shure 545s vs sm57

All television RF systems I have ever dealt with have had a 75Ω impedance with round, unbalanced cabling or a 300Ω with flat balanced cabling, while the CB (citizens band) radio I’ve dealt with had 52Ω. In fact, we started making > the 545 about 7 years before the SM57. Sign up to my free mailing list by clicking here. The internal 51E23 transformer has low impedance and high impedance windings, and is what makes the mic so powerful and versatile. So far, none of the manufacturers listed above is/are sponsors of the TecnoTur programs, although they are welcome to do so, and some are, may be (or may have been) sponsors of ProVideo Coalition magazine. Pls help. Which of these would have better sound quality: Shure SE215 or ATH M40x? (The current version of the 545 has a standard 3-pin XLR connector, even though there were past versions of the 545 that had a much older Amphenol MC4M 4 pin female connector that is no longer popular. On the other hand, the current version of the Shure palindromic 545 … We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Both with the SM57 and the 545, there is much speculation about the quality after Shure moved its manufacturing from the US to México and China. The "Unidyne 545" is basically an ancestor to the sm 57, the same way the sm 57 came before the Beta 57. The above tests were recorded using the Shure palindromic 545 microphone. No manufacturer is specifically paying Allan Tépper or TecnoTur LLC to write this article or the mentioned books. [url=][/url]. since you have to buy a resistor, soldering iron and be skillful at that art (or find a friend who is) to take apart an XLR plug and modify it. has no option to switch the impedance. My modern sm57 sounds very different than the other two, mediocre. As indicated in the article, there are other ways to accomplish the impedance matching if desired. The Shure 545 UNIDYNE® III and PE54 UNIDYNE® III series were all fitted with the same R45 Dynamic Cartridge, as was the Shure 544 UNIDYNE® III. I am exclusively publishing an uncompressed WAV file, which I have embedded using the HTML5 audio player code. How do i connect external SHURE SV100 mike to the amplifier for singing? Some people say the Shure microphones manufactured out of the US don’t sound as good as the older ones made in the US. Are the Shure SE215 any good for daily "throw in my pocket" ear buds? However, they really weren’t expected to be used with an input impedance that would be 4x and 6x higher the expected approximately 600Ω. With that older model of the 545, the change from low to high impedance was done by using different set of conductors frome the older, 4-conductor plug. When a circuit is driven with direct current (DC), there is no distinction between impedance and resistance; the latter can be thought of as impedance with zero phase angle. First of all, the impedance were never intended to match the preamp exactly. Oh, and did I mention that the 545 is palindromic? Although the 545 is much less prominent, it is still available today. 3.5mm to xlr adaptor - does it make it balanced? However, vintage dynamic microphones in the low impedance range listed above were intended to be within the range, i.e. Since the 545 and SM57 … Shure’s enormous A81WS windscreen (shown above) and mounted in Shure’s A55M ShockStopper Mic Clip, aka shockmount, on Heil’s PL–2T overhead boom. bob olhsson. I vaguely remembering reading somewhere that a SM57 was a selected 545 that was painted black. My modern sm57 sounds very different than the other two, mediocre. Well, brighter is not what I am looking for, The 545 was always the poorer cousin of the SM57. Worth having? The point of this section is to underline that many balanced microphone inputs nowadays are very high impedance, although a few high-end ones have come out with variable input impedance. In this article, I’ll explain why one of the 545’s unique features makes it more practical today more than ever in certain situations, compared to the slightly more costly SM57 or SM58, and sometimes even to the much more costly SM7B. Some of the other manufacturers listed above have contracted Tépper and/or TecnoTur LLC to carry out consulting and/or translations/localizations/transcreations. Well I have good news for you: Even though it pre-existed the SM57 by five years, that microphone does indeed exist; it’s still available for sale today, and it’s even palindromic! The 545 uses an all copper voice coil, which > makes > it a little heavier than the SM57 coil. Possible to fix Shure E2 Sound-isolation In-Ears From shorting out. Lives for gear Shure 545 vs SM57. The 545 was connected to the preamp of the MixPre-D from Sound Devices (shown above, first reviewed here), with low cut filter active. Sign up for the ProVideo Coalition weekly e-newsletter and get the most popular articles, blogs, and reviews right to your inbox. Here are some examples of dynamic balanced microphones I have covered over the past few years here in ProVideo Coalition magazine, together with their published output impedance: All listed above are considered “low impedance”. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Together with any of the above, if your high impedance preamp has an electronically balanced preamp, rather than a transformer balanced one, and your environment suffers from EMF (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio-frequency interference). This certainly doesn’t mean that they won’t work. The predecessor of the 56 and 57 was the 546, not the 545… bob olhsson. Audio is much more variable, as covered in the rest of this article. Impedance extends the concept of resistance to AC circuits, and possesses both magnitude and phase, unlike resistance, which has only magnitude. I was honored to receive a sample of Saramonic’s new SoundBird T3 shotgun microphone. The frequencies are "tailored" a bit differently. Some links to third parties listed in this article and/or on this web page may indirectly benefit TecnoTur LLC via affiliate programs. All Rights Reserved. The SM57 and the 545 have many more similarities than differences. If you only have Internet Explorer in your computer, either download one of the others or go visit a friend who has one of the other browsers installed and updated. As explained earlier, that means that the dynamic mics don’t sound exactly as they were intended when the were first designed. 545 has a copper voice coil whereas the 57 does not. If you already own a dynamic mic that is fixed at low impedance, i.e. When trading in your cell phone, should you delete all the information before handing it in, or should you trust the store. From studios to live performances all over the world, they tend to be the go-to mics. Components in audio, video and RF (radio frequency) systems have a rated impedance. Cosmetic differences, half of which become invisible if you combine the 545 with the enormous A81WS windscreen from Shure, as I did. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Back in the analog days of video, standard impedance was 75Ω (ohms). a dynamic mic between 150Ω and 600Ω with a 600Ω input would be well within range. If we needed to loop (chain) a signal, we would leave all devices to high impedance except the last one, where would we “terminate” it in 75Ω. Hmmm…. I’ll include test recordings and clarify the concept of impedance, especially with dynamic mics.

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