laboratory thermometer mercury

EPA is taking steps to revise its regulations to allow non-mercury alternative thermometers. Thermometers that give results outside the allowed tolerance should be recalibrated or taken out of service. Traceability records should not be claimed to be private or proprietary knowledge. Accu-Lab Brand Total Immersion, Mercury Thermometers, Accu-Lab Brand Partial Immersion, Mercury Thermometers, AccuTherm 10/30 Jointed Thermometers - Mercury Filled, Accutherm Special Application Thermometers - Mercury, Accu-Therm Enclosed Chamber Verification Bottle Mercury Filled Thermometers, Sama Precision Laboratory Thermometers - Mercury - 76mm/Partial Immersion, Special Application Thermometers, Non-Mercury Red Spirit, Partial Immersion Non-Mercury Thermometers, Precision Mercury-Filled Armored Thermometers, Variable Immersion Non-Mercury Thermometers, DURAC® Plus™ ASTM Like Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer, Accutherm Deep Immersion Thermometers - Mercury, Precision Mercury-Filled Armored Thermometer Refills, DURAC® Plus™ General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometer, Accu-Lab Brand Total Immersion, Mercury Filled, Fluoro-Polymer Coated…, Accu-Lab Brand Partial Immersion, Mercury Filled, Fluoro-Polymer Coated…, N.I.S.T. Many countries, including the United States, have signed a Mutual Recognition Arrangement that recognizes the validity of each others’ calibration certificates. Range is the converse of … Calibrated against NIST standards to assure accuracy and reproducibility. Damage to the sensor for an electronic thermometer often is not visually apparent. ... General Lab Thermometer, Mercury-Filled : 2 : Total : 405 mm -10 to 400°C : Regular Price $25.87 Special Price $23.28 +-Add to Cart. For applications requiring broader temperature ranges or better uncertainty, we recommend wire-wound PRTs. Read our blog 6 Alternatives to Mercury Thermometers for help. EPA has numerous laboratories throughout the United States and contracts with many more. However, Ferdinand II, Duke of Tuscany, modified the desig… Read more about ASTM's standards review effort. Revising ASTM Standards. Unless you are absolutely certain that two probes are interchangeable, never switch the probe used with a readout without updating calibration coefficients. Are non-mercury-containing thermometers National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable? Begin with Step 1, and enter Step 2 at the indicated point. 2. Precision Mercury Laboratory Thermometers CALL: (973) 300-9100 9am to 5pm est Calibrated against NIST standards to assure accuracy and reproducibility. Are non-mercury-containing thermometers as accurate as mercury-containing thermometers? Our ASTM Mercury Thermometers are made in accordance with specifications of the American Society for Testing and Material. Available in Download or Binder. If any of these conditions hold, the reading of a liquid-in-glass thermometer may not correspond to the reading of an alternative thermometer, even if both thermometers are perfectly accurate. The electrical resistance of the platinum rises as the temperature rises. In this sense, the word “accuracy” is equivalent to a manufacturing tolerance. These thermometers were designed for specific testing and can be calibrated to your specific requirements. Each thermometer is furnished with a document proving traceability and a felt-lined…, Related Products: Partial Immersion Thermometer, …certificate to indicate the traceability of each thermometer and the standard used in the certification testing. Non-mercury thermistors are accurate but have a limited temperature range. However, there are certain applications where the use of alternatives to mercury-containing thermometers is more difficult, such as the use of thermometers in high temperature devices such as autoclaves (where alternatives to mercury are not commonly used). Designed by. Read more about what to do if a mercury thermometer breaks. NIST provides a description of traceability and an extensive list of questions and answers on. If you have an account, sign in with your email address. In general, electronic thermometers cost more than mercury-filled thermometers of comparable accuracy.

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