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Thanks! Thank you! I am gluten-free. I was wondering about the same thing. (Read: I kept forgetting it and it didn’t matter.). A few years ago, I wrote about a zucchini tomato and rice gratin that we like to make in the late summer, a layered casserole of roasted tomatoes, zucchini, cheese and rice with fun stuff like garlic, sauteed onion and eggs. I also used a CSA leek in place of scallions, and tzatziki dip instead of the sour cream/lemon spread – delicious! -green onions instead of scallions. Good one, Deb! This was GREAT. I made these earlier this week and they were soooo tasty. I haven’t baked them; I’m sure they’ll work, but it will probably be hard to get them crisp. Had some zucchini in the fridge. but for short-grained thicker rice, just increase the cooking time. I made this a few nights ago, using the quick cooking method. This is not a gratin in the swimming-in-cream or in the baked-cheese-with-a-few-flecks-of-vegetables sense, but in the casserole-of-the-highest-calling ideal, largely wholesome, bronzed lid, freezing and reheating perfectly. Stirred in 1 cup of cheese after taking out of microwave and sprinkled extra cheese on the top. My God, I’d like to be a guest at your house if this is what you make when you’re on the back foot with nothing in ; ). I absolutely adore your amazing recipes and often kick myself when I’m hunting for an idea and forget to check your site first. It’s been really rough finding delicious recipes with these types of restrictions, but both my Dad and Mom agree – with is a REALLY good one! I’m going to have to try this. I think my family thought I was nuts, but I could not stop talking about them. Proven just yesterday. This looks amazing. These fritters were so delicious!! I LOVE the flavor of this dish and want to get it right! Plus, it pleased every one of the six individually and distinctly picky members of my family – even the one who says she ‘just isn’t a fan of rice.’ Next time I’m going to serve with with a side of bacon, just to please myself. Apparently they can last up to several months this way. Hi Anna — I haven’t tried it, so can’t say for sure. Let’s all make a habit of it. These were delicious; I’ve made them twice now! This recipe makes divine zucchini fritters! I just started draining an hour before I wanted to finish the rest of the process and that gave it adequate time to release the 2.5 cups of liquids. As I did not have any parm on hand I grated Gouda cheese, figuring its flavour would be sharp enough. Folks, Deb’s in New Orlean’s cooking up a storm (no pun intended) at the 2011 International Food Bloggers Conference. The parmesan was important to give it more flavor, I thought. Thanks! This is great! Just in time for prime picnic season, a melty summer sandwich that wants to go everywhere with you. Made this for Shabbos. yumyumyum. I am so thankful for the effort you put into the smitten kitchen web site. This was absolutely delicious and quick to whip up! Sorry, that would be “cooked brown rice.” Doh. I followed most of the tips I’ve assembled over the years for making latkes — always in a cast-iron pan; using a food processor to shred if you have one, because it makes the rope-iest strands; vigorously wringing out the water in a cheesecloth — but have added one more, something I picked up from Melissa Clark last year: I add a little baking powder. When it was time to add it to the mixture, I simply drained it and was good to go. Oh my word. I like to have them with some eggs, to add protein, and sometimes with ketchup. With a freezer full of zucchini, I want to love this recipe! I used the full 2.5 cups of liquid in the gratin, and a long-grain white rice, and had zero issues with excess liquid. “New York Times Best-Selling Author.” I just wondered how it feels for you to have that under your name! They’re delicious! (I was all about fewer dishes this weekend!). But I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Made a double batch of these for the first time last night, adding potato and some cayenne. we had them tonight, even. Wow, this looks like such a nice feelgood dish! I added 1/4 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese! Sometimes I use other flours, or gluten free. I love to cook from your blog and your first cookbook. I was skeptical at using so much zucchini in one dish – it truly is a huge amount – but I trusted that Julia Child and Deb must surely be right, and they were :-) Great recipe that I will definitely make again. Thanks for this Deb, just when I needed to actually cook something and not just make tacos with some shredded cabbage slaw. I am making them, along with the other fritters on this site, all the time. Yum!! Do you think it would be possible to substitute brown rice? Scrape zucchini and tomatoes into a bowl. It took a few minutes to whip these up, that’s it! None of the overly-sweetness I associate with squash. Gorgeous! small typo….Add tomatoes a cook 1 minute more. Made the recipe using the simple/revised instructions and it came out amazing! And a great way to use all that zucchini. I really want to try to make this into a bake (is that what you call a crust-less quiche?) He’s right! Thank you. burrata with lentils and basil vinaigrette. Obsessed much?! Mastering, Volume II, is superb, and somehow, freer. We were impatient to wait for it to dry, so sauteed for a few minutes, squeezed, then followed instructions. These fritters are just sooo delicious! For others looking to pad this out to become a main dish, I would think some shredded chicken, pancetta, crisped bacon or flaked salmon might all go really nicely, and are on my list to try next. I used pecorino (again, it was what I had) and it raises the dish to another level. Little Anna is so incredibly beautiful :). My dinner have gotten boring and I want something different. You have the oven temp set at 325, after almost an hour it’s not even close to being done. She uses is to thicken soups (great for GF thickening) and also in a thing called “soubise” which is caramelized onion and gruyere. Its really good at absorbing moisture, making it really good for ‘wet’ vege fritters like these!

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