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0000003726 00000 n Furthermore, these dimensions are highly interrelated and most of. main characteristics of the education system in the next section. The statistical model revealed in this study will lead us to make some suggestions for the stakeholders in education like parents, school administrators and policy makers in Turkey. Öğrenci düzeyinde en etkili değişken öğrencilerin “haftalık fen dersi süresi” olurken okul düzeyinde öğrenci başarısını en güçlü yordayan değişken “okulun fen bilimlerine özgü kaynakları” olmuştur. The book opens up perspectives on this web of explanations not only by analyzing the results of PISA but also by considering some characteristics of the Finnish education system and cultural heritage which, in and outside of school, can be thought to have contributed to Finland's successful performance. There is also an extra voluntary year provided for the. national-policies/en/content/youthwiki/overview-finland, ... Its success has been attributed to the Finnish teacher training system, including the high level of education that teachers obtain, namely a master's level university education, and teachers' strong work motivation. Sonuç olarak, öğrencilerin fen okuryazarlığı seviyesini yordayan, öğrenci düzeyinde dokuz, okul düzeyinde ise dört anlamlı değişkenden oluşan bir model elde edilmiştir. secondary education by 5.2% (Official Statistics of Finland, 2016). 0000011385 00000 n This book, from the researchers responsible for the implementation of PISA in Finland, tries to open up some perspectives on the possible reasons underlying the high performance of Finnish students in PISA. PISA is a three year survey of the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in the principal industrialized countries. Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) (2017b). 0000007605 00000 n As a result, some differences and similarities between these curricula are presented in the study. revised national framework in August 2016 (EDUFI, 2018). about the Finnish Education System itself and the reasons for its success. The main purpose of PISA is to evaluate the education systems of the participating countries rather than the individual students taking the test. The purpose of this project is to design and develop online virtual physics experiments. Administration of Finnish Education System. Bu çalışmada, esneklik, özerklik ve bireysel ihtiyaçların ön plana çıkarıldığı eğitim yaklaşımı, eğitimde fırsat eşitliği, öğretmen yetkinliği ve okuryazar toplum yapısı gibi Finlandiya’ya başarı getirdiği düşünülen bazı etmenler, Fin eğitim sistemi çerçevesinde tartışılmıştır. Bununla birlikte, öğrencilerin okul dışındaki toplam çalışma süresiyle fen okuryazarlığı seviyeleri arasındaki negatif ilişki bu çalışmada elde edilen ilginç sonuçlardan bir tanesi olarak öne çıkmaktadır. Students' success on PISA is explained by these context variables and by the national education policy in Finland. 0000008550 00000 n Finland has a well-functioning system of special education, which is also rooted in educational equity , an important factor affecting Finnish success (Kim et al., 2009). This paper explores some of the reasons for this and proposes a number of actions that need to be taken if system design is to become a viable approach. 0000002127 00000 n The approach is based on a meta-level architecture, where the domain specific knowledge of the student and the expert are represented at the object level, and the meta-reasoning principles are described in a first order logical theory at the meta-level. 0000008993 00000 n However. xref Equality and cooperation: Finland’s path to excellence. Those who fail to obtain a place normally apply again one or more times in the following years. The abstraction work needed to formulate the basic principles informing the student model activity of some existing educational systems, in a neat and uniform way, has naturally brought some new insights and proposals. In this work we propose a method to, In Turkey, after revisions in science and technology curricula in elementary education, the development of new secondary physics curricula has been finished very recently. 0000053679 00000 n Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. The five main reasons are the success of pre-service teacher education, the culture of the teaching profession, the success of in-service teacher education, the different efforts which have been made to develop mathematics education and the daily traditions of school life in Finland. ülkede merak uyandırmış; özellikle Türkiye gibi bu değerlendirme çalışmalarında istenilen başarıyı yakalayamamış pek çok ülke için Fin eğitim sisteminin başarısının ardındaki nedenlerin araştırılmasını önemli kılmıştır. All rights reserved. Böylece öğrencilerin fen okuryazarlığı düzeylerini yordayan değişkenlerden oluşan hiyerarşik bir modelin elde edilmesi hedeflenmiştir. It states that the successful performance of Finnish students seems to be attributable to a web of interrelated factors related to comprehensive pedagogy, students' own interests and leisure activities, the structure of the education system, teacher education, school practices, and, in the end, Finnish culture. Bu dört ana faktör şu şekildedir: (1) öğretmen yetiştirme programı, (2) geleneksel okul yaşamı, (3) kültürel olarak öğretmenlik mesleğine bakış ve (4) hizmet içi öğretmen eğitimi. for a secondary school teacher (Grades 7 -12). generally finishes in nine years. Bu ülkeler arasında, OECD üyesi olan Finlandiya ve Türkiye de yer almaktadır. central reasons to explain the success of Finnish Education System. Öğrenci düzeyindeki değişkenler, kişiye, öğrenme süresine ve öğrenme-öğretme sürecine özgü değişkenler olmak üzere üç grupta incelenirken okul düzeyindeki değişkenler ise okul kaynaklarıyla ilgili ve okuldaki öğrenme ortamıyla ilgili değişkenler olarak gruplandırılmıştır. Teachers with adequate knowledge about the factors linked to behavioral issues are more capable of promoting environments conducive to positive interactions with their pupils, thereby limiting challenging situations. It. 0000001766 00000 n Thus, on the basis of the author' own experiences in Finland and related literature, this paper aims to explain four forefront factors that appear to contribute to the Finnish student achievement, and then, to discuss what we as Turkey can benefit from the Finnish education system. (2018). Nevertheless, because of my background and experience, it was easy for me to understand the reasons behind this success.

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