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.key-feature-block{ Stuur mij berichten over de volgende onderwerpen: Linksys zal uw e-mailadres niet verkopen of verhuren. Linksys will not sell or rent your email address. License Agreement. Exchange ideas and suggestions with other Linksys users and enthusiasts. Post your question to Twitter anytime. Quali sono i vantaggi dell'utilizzo di Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account? PLEASE NOTE that will not be responsible for delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances outside our reasonable control such as delays due to severe weather, natural disasters or strikes. left: 0; See More. Number of connected devices is based on lab test results. Reviews are usually posted within 24 hours. With the Linksys App, you can closely monitor and manage your home WiFi remotely using a smartphone or tablet. 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The result is a more efficient network with a wider range. If you choose another shipping option, additional charges will apply. } I have a small network setup at home sharing a wireless printer and some files on a desktop machine. width: 100%; Check out our Privacy Policy if you'd like to learn more. | Maximum performance derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Meer tonen, Profiteer optimaal van de geavanceerde instellingen van uw netwerkapparaat. Updated- AC1200 routers don't get the love they deserve. Installation is fast and easy. Om pagina's op Tweakers te kunnen bekijken, moet u de cookies accepteren door op 'Ja, ik accepteer cookies' te klikken. Meer tonen, Tips voor het verbeteren van draadloze verbindingen. Optimizes performance and reduces interference by focusing wireless signal to connected devices. }. Contact customer service for more details. Safeguard your network with wireless WPA/WPA2 encryption and an SPI firewall. 10 minute read. Transfer data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, ensuring high-speed connectivity for wired devices. Linksys EA6350 Editorial Reviews. Download Software ; Covers up to 1,000 sq. Next generation Wireless-AC standard outperforms Wireless-N, with speeds up to 3x faster. Stay tuned for exciting new products and more. Create a guest network with a unique password for convenient and secure guest access using Linksys Smart Wi-Fi. position:relative; Chat with a customer support agent directly from your desktop. BELANGRIJK : Performance depends upon many factors, conditions and variables, including products used, interference, and other adverse conditions. Specifications are subject to change without notice. {multithumb} {mospa... Read more. IMPORTANT : No adjustments on previous purchases. Linksys EA6350 was released in 2014. The AC1200 wireless router features dual wireless bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with data speeds up to N300 Mbps + AC867 Mbps*, great for media-intense applications such as video streaming and online gaming. Bekijk en download hier gratis uw Linksys EA6350 - AC1200 handleiding. Monitor and control your home WiFi network from anywhere through the Linksys Smart WiFi website or mobile app. De draadloze instellingen van de router configureren met behulp van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi mobiele app (VIDEO), Navigeren door de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi-app (Video), Het beheren van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi App (VIDEO), De Linksys Smart Wi-Fi mobiele app leren kennen (VIDEO), Verschillende soorten Linksys Downloads (VIDEO), Een snelheidstest op uw netwerk uitvoeren met behulp van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi-account (VIDEO), Automatisch actualiseren van de firmware van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers (VIDEO), Hoe de Linksys Skill instellen in de Alexa app (VIDEO), Uw Xbox One® aansluiten op het draadloos netwerk (Video), Het instellen van uw Linksys Wi-Fi of Smart Wi-Fi-router voor het eerst keer met behulp van Linksys Connect (VIDEO), Het wijzigen van de draadloze instellingen door middel van Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (VIDEO), Ouderlijk toezicht instellen met behulp van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi-account (VIDEO), Het instellen van de gastnetwerk via de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (VIDEO), Een introductie tot Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (VIDEO), Uw Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router van Linksys Smart Wi-Fi actualiseren (VIDEO), Overzicht van de USB Storage Tool op Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (VIDEO), De Media Prioritering Tool van de Linksys Smart Wi-Fi gebruiken (VIDEO), De Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router leren kennen (VIDEO), De Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router installeren met behulp van de Smart Setup (VIDEO), Resetten van uw Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router (VIDEO), Het beheer van apparaten met behulp van Linksys Smart Wi-Fi App (VIDEO), De draadloze instellingen van de router wijzijgen met behulp van uw Android-smartphone (VIDEO), De Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Firmware actualiseren (VIDEO), Het aanmaken van een Linksys Smart Wi-Fi-account (VIDEO), Het wachtwoord van de router actualiseren met behulp van een iOS -apparaat (VIDEO), Draadloze MAC-filter met behulp van uw Linksys Smart Wi-Fi-account configureren (VIDEO).

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