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Laminate surfaces overlay a protective material on top of the wood construction. 5 Types of Office Design (and what they say about your... 8 Top Office Design Trends before the end of 2016, Impressive Home Office Designs to Explore, Types of Upholstery Fabrics: All You Need to Know. There is a variation of styles to choose from, from small corner set-ups, to large desk tops, even shelving units that allow for storage of books and other items. These provide plenty of space for both a computer tower and monitor, as well as storage for any computer accessories, cables, and peripherals you may need. Credenza desks, as the name implies, combine a desk with a cupboard-packed credenza. A metal desktop is the ultimate in utilitarian design. Whether concealing storage below or acting as a simple table top, the material determines most how the desk looks and feels while it’s being used. When the top is rolled back, you will most often find all sorts of organizational details, from slots to drawers and more. If your line of work doesn’t require a lot of time sitting at a computer, or you just prefer to stand to do your work, a standing desk can be a great choice for your home office. This is one of the most Preferred among other types of desks also suitable for office usage. Executive desks are the mack-daddies of desks with large desk top space, lots of drawers, plenty of shelf space for shelving all of your reference books, space for a printer, filing drawers, and most likely, even spaces or nooks built-in to place some decor pieces. You have as many options as your mind allows you to create, like: You can have this type of desk with an old table that you can adapt to your height and that you can recycle with paint to make it look nice and to your liking. Do you need an extra wide desk for work? Writing desk. Writing desk. Desks are classified in a wildly varying spread of categories. The best aspect is their ability to provide extra leg room. Some argue that the roll-up desk belongs to the antique shop, made since the 18th century and is the table of royals. If what you need is space in your bedroom, then do not hesitate to opt for a corner desk. You have entered an incorrect email address! Distinguished by the multi-drawered setback chest or bookcase on the top, the smaller piece has a handle and is usually detachable while the main surface typically has a drawer underneath and often a fold-out or pull-out shelf. 10 Popular Types of Desks For Your Home Office, 10 Stylish Modern Office Interior Decorating Ideas, The Dream Working Studio By Office Sian Architecture, 30 Workspace Ideas To Bring Your Job Home, Pumpkin Room Inspired By Cinderella, Not Halloween, The Dream Working Studio By Office Sian …, Nimvo - Interior and Exterior Design, Architecture, Home Tips, Check Out Gene Simmons’ $22 Million Beverly Hills Mansion, Check out Mariano Rivera’s $4 Million Westchester Mansion, Check Out Reese Witherspoon’s Recently Sold Malibu Getaway, Check Out the $33 Million Montecito Compound Ellen DeGeneres Sold, 10 Essentials You Need for a Transitional Dining Room, Five Awesome Minecraft Dining Rooms For Inspiration, 10 Essentials You Need for the Perfect Traditional Dining Room, 10 Essentials for the Perfect Mid Century Modern Dining Room, 10 Ways to Use Patterned Wood in Your Home, 10 Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Backyard on the Cheap, How to Get Rid of Tiny Black Ants in the Bathroom, The Five Best Bathroom Heat Lamps Money Can Buy, The Five Best Bathroom Dehumidifiers Money Can Buy, Four Methods to Remove Chocolate From the Carpet. 1. Each category focuses on a specific range of utilization, including writing, computer, secretary, credenza, and executive desks. These are not the most luxurious desktops, but they provide practicality, versatility, and peace of mind. Metal frame desks often come in black as well. This design is better suited for a laptop than a … Corner desks can be a convenient solution to space problems in their compact iteration, or a sprawling suite of surface area in their more elaborate configurations. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Desks are classified in a wildly varying spread of categories. The height can vary between 50cm and 75cm according to the size of the user. so it would be the perfect type of desk to have in apartments or small home office. White finishes have gained in popularity recently. In addition, you need to have solar light even indirectly, so you will feel much better the hours that you should be working. These are minimalist, open desks with minimal storage and a large desktop. © Copyright 2016 - 2018 DecorationY You have many possibilities to choose, such as wood, steel, plastic, or aluminum. The Cheveret is a variety of small, delicate stand or desk, specifically of the type commonly referred to as a "ladies writing desk." Adding a bright, sparkling tone to any room, a large swath of white can open up any space. Do you know which one you want? If you have a home office or extra room you’d like to make into a home office, finding the right desk for the room and the uses you will need it for is important. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The desktop itself is where you’ll make contact with the desk, and where the vast majority of interaction with the furniture occurs. She is also an advocate for brain malformations, including Chiari Malformation, and works closely with the non-profit organization, The Chiari Project, writing for their quarterly newsletters. The floating desk is perfect for dorms or bedrooms. 5- Long wooden bench desk. all rights reserved. With a classic look that conveys timelessness, it’s no wonder these have remained popular to this day. Maria McCutchen is an author and freelance writer living in Chattanooga, TN. Dual-sided desks are convenient in that they give you ample desktop space and room for dual chairs, however, if you don’t have the space for a large desk, these can be overwhelming to a small home office and create a cramped and unappealing look and feel to the room.

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