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Contact Us. Learn more about the 813LM, a three button remote from LiftMaster. … �M9IDH����� endstream endobj 118 0 obj <>stream �mpl�Z�C���ߧ�m~��L�N~%�7�-����Ê�)�`�0�D����h���g]=��I� C�����fڑ�����fo�:�K&1j۸a���C�%Lp�oc�'rSVm��l4�� [3S ��Z:;���+l�&zF�=x�3�ۖ�� i|����㯚��[��\����Dm���r�c��Ϣ ���+j����2��� ��S�����@c@���d�d�nJ�>A+��/Է����h�#RS5����ѴQ�ԫ��ᄨ�O����d�d��lMA��`n��?x���-�)�b�zh�0i�$��S�2�ѹ�X:^�p�=�j� : :�P�SjD{����f�'L���}�v68����waGRK�Z�q�e�u���/'�C:�I���]�Z9Ճ�Jz���~�|�D��-�s�؃5��ߵ��{��VC�|��ڷ�����FFΖ!�zj��Ƕ*���J�X�cL�;���>����4�D���k��:��i����&��L���զ�����ZLj�p��J�D1�_\O�����x*`9͸���*\b���X�ϬEx�� D��P�L>��>tw����MC�ۗ�T� 117 0 obj <>stream Join Our Mailing List for special offers! LiftMaster® SL585 & SL595 Slide Gate Owner's Manual How to program an 811LM and 813LM Gate Key E-Dip Switch Remote Control LiftMaster Model 387LM, 387LMC Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Owner's Manual %PDF-1.3 %���� Name. Chamberlain Group (CGI), the corporate parent company to LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Merlin and Grifco, is a global leader in access solutions and products. Click to view the PDF manual Click to view this remote. If you would like to program an 813LM as an OPEN, CLOSE, STOP, refer to the 850LM receiver manual. }o$F+� %"/΋f �M��Z�+|��#�\R��tp��9����e�gP��*��O8���=I>��_�D�đ�� 800-482-2321 . Products compatible with the 811LM and 813LM E-Code Dip-Switch remote controls; Logic 3, Logic 4 and Logic 5 - radio functionality chart; 892LT & 894LT, 2 and 4-Button Remote Controls Owner's Manual; Archived release dates for new or updated product models, accessories and parts (Chamberlain, LiftMaster and Craftsman) The LiftMaster Dealer Extranet website is currently unavailable while we make upgrades to improve our service to you. �/v-��g'�����%�8}�f�k5! 800-482-2321 support@aclickawayremotes.com accounts & orders. Email. Product Manuals; Liftmaster Manuals; 811LM 813LM; 811LM 813LM. Programming Learn Buttons 811LM 813LM For programming to the 860LM receiver or to a Security+ 2.0® compatible gate operator, please refer to the receiver/operator instructions manual for location of the learn button(s). 'gb���JK&7�P�E�V��Yv9�sȴK�i��7n7��Z����D̻�d�����(gH�uD���˦���q� 7����/M�&�����>-�{0ʆX���F�#x���G. There are no products in this category. The 813LM is an extreme range remote for the 850LM Receiver to give you a wide connection range. K��r6��of���~��Ʉ�+{�l�V�W���p�~�>��a*�� �� endstream endobj 119 0 obj <>stream y� �a��^14l��z� �\�cB'�`yK?��-����/]�)f6��4�,�a����Gk85��dL �,lzw��6�Kf=G��g�yR�D+1��N�ҳ;�y�x��`��#(�o� ���/]##r�G�:���Йf�D������ͭ,�����-����� mYPQ+]���mƂ @y'��g(��G�Q�s`�4S%�Q�L��: f���j��nnaה�eʳ�)X�?$��)IP e+�;�y)J����z%ug�����i��������ā'X�SDɑ4E4�.VJ�.

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