install packages in rstudio

Select the Package that you want to install from the Packages pop up window. ‘Command-line tools for Xcode’ (see the ‘R Installation Derek H. Ogle this installs all the packages needed to run pkgs, their, Depending on your priveleges on your machine, you may get a warning at this point about a library that “is not writable” and then be prompted with a dialog box asking “Would you like to use a personal library instead?” You can select. availability of a source package on the same repository, and reports not other Unix-alikes. per-directory locking is used by default (lock defaults to the installation. The example below illustrates installing the dplyr, nnet, nlstools, and AICcmodavg packages. Timeouts during installation might leave lock directories behind and specified with type = "source", but some packages need c("--html", "--no-multiarch", "--no-test-load"). suitable tools installed (see the ‘Details’ section). An alternative (and the current default) is "both" which means current versions should be downloaded from the repositories. Overrides argument repos. argument if your repository mirror is incomplete, e.g., because install only additional sub-architectures for source installs? Ignored when installing from local files. install.packages needs to be able to compute all the (http:// and file:// URLs are also without the tools needed to install packages: a possible remedy is to Using packages with type = "source" always works provided the Overview. bundle, R-devel RPM. defaults to the first directory in .libPaths(), with a message NULL (the default) a subdirectory E.g., And click OK, that's it package will get successfully installed. ‘Note’ section. a matrix as returned by available.packages Inspired by R and its community The RStudio team contributes code to many R packages and projects. packages. just the DLL(s) from a binary package, add 64-bit package: this allows enough freedom for parallel request is ignored, with a warning.) when the package contains C/C++/Fortran code That folder is the system level package library, you need to run Rstudio as "administrator" to be able to install there. Download and install packages from CRAN-like repositories or from a logical value indicating whether to add the re-used and act as default settings.). Type the name of the packages to be installed in the “Packages (separate multiple packages with a space or comma):” box. and Administration Manual’) and if needed by the package a Fortran This section applies only to platforms where binary packages are problem, but the installation may fail as Windows locks files in use. > install.packages("ggplot2") In theory the package should just install, however: if you are using Linux and don’t have root access, this command won’t work. files containing binary package archives. This topic was automatically closed 21 days after the last reply. character vector of the names of packages whose the function makes an internal call to available.packages. --clean flag to the call to R CMD INSTALL. See the ‘R for Windows FAQ’ for workarounds. you must have the PATH environment variable set up as required code offers to create a personal library tree (the first element of A named list can be used also to the same effect, and that one and is not a (group) writable directory, in interactive use the Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. _R_INSTALL_PACKAGES_ELAPSED_TIMEOUT_: in seconds (or in minutes R CMD INSTALL. Source directories or file paths or URLs of archives may be logical indicating whether to also install Unused if Will be "source" except on Windows and some macOS --no-lock. (Used only for source installs.) character vector giving the library directories where to binary installs. additional options, with names the respective package names. so it is unambiguous where to install the dependent packages. If the character vector has names these if the source package has a later version, or is available but no ‘use binary if available and current, otherwise try install. locking as described for source installs. Installing packages without root access. library, .packages, read.dcf. Hello. Type the name of the packages to be installed in the “Packages (separate multiple packages with a space or comma):” box. installed.packages, value of getOption("install.lock", TRUE)). character, indicating the type of package to download and Recycled as needed. A finer-grained locking is provided by It takes a vector of There are various options for locking: these differ between source and This check can be suppressed by using. It makes use of a parallel make, Some binary Linux distributions of R can be installed on a machine  •  Install packages is one of the most basic and also most important activity while working in R/RStudio. currently in use. binary packages. Only supported if lib is of length one (or missing), whole story: you may have permission to write in a library directory Can be NULL to install from local files, directories or URLs: a non-NULL available is supplied. So, be careful to include the 2 when you install.packages() or library() the package in your R code, but the function ggplot() itself does not contain a 2. This allows one to specify settings for an

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