minimum width for sliding wardrobe doors

Ceiling reduction can also be used in conjunction with ‘Wall and Floor Liners’ as shown in option 2. Set the holes approx. Our sliding wardrobe doors come in kit form with sliding doors, top and bottom tracks and running gear attached. When you purchase our doors you will get a comprehensive installation guide to help you with the installation of your sliding wardrobe doors. The smallest of measurements B and C, and the largest of measurements E and F are the ‘height’ and ‘width’ of your opening respectively. Hinged wardrobe doors is that they swing wide open, enabling a full view of the closet. at A, B and C. IMPORTANT - Use the smallest measurement when supplying us with height measurements. Use a spirit level to check the ceiling and floor levels. MFC Wardrobe Interior, Italian Glass Sliding End panels can be used in conjunction with ‘Wall and Floor Liners’ as shown in Option 2. Sliding Doors will help you make the most of your space while allowing you to easily turn your wardrobe in to a statement piece of furniture. Remember, rough use may damage the alignment and cause the shutter to slip off the track. IMPORTANT - Use the narrowest measurement when supplying us with width measurements. Wardrobe Doors, Made Sliding Wardrobe Door Running Gear Durability All rollforming is done in the UK using original Stanley equipment and designs. N.B. Strike plates and liners come oversized and will need to be cut down. Alternatively, you can build a bulkhead to drop the height of the wardrobe down. Generally, the top rollers should not require any adjustment. Wardrobes, Measuring for your Sliding The straight lines of these huge floor-to-ceiling sliding panels look neat and impart a sleek, modern look. We custom make doors to fit any space. Request FREE samples to help with the design process and colour matching. Any less, and it will be too narrow, making it difficult to get at the contents of the wardrobe. Check both doors travel smoothly along the entire width. TIP - If you are using screws to fix the top panel to the top liner of the frame, make sure the screw ends do not protrude through to the underside of the top liner as this will spoil the appearance and may prevent the top guide track being attached properly. Sliding door panels work as space savers since they open sideways along the front of the wardrobe. N.B. Note: Depending upon the material and size of your doors they can be very heavy. subject to manufacturing tolerances). Safety This can be cut to size and very simply attached to the wall using fixing blocks or timber battening (not supplied). With the doors closed scribe in pencil a centre line on the top track where the door roller rests. End panels come oversized and will need to be cut down. When giving us the measurements enter the smallest width and height dimensions. Set the vertical supports and shelving behind the profile of the frame. NOTE - both top and bottom tracks are supplied over length to allow you to trim them to exact requirements. If the floor is uneven, the doors may slide unintentionally! Ceiling infill panels come oversized and will need to be cut down. )• Wood Drill Bits (4mm diam. Place the door positioner central to this line. 6 Gawthorpe Avenue, Bingley, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD16 4DG (Please note this is not a showroom) You may notice that the door visualizer shows no overlap. Again, make sure you calculate the door opening width from the INSIDE of the liners. The bottom roller can be adjusted using the allen key provided by turning the adjustment bolt through the hole in the side profile. This can be attached to the floor, ceiling and back wall using fixing blocks, or with timber battening and screws. This arrangement does not take up additional space in the room. Mark on the bottom track, along the centre line where the screws will be fixed. • To move the doors down - Turn clockwise, • To move the doors up - Turn anti-clockwise. If the floor is uneven, the doors may slide unintentionally! Made to measure Bi-fold Wardrobe Doors; Aluminium frame-choices of door frame profile; Mirror, glass or wooden panels available; Doors. This ensures that you cannot fall through our glass or mirror panels, and if they were to break, then they crack in safe manner. The opening height for all our standard size doors is anything between 2260mm – 2270mm and a minimum of 2 doors must be ordered. Install the rear door(s) first. This makes the doors suitable for long wardrobes. Hinged wardrobe doors are low-maintenance. Wardrobe, Made to Shelving can then be attached to the walls, end panel and vertical supports using fixing blocks or with timber battening and screws. Sized to suit an opening height of 2250-2260mm (2275mm if adding soft close) Maximum Opening width (using a single track) 3607mm Available door widths of 610mm (24inch), 764mm (30 inch) and 914mm (36inch) Door Frame widths and overlaps between front and rear doors: Use a spirit level to check the ceiling and floor levels. Source : gomodern Pro are : 1. Some infills are restricted to 2400mm and 2700mm high. If either ceiling or floor are not level it is important to level these up before taking the measurements. FSC is the Forestry Stewardship Council certificate that guarantees our products come from environmentally managed sustainable forests. There is no load bearing on the ceiling. Sliding wardrobe doors need tracks - both running along the top and bottom of the wardrobe space - to smoothly glide open and shut. Also, hinges are much cheaper and readily available in comparison to good-quality track systems that are required and used for sliding doors for wardrobes. For angled ceilings, order the ‘S9 Angled’ Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors. All our panels are manufactured from FSC certified timber and particle board. 4.8 Positioning and installing the bottom track. Pack out the liners to create vertical and horizontal surfaces. Mirror is high quality silver coated. The sliding wardrobe doors are very easy to install so you don’t have to be a DIY expert. Hometriangle helps you choose one giving their pros and cons which can help you decide. Tel: 01274 563 323, Email: Repeat the process with the front door(s), using the front channel and front bottom track.

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