nopixel penta drama

Hmmm. Definitely don't like the idea of bans for making mistakes, or small technicalities. They just gave all the power to cliques, who can spam report, and then seeing as the reports aren't being reviewd, just acted on, it's a rigged system. He and many people in the chat are quick to turn IC situations into OOC situations. They just can't do the same indepth reviewing and I as a pub player understand that. The webapp queries the backing data every 2 and a half minutes. I simply don't like the reporting going on - All sides are decent people - I don't like the current feel to it all - especially since it is arising mostly from simple misunderstandings in game. Expecting Public to be fully staffed with admins and moderators constantly is a huge challenge. Let the drama sort itself out and move on. The situation was handled in TS after Anthony stopped streaming. It takes time to get these mechanics in place but it’s already started. f2 will open the options page. Esc is used to escape/dismiss. I think it has nothing to do with the guns. I'd rather see good and smart roleplay happening and cops doing what they would do in the real world when gangs control areas. Well said. You have probably been reported by many people that you do not act like a kidnapped person, and are encouraging them to do these things. Let the consequences play out in-game and leave it out of OOC as much as possible. I don't tune into any of the new people though. Were my comments read? From yesterday’s stream with Penta talking to GotShadow it sounds like Tony is banned from the public server too. Were they intentionally ignored? Shocked. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. But since he was, It made for a pretty funny moment. So how does it work right now with regards to obtaining illegal weapons as Ive noticed yesterday on Nopixel the Map that 'Gang weapons' is marked in the spot the Leanbois house is on? I think blowing up BBC 3 times with explosives, using explosives at the parking lot and using explosives anywhere is pretty shitlording, but WL these things don't matter. Saying something is bullshit is just trying to defend something he is known for. This isn't the first time I've lost faith in the admins, in the community meeting after SilentSentry's million hour podcast, an admin was asked to define their role they said it was hard to define and left it at that.

The reason the decision and post was made to the discord was that previously incorrect information was spammed and rumors started from private conversations. This is nothing new. When they change servers these are updated. Penta was saying it’s personal against him because he was banned and removed while Tony could still access the server. Me. i really disliked the salt room, i wouldn't ask for it's return. All I saw was an entitled brat having a tantrum. Already, some player's are being accused and reported for what seems to be misunderstandings - and this is causing a lot to look dimly on the RP - which is a real negative going forward. tfrp has no current big stories going on, but i heard there is a lot of RP going on in the parking lot if that floats your boat. Especially with 64 player coming soon that's gonna make it 10x worse. Currently it may match characters which are not visible based on the server the streamer is currently on. He even said himself "The Thor Thicc shooting was a little iffy I admit" before the ban, but after the ban he was completely defensive about everything he did, saying his characters had a reason and trying to turn the attention on the lack of communication. It’s just the way some of the players think on that server. Agree with you whole heartedly. Also I've seen some exploiting roleplay mechanics in their favor, which is bordering on powergaming, such as firing weapons to attract cops, or making false reports on others. The only storyline I've seen being attempted there recently is Proxy and her serial killer. All of those videos (without context) look incredibly shitlordy, and then he gets banned and gets mad. The Thor thic guy was over the top and I would have regretted it if he had not been bugged. Not talking just ruin the PR of the community and themselves. What does him being bugged have anything to do with it? But Tony was already off the server and Penta was still on. He said he wasn't sure if the cop didn't buy it because IC reasons, or for reasons of meta-gaming and knowing that it is Penta's character. Enter a streamer name then select them from the autocomplete. and ? When IllicitRP went public I assumed initially it might take off because of Scoots involvement, I am however considering removing it given lack of activity. The Thor clip alone would be worth a ban for any non-whitelisted player. "Let me see that again, I didnt really see it" shoots her, "Oh your name really is Thor Thicc?" There is a long list of terms/servers which will put a streamer onto 'other' / 'not on x server' depending on the subdomain you are on. All the thumbnails are pulled from the twitch servers which internally caches them for a short period of time. However PENTA's stream ended with him getting arsey that whitelisters should get preferncial treatment etc. NoPixel went from your usual playground Rp to a more serious story driven roleplay, and quite a few charactors are having a hard time adjusting to it, There needs to be more communication coming from the inside as to what to do and what not to do, i.e Garrett not initiating before shooting and the LB hideout rules, Cops being overzealous of a situation etc, for me personally NoPixel has overtaken FamRP regarding Roleplay standards becouse there is mixture of story driven Roleplay and action Roleplay on nopixel im not saying nopixel is perfect its just feels overall a better viewing experience. This only searches streamers we track, if you think we are missing someone let us know via the feedback form or #incorrect-data on the discord. 2 PENTA Court block | NoPixel | Ghost hunting at 10 EST No Pixel 4 Oct 2020 00:31:12 UTC More recent clips Top clips 137395 PENTA Crazy stalker No Pixel 17 Jun 2020 20:18:43 UTC I don't watch frp nearly as much anymore so I definitely don't know nearly everything that's going on. Other than that all I've seen when I randomly tune in to that server is the typical bike riding rp, parking lot rp, yoga/therapy rp, the typical BS. The urls are appended with the current time to circumvent the browser cache. Dynasty having a sniper, for example.. that gun isn't available to everyone, but it 100% makes sense they have one, just like it makes sense cops can have them. Any streamer who has that server as their home group not playing GTA RP will also not be shown. Shooting the pink haired chick with the knife (Being labeled as RDM): Watched the videos after the ban. With the Leanbois current tactical advantage (big guns) and the new situations arising from their manner of use - driveby's, cop massacre's , Leanbois Massacre's etc - causing some confusion, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in regards to making reports of fail RP of individual Rper's, everyone needs to take a step back and start viewing such game play arising through these encounters, as nothing more than Beta versions (test phase) for RP at the moment.

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