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First, the population is divided into strata or identify the different groups of the population. We firstly assign a random number to each of the element in the given data. Probability sampling (a term due to Deming, [Deming]) is a sampling porcess that utilizes some form of random selection. Sampling techniques can be divided into two categories: probability and non-probability. Probability sampling is useful for studying units of both similar and different samples within a group. PDF | In order to answer the research questions, it is doubtful that researcher should be able to collect data from all cases. In probability sampling, each unit is drawn with known probability, [Yamane, p3] or has a nonzero chance of being selected in the sample. We are going to see from diverse method of five different sampling considering the non- Third, calculating a quota for each stratum: quota means the number of cases that should be included in each stratum. Sampling comes in two forms — probability sampling and non-probability sampling. Non-probability sampling is a sampling procedure that will not bid a basis for any opinion of probability that elements in the universe will have a chance to be included in the study sample. In probability sampling, each population member has a known, non-zero chance of participating in the study. 2. In statistics, sampling is when researchers determine a representative segment of a larger population that is then used to conduct a study. PDF | On Mar 27, 2018, Triyono Triyono published TEKNIK SAMPLING DALAM PENELITIAN | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Probability sampling uses random sampling techniques to create a sample. In non-probability sampling, on the other hand, sample group members are selected non-randomly; therefore, in non-probability … Probability Sampling vs. Non-Probability Sampling. Probability Sampling uses lesser reliance over the human judgment which makes the overall process free from over biasness. Stratified sampling: This probability sampling technique first classifies the subjects into various groups based on various classifications. Randomization or chance is the core of probability sampling technique. [Raj, p10] Such samples are usually selected with the help of random numbers. For instance, consider we need to sample 3 students from a group of 12. It is useful when it is sensible to classify the population into various groups called based on a factor which may influence the variable which is being measured. Non probability Sampling . e.g. Quota sampling is a type of non-probability sampling technique. It depends on the make-up of each stratum within the population. Random types of probability sampling allow for the elimination of any possible conscious or inherent bias in those conducting the study as the samples are selected at random.

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