what does mexican tarragon taste like

The Aztecs used Mexican tarragon as an incense and to flavor chocolate. Due to its strong flavor, make sure to use it in your dishes moderately. This herb is a native from Asia that belongs to the sunflower family. I hope you enjoyed reading this guide on “what does tarragon taste like?”. The Surprising Answer for What Does Tarragon Taste Like? Because of the strength of the flavor, add sparingly and taste during the process of creating the flavoring at hand. This sauce is commonly served with steak. However, it also has a floral scent. And I am pretty sure that you’ve heard of tarragon chicken right? What does tarragon taste like? If you’ve ever had Bérnaise sauce on steak or asparagus, you know the flavor. This variety is used less commonly in cooking as it has a mild flavor. Salmon and Chicken- This is one of the best ingredients to pair with tarragon. Also known as Texas or Spanish tarragon, Mexican tarragon is the lesser-known type of tarragon and has a strong anise-like taste, which is closer to its French counterpart. New leaves will grow back to replace them. Her passion for #kitchen gadgets is matched only by her love for tech. It will also readily reseed itself in your garden. Germination will occur in 2 weeks. However, dried tarragon produces a more concentrated flavor. But don’t worry if you aren’t a licorice fan, the flavor is delicate. In warm climates, its anise-like flavor makes it a substitute for French tarragon, which often withers in heat. The taste of this herb will give you a hint of vanilla and licorice. This is why I don’t use them interchangeably in my dishes. You can also sprinkle it on top of your omelet or make a tarragon vinaigrette to drizzle on top of cooked veggies. The mild, fresh licorice-y flavor goes pretty well with chicken. Where can we use it? There is a war between warm and cool taste. For best flavor, harvest the leaves before the plant blooms in the fall. It goes well with fishes that have high-fat content like salmon. It also produces clusters of greenish-yellow flowers that are arranged on stems. These two varieties are very similar that you should be very careful in trying to buy it.​. The foliage resembles tarragon but the flowers are definitely marigolds. It has a slight flavor of vanilla and licorice. Share this so that more people will have the sprinkle of tarragon in their lives! Tarragon is one of the main ingredients in making Béarnaise sauce, it is called as the “child” of one five mother sauce in the French Cuisine, the Hollandaise sauce. The taste will give you a hint of licorice and vanilla. One thing that we should remember in using tarragon is that it can easily overpower the dish with its flavor (especially when using fresh tarragon) so we need to use it in small amounts. Today, in addition to being grown in its native lands, this aromatic herb is grown in South Europe, North America, and certain parts of Asia such as China and India. The differences are mainly in the taste which we will discuss later on. The Mexican tarragon, on the other hand, can be easily distinguished because of its little yellow flowers is harder in texture and has a strong anise taste. The best thing about modernizing the home and kitchen is appliances become affordable and energy saving. ). Its long, rich history has resulted in many nicknames such as Mexican Mint Marigold, Sweet Mace, Yerba Anise and Pericon. Also known as Texas or Spanish tarragon, Mexican tarragon is the lesser-known type of tarragon and has a strong anise-like taste, which is closer to its French counterpart. Here are the three varieties of tarragon that you should know about: Inarguably the most commonly used variety of tarragon, French tarragon is bursting with flavor. Tarragon has a strong and unique flavor; it has a smidge of bitterness and sweetness to it. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The two varieties, French and Russian differs greatly on the taste. Fresh tarragon, on the other hand, has an herbal flavor which tastes like anise. Mexican tarragon tastes like French tarragon with a slight anise flavor. #CookingChewTribe, Your email address will not be published. However, when you’re buying an unlabeled batch of tarragon and want to figure out which type it is, just crush a leaf between your fingers and sniff it. Tarragon, also known as dragon herb or estragon, is a native herb of Siberia and Mongolia. The plants grow as small bushes but interestingly, if the branches touch the ground, they develop roots and the plants spread out from there. This makes it more expensive than the other tarragon varieties. Also, another thing to keep in mind, tarragon unlike other herbs, loses a lot of its flavor when dried, so you need to use twice the amount of dried tarragon if a recipe requires it fresh. When cooking with tarragon, make sure to use it in moderation as its distinct flavor can quickly overpower a dish. It goes well with fishes that have high-fat content like salmon. Mexican (also called Texas) tarragon (Tagetes lucida) grows all spring and summer before it produces many yellow, single marigold-like blossoms, but that is just a bonus because the main reason to grow it is for the flavored leaves. ), fish such as salmon, shellfish, eggs, and fresh veggies.

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