physical properties of homologous series

Homologous series of carbon compounds are so called because in such a series of compounds, the same functional group dictates the properties of the carbon compound regardless of the length of the carbon chain. made for a btec level 3 applied science class. (i) Variations in melting and boiling points. Characteristics / Properties of Homologous series :-1. (This will count as a lab grade) A homologous series is a set of organic compounds with the same functional group that vary only by a CH2 group. among the members of the same homologous series. 5) There is a regular gradation in the physical properties like melting point, density etc. A homologous series refer to organic molecules or compounds that have a similar molecular formula, which causes the compounds to have similar chemical properties. Gives example of homologous series (alkanes, alkenes and alcohols)and physical properties . The increasing boiling point is due to the increasing intermolecular forces of attraction between molecules of increasing size. Find data for each member of your homologous series. A fact sheet that was used for an assignment looking at the differences in physical properties of different homologous series related to … Variation of some physical properties in a homologous series of hydrocarbons are described below. As the molecular size of the compound increases within the homologous series, the physical properties also exhibit a … Choose a functional group (aldehyde, carboxylic acid, ketone, amine, or alcohol). An homologous series is a group of compounds with similar structural features that can be represented by a general formula whose members differ by one -CH 2 - unit.. You can think of an homologous series as a 'family' or group of compounds, whose chemical behaviour is very similar and whose physical properties show trends when ascending the members of the group (in terms of … A series of a organic compound each containing a characteristic functional group and the successive members differ by from each other in molecular formula by --CH2--(methylene) group is called homologous series. Graph and analyze trend. 4) All the members of the same homologous series can be prepared by the similar general methods of preparation. The properties of the homologous series gradually change along with the series, and these changes can often be explained by slight differences in molecular size and mass. Choose a physical property to investigate. A homologous series is a family of organic compounds that: *have the same general formula. The physical properties of various members of a homologous series change regularly with an increase in the molecular mass. Definition. 2. The reason homologous series are interesting when studying chemistry is because if there is a change in a physical property, it is due to the extra methylene group. The two consecutive members of a homologous series are CH 3 OH and C 2 H 5 OH (belong to alcohol) The steady change in physical properties of the alkanes in the homologous series is caused by the steadily increasing molecular size. It can be represented by the same general formula.

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