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1.37)What! These poetic constructions were originally regular and belong to the infinitive as a noun in the dative or locative case (. 14.1)Alas, that you should have fallen into such grief for me! 3)So much I have to promise. quid is the direct object of vis, just as domum ire is the direct object of volo. merīdiē bibere datō (Cato R. R. 89)give (to) drink at noonday. Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, Lesson 24 – Infinitives, accusative and infinitive clause, Lesson 19 - Participles - present, past and future, Lesson 20 - Comparison of adjectives and adverbs, Lesson 22 - Deponent and semi-deponent verbs, Friends of The National Volo domum ire. Lōrīcam dōnat habērevirō (id. voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatum (1) to call. § 397. d). Infinitives are also used as the object of a verb. To form the present passive infinitive of a verb of the third conjugation, remove the ‘-ere’ ending from the present infinitive and add ‘-i’. Fingit equum docilem magister īreviam quā mōnstret eques. It is rarely found in subordinate clauses. Other verbs and verbal expressions take the infinitive as a direct object as well: animum induco = I put it in my mind, or I intend; the action you intend can then made the direct object of the verbal expression. the construction of the accusative with the infinitive, by which the predication of the infinitive was provided with an expressed subject (§ 237) A subjunctive clause, with or without ut, is often used elliptically in exclamatory questions. They are, of course, singular. The infinitive in exclamations usually refers to something actually occurring; the subjunctive, to something contemplated. OH The past participle acts like an adjective, agreeing with the subject of the verb, and declines like ‘bonus, -a, -um’. Ann. To provide readers of Greek and Latin with high interest texts equipped with media, vocabulary, and grammatical, historical, and stylistic notes. They had been supplanted, however, by other more formal constructions, and were afterwards restored in part through Greek influence. The infinitive is used in isolated passages instead of a subjunctive clause after habeō, dō, and ministrō. SUBJECT – GERUND CLAUSE; A gerund clause (also called a nonfinite gerundial clause) is more commonly used to repackage lengthy information into the subject of a clause.In most cases, gerund or infinitive clauses as subjects mean the same, but sometimes there is a slight difference in meaning. In prose these words more commonly take the gerund or gerundive construction (. Tantum habeō pollicērī. Fīlius intrō iit vidēre quid agat. Links to resources for finding sight reading passages of moderate difficulty, most with glosses. 459. dūrus compōnere versūs (Hor. Tenses and the Infinitive in Indirect Discourse. Many adjectives take the Infinitive in poetry, following a Greek idiom. pauperem labōribus vocātus audit. 10.32)skilled in song, facilēs aurem praebēre (Prop. The doer of the action expressed by the infinitive can be: the subject of the sentence: I was glad to see her. For example: ‘to call’. a. Mēne inceptō dēsisterevictam (Aen. Credo Johannem dedisse Matheo terram. hōc nōn dolēre (Fin. 463. If you have studied Classical Latin before, you will notice that instead of the supine + ‘iri’, Medieval Latin uses the past participle + ‘fore’ to form the future passive infinitive. You must be joking. Dīcit montem ab hostibus tenērī. 73)forces accustomed to fighting. In the medieval documents you come across, you will frequently see the infinitive being used in conjunction with the accusative. [Direct: mōns ab hostibus tenētur.]. the form of an accusative and infinitive clause. 459. To form the future passive infinitive of a verb, remove the ‘-m’ of the supine and add ‘-s’ to get the past participle and then add ‘fore’. (Fam. tōtum hōc beātē vīvere (Tusc. Ego tibi īrāscerer (Q. Fr. Subject An infinitive can constitute the subject of a sentence. To form the future active infinitive of a verb, use the future participle (formed by removing the ‘-m’ from the supine and adding ‘-rus’) and add ‘esse’. Pars cēdere, aliī īnsequī; neque sīgna neque ōrdinēs observāre; ubi quemque perīculum cēperat, ibi resistere ac prōpulsāre; arma, tēla, equī, virī, hostēs atque cīvēs permixtī; nihil cōnsiliō neque imperiō agī; fors omnia regere. I beaten desist from my purpose? An infinitive is the part of a verb which is unaffected by person or number. Infinitive with Subject Accusative. It does not occur in Suetonius. 460. The present and the perfect infinitive are used in this construction with their ordinary distinction of time (. Tē ut ūlla rēs frangat! The infinitive is often used for the imperfect indicative in narration, and takes a subject in the nominative. Similarly, conari desisti = "I stopped trying". (B. G. 1.22) He says that the hill is held by the enemy. They can be used as the subject of a verb: errare est humanum = "to err is human." a. 461. Tē ut ūlla rēs frangat! ut Iovī bibere ministrāret (Tusc. Note— The infinitive in exclamations usually refers to something actually occurring; the subjunctive, to something contemplated. Present active In a dictionary, the present … either in the genitive, the dative, or the accusative with ad. Latin infinitives … 21)Then Catiline promised abolition of debts (clean ledgers). Learn latin passive infinitives with free interactive flashcards. a. 51)A part give way, others press on; they hold neither to standards nor ranks; where danger overtook them, there each would stand and fight; arms, weapons, horses, men, foe and friend, mingled in confusion; nothing went by counsel or command; chance ruled all. [In prose: habendam]. The development of the infinitival clause which we find in Greek and Latin may be traced chiefly under twο heads. (Literally – I believe John to have given to Matthew the land.). . Your son has gone in to see what he is doing. 2.42)What, I interrupt you? that you should have fallen into such grief for me! 12.527)hearts not knowing how to yield, tē vidēre aegrōtī (Plaut. Hīc levāre . . Some expressions like this are sometimes called Complementary Infinitives, if it is felt that the meaning of the introductory verb must be completed by an infinitive. b. (Note humanum = neuter singular, in agreement with the subject, errare). (Verr. I believe that John has given the land to Matthew. (Hor. You may want to review Tenses and the Infinitive in Indirect Discourse. To form the perfect active infinitive of a verb, add ‘-sse’ to the third principal part of the verb. 1.65)to serve Jove with wine (to drink). 5.54)worthy to be sung[In prose: quī cantētur], fortis trāctāre serpentīs (Hor. The infinitive occasionally occurs as a pure noun limited by a demonstrative, a possessive, or some other adjective. This is called an accusative and infinitive clause, or an indirect statement, and is translated in a particular way. 462. 8)that which they are ready to do, adsuēfactī superārī (B. G. 6.24)used to being conquered, currū succēdere suētī (Aen. The infinitives of deponent verbs follow the rules for passive infinitives, as demonstrated above. The trainer makes the horse gentle so as to go in the road the rider points out. (Fam. The teacher made Jack rewrite the composition., 1st Declension: Stem, Paradigm, and Gender, 2nd Declension: Stem, Paradigm, and Gender. The infinitive with subject accusative is used with verbs and other expressions of knowing, thinking, telling, and perceiving (Indirect Discourse, § 579).

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