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just like the at-home recipe. Quaker Oats has a great selection of cold cereals that are delicious. ), it seems very off message to be promoting such a product without a post that demonstrates the critical thinking and analysis you did in order to reach your current opinion on Cheerios. Get more prebiotic goodness into your gut with BIOHM Super Greens! I think you did a great job working with GM to replicate a toasted oat cereal, but it would be beneficial for you to address that those are NOT the ingredients that GM uses to create their version. I remember back to some old posts (when I first started reading a few years ago I read through a lot of your archives!) Oat flour is a great base for lots of baking. Don’t forget to be on the look out for more healthy oatmeal recipes online to help boost your overall health. In that case, this healthy oats recipe is for you! Thanks for sharing your results with us… sure makes me feel better about eating things like Cheerios! Good old-fashioned rolled oats are great breakfast food options for your gut since they're filled with so many nutrients. Oats are also complex carbs, which means you won't be plagued with cravings. Can you guess how I formed each O? Neat! If that’s the case, it looks like you enjoyed the challenge and were happy with the results. It is exceptionally easy and only takes a small amount of time to prepare – perfect for busy people! While you’ve successfully made a toasted oat cereal, you did not make Cheerios thus proving your own point that real food is “minimally processed and maintaining it’s natural integrity”. Oh this is so cool! I love to make double batches of the cinnamon toasted oats and use through out the week for parfaits, breakfast cereal and my homemade Cranberry Granola Treats. Like the name suggests, the whole grain oats are chopped up into smaller pieces. Obviously many readers enjoyed this, but personally I would much rather read one of your delicious recipes kath. In a food processor or blender, add oats and process into fine flour. Spread oats in a shallow layer on a cookie sheet. Before having kids I preferred cereals in the crunchy/granola style, but now that I keep Cheerios on hand for M, I have some too. Are you are looking for a prebiotic-rich breakfast that is low-effort? And cut it into eight sections. The homemade version seems to require much more sugar though, which kind of bummed me out. I just might try this. They kind of are, though, by the time the oats are treated with TSP and sent through their puffing process. This question dates back to my trip to General Mills when we had a discussion about real food. The final result turned out great, but let me tell you that this is not a quick or easy recipe : ) I know I definitely experience this and do not buy the exact same foods as I did three years ago. Their response? If you have a pasta roller attachment for a mixer, this is the best way to make awesome crackers. NO because we would be missing out on important nutrients. I took the eighth segment and rolled it into a giant O!! The purpose was to demonstrate that Cheerios is made with simple ingredients like whole grain oats, corn starch, sugar, salt, etc…. Oats also contain a resistant starch, which is a type of prebiotic fiber that your body cannot digest. I’m definitely a proponent of real food as well and it’s so important to actually think about how foods are made versus labeling it all as “processed” aka “BAD”. There have been studies conducted on the relationship between dietary fiber and cholesterol levels in the blood. While the recipe for commercial Cheerios is confidential and contains a few extra ingredients, mostly to keep the Cheerios dough at an optimal pH and to preserve the cereal, I consider this to be a very close replica. I’m not likely to try this on my own but it’s still fun to know it could be done if you wanted to! In a food processor or blender, add oats and process into fine flour. What other toasted oats recipes do you have up your sleeve? I found myself thinking: “There should be a machine invented to do this for me!” (And I’m sure that’s how the first Cheerios came about…: ) ) But it answers my question that if I had all the time in the world I certainly could make O’s like Cheerios at home. I’m curious as to how you feel about foods that use GMOs. about | privacy policy, Copyright © // 2020 Kath Eats Real Food Jump to top. I really enjoyed this post! RELATED: BIOHM Super Greens Smoothie Bowl. It took me about 4-5 minutes per section times 7 sections, so this was quite the time-intensive process. that is so cool- I would have NEVER thought of making my own cereal! The homemade oat cereal project sounds fun, but I think it’s kind of disengenous to say that because you made a version at home, then the factory-produced version qualifies as “real food.” The fact is, the process of making the Cheerios you but at the store involves heavily processing those basic ingredients you used at home. Cereal medley What a fun “real food” experiment! It's like muesli cereal but with the crunchiness of granola. I think your earlier post had some oat seeds from General Mills. Add it in a green smoothie and enjoy it with your toasted oats cereals. Can it be done? With oat flour and some time, you can make your own cereal. Not trying to be rude, I just really love cereal and am trying to understand! If you don't have time to whip up a granola bar for breakfast, then toasted oats cereals are a great alternative! I found this post super interesting! Quaker® Overnight Oats - Blueberry, Banana & … They have something for everyone, and I can respect that. Technically you could take these, dry them out and then steam them and roll them to make old fashioned oats. How are those doing? Your readers are generally interested in and prioritize whole foods and good nutrition, so it’s pretty natural for us to be skeptical of an endorsement of a factory cereal. Cheerios have massive processing to the point where there is no longer integrity to the ingredients. Add corn starch, flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. And I gave them a quick blend in my food processor. That then got tossed in with the oat flour. Cereal for breakfast at my sister’s house I’ve always been focused on cereals with simple ingredient lists, and Kashi and Uncle Sam fall in the same boat at Cheerios do. Because of that, they cook for a longer period of time and have a crunchier texture. I would also love to know how to make rolled oats from oat seeds. It took me about 2 hours to make just a cup of O’s. You can see an example here: CANNOT WAIT! There is limited preparation required. Like I said in the post, based on what I know about how Cheerios are made, the two recipes are very similar. Maybe because they puff theirs? Actually that’s not true – go look at the most recent Cheerios label. I read it quickly early yesterday morning after you posted it and came back last night to reread it more carefully and was surprised that it generated so much conversation in the comments. I have no desire to spend an hour cooking only to end up with a handful of Cheerios. Homemade Toasted Oat Cereal Recipe. At the end of this post I alluded to making toasted oat cereal like Cheerios at home. (Also, I’m excluding anything flavored – we’re talking just plain Cheerios here.). They came out looking so good! Let oats cool completely and top with your favorite yogurt and fruit. “a good option being low sugar and with some fiber to ‘em.”, So I’m just sayin’ I’ve been eating them for the past 7 years : ). I draped a wet paper towel over the dough to keep it moist while I rolled out and cut the O’s.

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