sega genesis classics switch review

@gimmi_c I cant speak for the Switch port, but I have the PS4 version and the criticism of the emulation problems was somewhat overplayed, in my opinion. Racing games are also sorely underrepresented; granted, the Mega Drive port of Out Run is a pale imitation compared to the one we got on the 3DS, but it would have been nice to have at least one entry from the franchise on offer. Would have like to see the article make some mention of the sound. Please remember to disable your ad blocker to view the ad content from our sponsors. With more than 50 games available on a single Switch card at a meager $30 asking price, the title offers one of the best bargains available on the system. THUS THE CONFUSION. Maybe next time, Sega? The snk collection is great and this looks even better but man I would love to see others jump on board. Virtual Console on an original Wii, which is perfect (not the Wii part of the Wii U ! This is how it should be. SEGA Genesis Classics is a collection of the Japanese gaming company's most iconic titles. Ugh.... since you didn’t mention them I’m assuming the worse is true and they removed the two wonder boy games? Switch may not have a true virtual console, but there are some great ways to quickly implement many of the best old games from classic systems into the Switch already. But its sucha disappointment that after all this time we still cant have third party games like Disney’s Aladdin released. Sega should add but not remove games to the latest compilation. Best way to emulate Sega games : I'm curious to know how difficult it would be to emulate the SVP chip. These amount to minor gripes, though. Sega's had more than one stab at creating a comprehensive collection of its best Mega Drive titles and, as a result, Sega Mega Drive Classics does lose some of its impact due to sheer familiarity; for example, we already have an immaculately-ported version of Sonic on the Switch eShop right now. This and the SNK collection will both be owned by me. As with any collection of games from the past, its value comes in the selection of … The lack of those 2 games is a major negative in an otherwise kick ass collection. It's literally crazy to think such an integral part of SEGA's back catalogue is restricted in this way. If there's even an ounce of truth in that, then I think SEGA should absolutely remake Sonic 3, replace the tiny part of the soundtrack that is causing a problem, and then be able to release it whenever they like. This retro compendium features more than 50 different titles from the Mega Drive's illustrious library, a total which ensures there really is something for everyone here. A true nostalgia trip. While the emulation isn't perfect it gets the job done and with extras like online. In what seems like the hundredth collection of SEGA’s finest, the Switch is now home to its own SEGA Mega Drive Classics. @LordVal I went from NES to Mega Drive instead of SNES and never regretted it (well maybe apart from Street Fighter II). The collection originally launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with dozens of games. So many other games SEGA could have included and have included in the past. I have this preordered and I cannot wait. @BowserTux Well this doesn't come with a mini console and two controllers. And while I've bought a good number of these games before on other consoles and the original Genesis itself, there are quite a few in this collection that I've never played and will give a go, so that is how I can justify its purchase for me. Even still, it was a really impressive game, for it's time! The Final Grade A … [Issue #38 – March/April 2019, p. 73]. In a way not only is this a late release but an inferior package and a reason why Sega sometimes make boneheaded decision just for the money and not for the quality. Sorry you’re so butthurt that I’d dare ask a question about a topic you clearly have no clue about and haven’t been following at all. Nintendo website information about this collection is ridiculous:, @BlueOcean it’s bizarre. Will definitely get this and that Atari collection of like 150 games. With the 15 bucks in free credit I received from Amazon this game was an easy purchase, 15 bucks for all these gems is downright robbery. @LinktotheFuture yeah I get it on both handheld and docked, the sonic games are atrocious i can actually see my thumb leave the button before I see anything happen on screen, other games aren’t as bad but still noticeable enough to annoy. If not, Nigel will face many, many deaths before he gets even close to the end of the game. @lemonjellydude exactly. Almost every game if not all included in Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection are owned by Sega. @Damo A couple of questions:1) Can you use individual joycons as full controllers in local multiplayer sessions, as with other Switch games?2) Is button remapping supported in this collection? I've enjoyed the SEGA 3D Classics games on 3DS! Streets of Rage! I really loved playing the first one in the arcades in Yakuza 0. I'd remove 1 point for missing out some key titles (it's still a very good lineup) and I'd remove 1 point for the Hub. I cannot go back. At that point SEGA did not own the ThunderForce IP's, now they do. Sonic! @Beatley82 that's funny: I had the Mega Drive at first too, but after playing Street Fighter on a SNES at my friend's home I wanted a SNES too and my Mega Drive never saw the light again. I just wish people would stop making excuses for missing games. With classics like Sonic 1 and 2, the Streets Of Rage trilogy, Space Harrier, Landstalker, Alien Soldier, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes your certainly getting your money's worth. Edit: Also, do games like sonic 1 have the enhancements from the Sega Ages collection (ex: the drop dash). The fact that it has the shinobi trilogy on the go means I don't need a genesis mini classic now buddy! This is the list of games from back then. I wonder why so many of these have dropped off the new list...? To clarify, SEGA Mega Drive Classics Collection (or Genesis Classics Collection in the US) is a port of a port. Now take this exact idea and make it with super nintendo classics. . I never had a Genesis so I may get this at some point, when it's cheaper. Just watched a review on YouTube and even that didn’t mention it. Ridiculous. I might pick this up but I already have the SEGA Ages version of Sonic (but it's not like I've bought it many times before ). Generally favorable reviews- based on 38 Ratings. They spent time and money designing that Hub, which is fun, but then why not cram it full of bonus content? After the third game I felt so guilty for not playing Mega Drive back in the days. Review: Sega Genesis Classics (Switch) More than 50 games at an unbeatable price. Stuff like unlockable hidden arcade version, behind the sscene movies, hidden trailers, development story behind the games, etc. Many good games in this collection. That's why, isn't it? - @YANDMAN lmfao. I'm not saying it's fan allegations with the soundtrack. Of course, it wouldn’t matter how many games were offered if the emulation was weak, but the games look, sound and run the way they originally did on Genesis. As a nostalgia lover of games bygone from the 8 and 16-bit era, it's a pleasant treat to play games I never did the first time around, as well as relive classics I either beat or dabbled in. Virtua Racing was always a fun game, even though it is certainly dated by today's standards.

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