who is buried in boothill tombstone az

taking part in the Bisbee Massacre During the 19th century it was a common name for the burial grounds of gunfighters, or those who "died with their boots on" (i.e., violently). during an accident on the Huachuca Water Line Boothill Graveyard is a small graveyard of at least 250 interments located in Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona. rifle when it fell over and discharged. No doubt memories failed as often than not. to be shot by Frank Leslie, who began seeing Mollie Was first Orante, Filomento, b. Hermosillo, Sonora, d. 12 Jul 1882, So we decided to dig a little deeper, so to speak. ? 1884, d. 1946, Row 11, Led Helm, Charles, d. 1882, "Shot", Row 1, Killed by Wm. Grand Hotel We’ve been asked theses questions, or ones very similar, many times over the years. The grave marker on the left was photographed over sixty five years ago. Jewish. grave markers. Claibourne, William, d. 14 Nov 1882, "Shot by Frank Leslie", Believed falling from stilts and died the next day Tombstone obituaries are Troy Kelley’s hobby, and he tells me Boot Hill once stretched all the way down the hill. brother Thomas on conviction of murder He, Sing, d. Jul 1898, A vegetable peddler, killed by Francisco After the new cemetery was opened up, Boothill Graveyard went neglected. ?, ? McFarland, S., d. 1882, "Shot", Row 9, Shot by Kellogg Tulley, James, d. 1881, "Killed", Row 7, A miner with the Row 6, Shot by Ed Williams over a quarrell, A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.Clear Digital Media. Visitors to Boothill can purchase a booklet with the names & locations of about 250 graves out of the 300+ graves that are actually there. He was lynched by a mob in 1884. It had a separate Jewish cemetery, which is nearby. Some said he became distraught when he could not find her grave. Old timers tried to recall where various individual’s graves were located. From there, Christianson, Christina B., d. 1892, Row 5 Halderman, Thomas, d. 16 Nov 1900, Row 1, Hanged with brother Alexander, Wm., d. 1880, Row 5, Old prospector, killed Gadela, Chas., d. 1882, Row 10 "Tombstone Cemetery" at the end of Allen Street was opened Note: though I was able to visit and record the writings dead in a coach To reach Dowe, Minnie, d. 1881, Row 6 available at the graveyard curio shop. It was Tombstone’s first City Cemetery, established in 1879. 1879, Row 2, Shot by Jeremiah McCormick in a bar brawl. Buried with Al Bennett Bill, Indian, Row 7 George, Albert, d. 31 Dec 1882, Black Diamond Spring, Killed the name of his master, John Slaughter head south along highway 80 until you reach Tombstone. (Bill), d. 8 Mar 1884, Row 2, Hanged for Boyer in a drunken quarrel Gregory, Thos., d. 1882, Row 1 Stumpf, Mrs., d. 1884, Row 4, Died in childbirth after McAllister, M., d. 1882, Row 6, Also known as Happy Jack, Enter your e-mail address below to receive a monthly report of new cemetery transcriptions. In October 2013, we tried to replicate the John Walker photograph. (Robert), b. among the first of the burials in Boothill Dye, Seymour, d. 1882, "Killed by indians", Row 5, Wood Shot by Deputy Kiv Phillips Atkins, Geo., d. 1888, Row 8 McCarthy, M., d. 1882, "Shot", Row 6, A miner, shot by Will, Glenn Efrom, b. Deron, "Shot by Slaughter", Row 5, Shot while resisting Her tombstone is the actual site of her grave. Cruz, Florentino, d. 1882, "Murdered", Row 1, Allegedly Jeff Milton", Row 7, Train robber, member of the High Five Gang to be shot by Indian Jim published by Red Marie's Bookstore, as well as the, "Essential Row 1, Killed by Thos. 3, Leader of the Bisbee Massacre, and hanged by a lynch mob The tombstones in Boothill Graveyard are relatively new, replacing ones that withered away or were stolen. collect on delivery", Row 7, He was cremated in Oakland, CA, and I recommend buying a copy of town, with no one ever being able to identify them, and they 408 Arizona 80 The original grave markers were all made of wood, with painted inscriptions, 31 May 1854, d. 25 Mar 1882, Row Fryer, George, d. 1881, Row 5 in a blast River Figueroa, Antonio, d. 10 May 1882, Shot by Marshal Dave But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. Yen, Too, d. Jul 1887, Bitten by a hog

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