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Curtis Blackburn's adopted daughter. An elderly old man in a wheelchair who spends most of his time in a comatose state getting abused by his maid, Samantha. He can resurrect any of the Smiths who are killed in action by venturing out into the field and collecting their head. "Heaven Smiles . Seems to be a Remnant Psyche like the characters in the section below, but there's something a little off about him... Harman's caretaker. In the past, she was one of Harman's personae, as Samantha Smith. Each character has unique abilities. Was killed on a Sunday by the killer7. Handsome Pink, aka LOVE Wilcox, to Trevor Pearlharbor and Handsome Red, reveals her true identity as a hacker named LOVE Wilcox. According to the book's timeline, this is the result of a, as well as the fact that he seems to be immortal and have multiple manifestations, Garcian is the true protagonist and host personality, not Harman, even though Harman is painted as the leader. He wields the Vision Ring, which allows him (and the others) to see the Heaven Smiles, as well as a large suitcase. Powers and abilities [edit | edit source] While he does not wield guns like the rest of the killer7, Kevin is able to throw knives with perfect accuracy (without ever needing to invest in the Waver statistic, which is replaced by an Invisibility one that instead increases the length of time he may remain invisible) and without the need of reloading. He is an FBI agent whose unit was wiped out in an incident where he found his wife and daughter turning into Smiles, at which point he was forced to kill them. The manager of the Union Hotel, formerly the owner of the Flower, Sun, and Rain hotel on Lospass Island. A generally nice guy who draws his strength from Mask Power, Heroic Willpower, and two Grenade Launchers. She teleports away instead of battling Garcian. The second-in-command. turn her into a Remnant Psyche like they do with Curtis. . The Seven Black Smiles, the only things in the game that can kill off killer7 personae for good, The second form, when Nightmare creates the Black Smiles, until Garcian comes out. Mizaru serves under KAEDE, and Kikazaru points out the locations of Soul Shells. Throughout the game, you receive his mail via carrier pigeon. As indicated by Young Harman, a plot-important and bonus playable character, there are at least two Harmans, and possibly more. Giant Bomb users. It was in fact Heaven Smile all along, and he just took the credit so that he could ask them to kill him should he become a Smile himself. An FBI agent sent to Coburn Elementary School to figure out its connection to the election system. In his very first scene, Akiba and Kurahashi order him to commit suicide, as Japan will most likely be destroyed by missiles. Travis Bell is a "killer who got killed on the job", and has an attitude that's quite a lot like Travis Touchdown's. He uses a silenced pistol, but isn't very effective in combat. "We're in a tight spot!" The game was written and directed by Goichi Suda, also known by the nickname Suda51, and produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi. Mask de Smith is the 3rd persona in the Capcom action game, Killer7. Harman's rival and friend, and leader of the Heaven Smiles. We can't exactly blame you, so this character guide should prove useful. He doesn't remember it, but he used to be Emir, the psychopathic assassin who killed the Smith Syndicate years ago. They are still easily dispatched by shooting their weak points, turning them into clouds of blood. Garcian Smith - the most dominant of Harman's multiple personalities, he uses a silenced pistol and carries an attache case with him everywhere. A powerful Professional lucha libre wrestler. Her name in Japanese is "see no evil.". He gives hints about HS weak points for the player. Extremely agile and the youngest member of the Killer7, Con Smith is blind but makes up for it with his superhuman sense of hearing. When the lights are on, she's a moody, foul-mouthed Alpha Bitch who thinks nothing of physically abusing the comatose Harman. In the Cloudman chapter, Ulmeyda challenges the killer7 to come to his city and track him down, taking credit for the bombing of a Stacy's concert. Is the eternal arch-rival of Harman Smith, be it in matters of war or chess. A servant of the Smiths dressed in what seems to be bondage gear, he speaks primarily in nonsense, along with the occasional gameplay tip. if he hadn't tried to stack the odds ever so slightly by using a revolver with a seven bullet chamber. He dies under mysterious circumstances after the last one. "This is harsh." If you haven't, please let the Republic Party make the most of your precious vote, thank you and have a nice day. Has the greatest vitality of all the Smiths save for Harman himself. Much of the events of the game are an apparent result of his setting up the predictions. A small-time hood with a penchant for loud Hawaiian shirts. Throughout Smile, Garcian has to collect tapes describing how dangerous Emir was, only to find out that it's him, Samantha used to be a persona as well, but is not presently, Might be played straight when he was killed by Emir, if he didn't hear the assassin because he was listening to music. Their mission: stop the evil Kun Lan and his … Saying any more would be a spoiler. The ex-wife and handler of Iwazaru, respectively. He later revives his ultimate weapon: the Demon Gun. He carries around a mask that "craves Thick Blood" and, if you shoot it, his personality changes, you lose Thick Blood, and gives expanded hints. A boy who was a brutal murderer and good at making bombs. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from For tips on which characters you should focus your efforts on be sure to check out our breakdown of The Killer 7. He does so extraordinarily and sends letters to him via carrier pigeons, but Emir never pays him back. In his final two forms, he can charge five vials of blood to fire what appear to be missiles straight ahead. Coyote Smith is the 6th persona in the Capcom action game, Killer7. These are powerful enough to even take down Duplicators in one shot. Attempts to infiltrate Garcian's trailer, but gets himself killed. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll A presidential candidate and the principal of Colburn Elementary School. A set of nine multicoloured Sentai superheroes who act as a counterpart to the killer7. Her weapon of choice is a machine gun and as Curtis' protégé she possesses the same powers over light and shadow as he does. After he shoots their heads, he becomes a spiritual Dragon to Kun Lan and gains a lot of confidence. He knows how to defeat the bosses, including the Queen Smiles and the Ceramic Smile. Dan Smith - a former cop who uses a powerful revolver and the Collateral Shot. Killer7 is a 2005 action-adventure video game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom. She saves your game for you, but only when "on the clock" as the Save Maid. It isn't shown, but she's also an assassin, and is the one who killed Johnny Gagnon. They goad Matsuoka into killing them, but they stay alive due to Kun Lan's influence and powers. Handsome Pink, aka LOVE Wilcox, admits defeat when Garcian's turn comes. so he wants them to kill him if he goes bad, turns into a Heaven Smile thanks to the US. Kun Lan is seen as the ultimate force of evil throughout Killer7, and creator of the Heaven Smile. He was once the mentor of Dan Smith, and was also the one to kill him. Killer 7’ is a hard hitting surreal action adventure game starring Harman Smith - a mysterious assassin who can harness the unique powers of his seven personalities. An unnamed scientist interviewed by Foley and given this alias.

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