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I am located in northeastern Iowa if you’re interested in pickups. I am located in northeastern Iowa if you’re interested in pickups. You say that some of his circuits are modified, but not enough to call them original. I assume tremelo being a volume effect, thew result is not mucky. These days, there’s a vogue for overdrive pedals that are configured to sound like specific vintage amps. 29th May 2018 #741. elektrovolt. Here’s a not-so-brief summary of the gear and thought process behind what I played on … The JHS Superbolt is a copy of the Supreaux Deux. Summing Amp. JHS Pedals 438,762 views. JHS Superbolt vs Honeybee into 18w el84 65 amps London - Duration: 6:42. this1smyne 3,706 views. Richie Kotzen may not be a household name, but with nearly 20 albums and countless group projects on his resumé, he’s on the verge. Whitey Tighty. Thanks for the in depth reply. International House of Prayer (IHOP) is a 24/7 operating church based in Kansas City, Missouri. He has denounced any homophobic practices, explained that he doesn't support it, explained they don't contribute to jhs, jhs doesn't contribute to them. I am located in northeastern Iowa if you’re interested in pickups. People can fix their mistakes. I … The purpose of this post is to address common JHS talking points in as factual a manner as possible. Messages 2,073. I want to insure you that all of my hand-built designs are original as well as unique and to not be alarmed if this claim is brought to your attention. "Here are some reasons people hate JHS" and then all I get is the same stuff I've seen. Messages 10,763 . I don't blame Josh or JHS for IHOP's actions, but I wish they would have done more than just distance themselves from the church. Lives for gear . I think it's very hard for most of us who still feel icky about JHS due to that scandal to put our finger on it. Most pedal builder's acknowledge the circuits that inspired their design and describe what their modifications are to that known design. The statement makes it quite clear what Josh's involvement was with the group, but reads to me like it's just trying to seperate JHS from IHOP and doesn't do much to condemn IHOP's actions, which are entirely reprehensible. As you could probably guess from my username, I don't consider myself a Christian but I'd be lying if I said my Catholic upbringing didn't have some impact my sense of ethics and morality in my adult life. I was wondering if anyone here has had the chance to try the Supro Drive pedal. Unlike all of the demos I'd seen, it was a very audible compression. The supereaux aimed to sound like a supro. I personally don't have a problem with clones, but I do have a problem with misleading claims and taking credit for other people's work. Supreme. Let the Bonsai help you find your overdrive zen. JHS Pedals is a small guitar pedal company based out of Kansas City, MO. Started with a quick repair to a Boss pedal in Josh Scott’s Mississippi apartment, JHS has evolved into a well-regarded and growing boutique pedal company thanks to offerings like their SuperBolt and Morning Glory. I've been watching videos of both of these pedals and they seem quite similar. JHS SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal Overdrive Pedal with Volume, Tone, and Drive Knobs, Gain Switch, and External Footswitch Out $169.15. Which can't you live without? 5:17. Because our paper was the natural following chapter or section of the article we were referencing, we decide to use similar notation. I’m partial to the styling as well. My goal was simple: I wanted to create an overdrive pedal that recreated this tone and feel in any amp.” –Josh Scott/Owner of JHS. Those modifications were worth the price I paid IMO. I really like the JHS Twin 12, but not exactly what I want on my board at the moment for what I play at … Crimson. Spring Tank Reverb. JHS SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal Overdrive Pedal with Volume, Tone, and Drive Knobs, Gain Switch, and External Footswitch Out $169.15. The Superbolt is the one for me as well, it has had a permanent place on my board for a year now, and it also stacks very well if you want. If the past affiliatons rub you the wrong way forever, fine. Tons of people start out on cheap clones and eventually upgrade when it's feasible. Price: $199 each Info: www.jhspedals.com. In regards to JHS Klone, they stopped offering the pedal when Bill Finnegan began producing Klon KTR pedals, fulfilling their word that they would do so. In other words, he tries to project that he's someone like ZVEX (and prices accordingly), when in reality his designs are closer to Mooer. Livingroom >> Superbolter: Digital Twin For Your Home JHS Superbolt V2 — SOLD 1981 DRV — SOLD Boss RC-1 — SOLD Open to offers, but trades not likely right now. The AT+. Switchback. There is not a TL;DR. If I set out wanting to make a spitty, velcro-like fuzz with simple controls, I can start with looking at ZERO existing schematics. In regards to the Devi Ever incident, JHS seemed rather defensive at first, followed by uncooperative, and then went offensive contacting retailers when it was clear that people were going to find out that Bunrunner and Astro Mess were aped from the Hyperion. I own a few cloned pedals. These placeholder letters show up a lot in mathematical proofs as they allow our proofs to be general. Colour Box V2. Quote: Originally Posted by Gitaarwerk. JHS projects the image that he created original designs, which is simply not true. In good shape other than a couple small scuffs/scratches on the sides and back. I've got no problem spending big money on a good pedal. Now, some of those clones are modified, but IMO they are not modified to the point where it is fair to say that it is a 100% original design. Isn't undercutting even less fair to the company that originally designed the pedal? International House of Prayer (IHOP) is a 24/7 operating church based in Kansas City, Missouri. Can remove the dual lock for you before I send. NHBluesMan Member. Last edited: Apr 20, 2016. The current link about JHS in the sidebar points to a reddit thread about the statement on IHOP. JHS Pedals > Guitar Pedals. Saying sorry, wasn't me is not the same thing as being sorry and doing something about it. I read the image first and was confused as fuck as to why it was a big deal that he liked meeting at the International House of Pancakes. It might be the crunchiest OD I’ve ever played but also sounds great with lower gain settings. I'd like to know your opinion, even if brief, about the pricing. Here is my last build: a JHS SuperBolt clone! It's a sort of drive emulator pedal based on some old Supro/Valco - style amps. Zep in a Box. On another forum, JHS describes the Bunrunner: The left is only devi ever in the fact that is a modern silicon design. This discreet circuit does everything from clean boost to sagging exploding small amp distortion with ease. Discover (and save!) Might also consider reverb or delay Interestingly, the similar paper did not reference the same main article we were referencing. Our own mod we’ve been doing since 2008 is much cleaner and overall more powerful. I'm lusting after the Panther Cub 500 delay. Who cares. Love quality content and discussion like this on the sub. JHS SuperBolt V2 Supro tones in a pedal and a whole lot more. First of all, it's rad you typed all this up and contributed something you felt strongly about to the sub. Very few actually feel that way, but everyone keep saying it. And a budget musician who gets a clone they really like will be more likely to try the original when they can afford it. JHS Honey Comb = EA Tremolo JHS Mini Foot = Bazz Fuss JHS All American = Fuzzrocious Rat Tail (Proco Rat Clone) JHS Mr. Magic = Zvex Super Hard On JHS 4 Wheeler = Zvex Wooly Mammoth JHS Mini Bomb = Tim Escobedo's Duende JFET JHS Superbolt = Run Off Groove's Supreaux JHS Colour Box = Neve Console Preamp JHS '73 Ram's Head Replica = EHX Big Muff It’s like having two SuperBolts in one pedalboard-friendly package. JHS Superbolt V2 — SOLD 1981 DRV — SOLD Boss RC-1 — SOLD Open to offers, but trades not likely right now. The original currently being in production vs. no longer produced, and undercutting vs. overpricing when selling the clone. If two people have red and green paint with wich to make a painting that they want to look like an existing painting of an apple they love, don't you think theyll end up with similar paintings?

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