lateral malleolus avulsion fracture symptoms

However, if dislocation is detected in X-ray, surgery is advised to realign and reposition the fracture together. Discharge Advice You have fractured a bone on the outer part of your ankle. However, the inside part of the tibia is termed as medial malleolus and the end of the tibia as posterior malleolus. The hip, elbow and ankle are the most common locations for avulsion fractures in the young athlete. An avulsion fracture occurs when a small chunk of bone attached to a tendon or ligament gets pulled away from the main part of the bone. Isolated lateral malleolus fractures represent one of the most common injuries encountered by orthopaedic surgeons. Ankle stability is maintained by ligamentous and bony anatomy. An avulsion fracture is where a fragment of bone is pulled away at the ligamentous or tendinous attachment. Lateral Malleolus Avulsion Fracture. Causes of a lateral malleolus fracture . Ankle fractures can generally be divided into avulsion fractures, isolated malleolus fractures, bimalleolar fractures, trimalleolar fractures, and those with syndesmosis disruption. This bone runs along the inner side of the ankle at the lower end of the tibia. Non-surgical treatment may take up to 6 weeks of recovery time. The pain, tenderness and swelling you are experiencing in the foot should gradually settle over a period of several weeks. What Does An Avulsion Fracture Feel Like? Over the last couple of weeks I’ve saw numerous fractures in A+E; mostly many avulsion fractures of the medial and lateral malleolus. Lateral Malleolus Fracture: Lower end of the fibula is fractured. (3). Nevertheless, appropriate diagnosis and management of these injuries are not clearly understood. The end of the fibula is referred as lateral malleolus which carries 10 percent of your body weight. You may be wondering, “are avulsion fractures painful?” The answer is yes. Ankle fracture symptoms can be very similar to ankle sprains; this… The deep deltoid ligament is considered the primary stabilizer of the ankle. It can be caused by traumatic traction (repetitive long-term or a single high impact traumatic traction) of the ligament or tendon. I have decided to find some information on avulsion fractures, the symptoms of a fractured ankle and treatments for this week’s blog. It may be classified further into types A, B and C, depending on the level of fractures. All three bones play a crucial role in moving, controlling and stabilizing the ankle and the foot. Lateral malleolus fractures can vary in location, severity and type including avulsion fracture, stress fracture, Potts’ fracture, displaced fracture, un-displaced fracture, greenstick, comminuted etc. Avulsion fractures of the ankle are commonly caused by the twisting of the ankle and typically affect the medial malleolus bone. The fracture has occurred in a part of the bone which normally heals well without problems. About 90 percent of your body weight is carried by tibia. You may need to spend a few weeks on crutches if you have an avulsion fracture around your hip. A lateral malleolus fracture commonly occurs in association with a rolled ankle particularly with significant weight bearing forces. This occurs as tendons can bear more load than the bone. Isolated avulsion fractures represent injuries where ligaments have avulsed a small piece of bone from either the medial or lateral malleoli.

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