren't close. Begins with the opening riff of Dokken's "Kiss Of Death" which is in E.  The second riff you hear (after the clicking noise of the D-Tuna being engaged buy pulling it out of the rear end of the Floyd Rose tremolo) is the opening riff to RATT's "Lay It Down, " which is tuned to a drop D with the key of the song in D. You can hear the tuning of the low E string is dead on without any tuning adjustments needed. And all Ed's specials had tilt back head stocks. have ever played. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. "Well, yes you can, and what you get is identical to what I use. The body comprises a three-piece core of basswood that sports a maple cap and is finished with a 'thin-skin' coating for extra resonance. An EVH D-Tuna is attached to the low E saddle. Please refresh the page and try again. It uniformly matches the body with the same amber-colored tobacco sunburst and five-ply binding. The scale length of this guitar is 25.5”. Inc.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Exclusive VHLinks.com Content From Van Halen. Wolfgang® has a compound radius so the neck can be set dead flat with very low action and no buzzing. The very cool 'offset shrimp fork' design (our description) of the revamped headstock bristles with a sextet of EVH-branded Gotoh tuners capped with bijou pearloid buttons. What I don't like about the Peavey is the location of the toggle switch. Because it has a compound radius of 12” to 16”, the surface of the neck gets flatter as you ascend up the fretboard, easing playing in the upper register and soloing past the 12th fret. View Profile View Forum Posts Tone Ninja Join Date Mar 2004 Location Rochester, NY Age 39 Posts 3,080. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, I don't notice. Neck adjustments should be done in 1/4-turn increments. Having owned every US model from Standard to CS there were some necks very slightly different from the specs you would expect without holding one which can be said of any guitar though. First Look: Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Series. More rounded back. Wolfgang Special neck vs Wolfgang Standard neck. JavaScript is disabled. "After going through numerous sets and not finding exactly what he was looking for, he suggested having some made in-house at Fender and very quickly the desired sonic results were attained. By … The maple top is arched, and is 1/2” thick at the apex of the arch. × Hooked: Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", 4. That said, many of the variations are in the details, which we'll outline in due course: the shape and beautiful neck profile, however, are very familiar. Till this day the Peavey Wolfgang neck is the most perfect and comfortable neck I ever played. Clip 1 demonstrates the perfection of the EVH D-Tuna on the EVH Wolfgang guitar. I don’t think any new production PRS gets particularly close. Weird question I guess......interested in buying a PRS and have not had a chance to check out guitars so figured I would ask here in meantime..... You're probably correct - it would be the closest, but no PRS neck is all that close to a Wolfgang neck. Were either of yours used? Powered by Invision Community, I don't have anything to offer, but I must say as a sidebar that the Peavey Wolfgang guitar is the easiest guitar that. The neck feels more vintage and old-style with its meatier center section. Like previous Van Halen-designed signature guitars, the neck shape is asymmetrical, but feels even-sided along its length. New features here consist of a pair of graphite rods that run under the 'board either side of the truss rod channel for additional stiffness and stability, and an extremely strong offset four-screw join. Its bolt-on baked maple neck with graphite-reinforcement rods holds strong against the ravages of temperature and humidity, while a conveniently located spoke wheel at the base of the neck makes for quick and painless truss rod adjustments. The Floyd Rose tremolo set up is for downward travel only. The thin stainless steel frets were slippery enough to allow for effortless vibrato and the low action made the tapping sequence simpler than I had anticipated. I saw a few EVH std but only tried the Special (Japan). Is there a more affordable guitar that will have a similar neck feel? Tested live onstage where it counts, the Wolfgang WG Standard is decked out for playing performance and comfort, and available in several head-turning finishes with a black headstock and black or black chrome (Gloss Black only) hardware. The double-locking design allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the R2 (41.8 mm) nut and at the bridge, resulting in excellent tuning stability and sustain throughout your most aggressive pull-ups and dive bombs. Visit our corporate site. The action is very low at 1/16”—at times, it feels like the lower strings are slapping against the frets when playing fretted chords. I have no affliliation with Musikraft, but they do custom orders for a Wolfgang neck profile if that's what you're after. The neck is made of a two-piece, AA heavy birdseye maple with an angled headstock. I'm going to go with one of the two, anyone use the wolfgang neck profile? Upload or insert images from URL. To me, the Wolfgangs/HP2s are more comfortable to play. ... Other than the profiles & neck radius being different, the biggest difference for me is the finish/feel of the necks. Makes tapping w/o changing the position of the switch difficult. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. I will say my Wolfs neck is much thicker than my Musicman, which I love equally. The older model is about 5 1/4 in. As far as Peavey and EBMM models go the Wolfgang has a 15" radius and the EB EVH/Axis a 10". Again, it takes a little getting used to, but once you get started, the temptation to perform the intro chords to a Van Halen classic like “Somebody Get Me a Doctor” is inevitable. To me, the Wolfgangs/HP2s are more comfortable to play. The EVH-branded Floyd Rose® Special bridge and R2 locking nut consistently keep the guitar in tune through the deepest whammy dives and horse whinnies. With the action low and slippery frets, shredding seems effortless. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Got the 2000 new back in '01. Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone. I measured again under strings between frets. It’s seated into the wood and recessed only slightly into the body in its resting position. * Neck: asymmetrical neck on the Peavey * Ratio: 12 - 16 on the EVH - 15 on the Peavey I prefer the Peavey's looks and feel. Paste as plain text instead, × Is it possible the black cherry 2000 had a fret level, knocking the height down a bit, thus making the neck feel thinner? LOVED my USA Peavey Wolfie Stoptail!!!! The nut width of this guitar is 1-5/8”, and the locking nut is bolted through the back of the headstock, the more traditional Floyd Rose way. While the previous Van Halen signature guitars had licensed Floyd Rose variations, this is a specific tremolo made for this guitar by Floyd Rose.

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