lychee seed poisonous

Pierre Sonnerat's drawing from Voyage aux Indes Orientales et à … Taxonomy. Never offer whole lychee to a baby as the inner seed is poisonous (and a choking hazard). The lychee has an outer layer that contains a rough texture and a rind that is pinkish to reddish hue that can be easily removed to get to the inside layer which is edible. No doubt lychees provide a number of health benefits and are very delicious in taste, but unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy their benefits and taste. Lychee seeds contain methylene cyclopropyl glycine which can cause hypoglycemia associated with outbreaks of encephalopathy in undernourished Indian and Vietnamese children who had consumed lychee fruit. It has been found that individuals who are allergic to birch, sunflower seeds and other plants belonging to the same family, mugwort, and latex are also allergic to lychees. The outside of the fruit is a hard spiky shell.Its seed is brown in color and very hard. The inside of a lychee is a clear, pinkish-white color. A lychee (pronounced LIE-Chee) is a tropical fruit in the genus Litchi.It comes from southern China.Since it is tropical, it will only grow in a warm, wet climate.. Lastly, avoid canned lychees as they are often preserved in thick sugary syrup, which is not appropriate for babies or toddlers. Lychee fruit, also called lychee nuts, are not poisonous. The seed of the lychee is not poisonous, but it is not recommended that it be eaten. The brown seed that is shaped like a nut should be thrown out because it can be poisonous. The white flesh inside, translucent and sweet, is reminiscent of the flesh of a grape. Also be sure to remove the inner seed, which is poisonous. 43 children in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district have died in the last three weeks after being infected by a deadly brain disease believed to be linked to a toxic substance found in lychee fruit. The seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten. Is lychee a choking hazard for my baby?

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