netgear ex7500 vs ex8000

No. This band has the only job of connecting the extender to an existing Wi-Fi router, leaving the other two bands free to serve clients. Also, though not necessary, for best performance, I recommend using this interface to figure out what channel the EX8000 uses and change those on the router according to avoid interference. an amazing article dude. I have hidden the SSID for the hi band (same name but diff MAC address from low band I would thihk) and told apple devices to FORGET NETWORK, but they keep connecting to hi band instead of low band. Going forward, when you want to customize its settings further, you can find the extender’s IP address on the client list of the existing router. I bought an Asus GT-AX11000 as my main router and a Netgear X6S EX8000 Extender, both based on your super-helpful reviews. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? The EX8000 Extender seems Netgear’s sneaky way to incorporate the best of its Orbi product line into an existing network. The EX8000 is necessarily fairly far from the main router. In many ways, Netgear’s EX8000 is better than its Orbi system. So question. The device will still work as an independent broadcaster that thas nothing to do with the existing router. That’s a bad move. Will do. You just need to connect the cable and switch the EX8000 into access point (AP) mode using its web interface. For this reason, when set up correctly, it has no signal loss, something you can only get by using network cables. After you set up your WiFi mesh or Nighthawk mesh extender, you can log in to the extender to view and change the settings. Those are not routers, Steven. It tends to work better in a mesh system (though still NOT a guaranteed thing since it requires compatible clients) but it CAN happen in an extender + router setup, too, if the hardware is compatible. In all, the new EX7700 extender is the EX7500 plus the fact it’s has two Gigabit network ports and a standard design. 1. Band 1: 400Mbps 2.4GHZ. It gives you the option of using any router, including those with a lot more features than the Orbi itself. Maybe my post was confusing. The extender messes up MAC address of connected clients by assigning a virtual one to each connected client. My ISP box supports only a limited number of home-network-side NAT addresses, so I need something that runs NAT and basically treats the ISP box as a one (wireless) port bridge. I feel that it only connects to the extender if the router signal goes almost completely away. Subscribe for Updates. and trying to coax Netgear X6S triband EX8000 extender to connect to main router 5MHz hi band for dedicated backhaul. My dual-band router uses ethernet cable to the triband router for backhaul, so that would not be the explanation I think? The number reported in the charts below are those I got when I used the Asus. 2. Keep those consistent throughout your broadcasters and you’re set. Is the smart connect feature enabled on the R7800? To confirm, your assumed network topology is Modem > R7800 > EX8000, correct? Is the One WiFI Name feature enabled on the EX8000? That’s the problem – it had a different name to start with, but then the EX8000 extender didn’t connect. I have a Nighthawk X10 R9000 wifi router, so with your answer, I am better off with the EX8000. After reading your post that you referred me to, my understanding is that my access point is indeed using the wired backhaul, yes? So yes, the EX8000 is an extender that gives you some benefits of a mesh system. • Happy Thanksgiving! That said, if you use it with a dual-band 802.11ac router, you’ll have a similar setup as having an Orbi system. I asked this question on the Netgear forum and they claimed that this is possible, so I set mine up that way. Generally, if your routers support 802.11r or 802.11k (and so does your client), you’ll find that you can move between the hardware units and still maintain the connectivity. What is the firmware version of the respective devices? The Netgear EX8000 will work with any router. The “mesh” notion is just marketing ploy. I have been running mine wired to the R7800 in AP mode, but I have the SSID name and wifi password the same as the R7800. I also have an Asus RT-AC68U connected as an wireless access point with wired backhaul (big annoying house…). Netgear Nighthawk Mesh Extender EX8000 vs. EX7500, Thursday, November 26th, 2020 • Stay safe, everyone! But I have no idea if this works as a mesh or not. If you read my post, you’ll see the only difference between an extender (as you’re using it now) and an AP (as how you want to use it.) As an AP, the EX8000 works like any AP, meaning you have to set up its Wi-Fi network (SSID) manually. Thank You. Ya, I already have all the 2.4 same name and 5 with -5G appended – just not Mesh yet. 5MHz radio on RT-AC68U is set to ch 161, so looks good. But you said the EX8000 has no mesh functionality in extender or AP mode. Advertiser Disclosure. Then the EX8000 will work as an access point, Steven. Anybody please feel free to correct me, I'm a jack of all trades and certainly a master of none. More on AP vs. Extender here. We’re going in a circle. My tenant needs his iMac on 5mhz for video editing- he won’t get connected on 2.4 at the wrong time? However, they are quite different in design, Wi-Fi specs and price. Is the One WiFI Name feature enabled on the EX8000? So if I connected to the router with my phone, and walk toward the satellite, when I am beside the satellite I would now be connected to the satellite, even if the router signal was still fairly good. Your situation is about as good as it gets. That’s what I tried – each band has a MAC Filter – but with the same SSID, my -1 devices got ejected as well. So far so good – router shows only the EX8000 extender connected to the hi band ch 157 at 1170MBps. The larger bandwidth band of the EX8000 would be ideal for linking to your router, but only if your routers 5Ghz band can support 1.7Gbps. Success! Hi Dong, that’s great news.

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