sweet potato vine plant care

When to Plant Sweet Potato Vine. Avoid garden soil, which is too heavy and becomes compacted. Keep the water level above the roots. Pinch back new shoots to encourage branching and bushiness of the vines. At this point, you can leave the container all winter, or you can pot them up and enjoy them as indoor plants until spring. This is a good way to overwinter sweet potato vines because they will last all winter in the water and be ready to plant in the spring. Plants can also be brought indoors and treated as houseplants. Store dormant tubers in a cool, dry place and replant in spring. Keep sweet potato vines over winter moderately moist and gradually reintroduce them to the outdoors when all danger of frost has passed. Though prolific growers, you may fertilize monthly, if desired, using a … The tubers must be kept … If you decide to leave the cuttings in water, change the water if it becomes cloudy or brackish. Place the container in indirect sunlight and watch for roots to develop within a few days. However, depending on your growing zone, it can be planted at … It will take care of the hard work for you! Grow the sweet potato in a warm, sunny window. Most of the time, the sweet potato plant is planted in the spring. Water them in and place the containers in a sunny window. Simply break off a branch with several leaf nodes. The sweet potato vine needs to be in a well-draining soil so that any excess water from rainfall or watering has the opportunity to drain away. Once roots have formed, cuttings can either be left in water until spring, or potted up. Remove all the leaves on the bottom few inches and submerge the stem in water. Sweet potato vines are easy to grow from existing plants. Plant ornamental sweet potato vine in a container filled within 1 inch of the top with commercial potting soil. Take cuttings several weeks before your average first frost date and place in water. Sweet potato vines can be overwintered indoors from tubers or cuttings. It’s actually quite easy to plant sweet potato vines. Keep the water clean. In a few days, you should see roots. Empty the container every 2 to 3 days and replace with fresh water. 6. While tolerant of drought, these plants prefer to be kept moist (not soggy). Caring for Your Sweet Potato Vine Watering. Plant the sweet potato in a container of potting soil when each vine has as least four to six leaves. When in containers, whether inside or outside, you can … Care for Sweet Potato Vines Over Winter. This plant doesn't like sitting in wet soil, so if you have this as a houseplant make sure you remove any standing water from around the base after you water it. Select a well-draining soil (test your soil if you’re unsure) and place it at the same depth that your potato vine seedling was at. Water thereafter enough to keep the soil surface evenly moist. The care of sweet potato plants is similar to most other vining houseplants in the home, spending summers outdoors. Overwintering Ornamental Sweet Potatoes as Tubers. If you lack space or motivation to care for a vine over winter, you can always dig up and store the tubers. Feed the sweet potato vine a water-soluble 20-20-20 houseplant fertilizer once monthly.

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