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That’s why we are so excited about our paper. Create a picture that fits you and your walls by choosing the size of the canvas, a motif you like, and the color of the frame you prefer. If you want some variation, you can easily change the motif or put textiles in the frame. As you add more the clips will become more and more secure. Anna Ohlin works with communications at IKEA. suggests Anna. The frame was developed in different colors and different sizes and was complemented by a number of canvas designs (yes, with the canvas rolled up under your arm, you also carry it home easily). Don't let the IKEA instructions intimidate you, this assembly is easy and really straight forward! A picture is a picture, but how you mount it affects the overall impression. We spent months sourcing the perfect paper, it is a vinyl hybrid that fits this frame and allows the paper to snap in easily. We all love oversized art, but we know how expensive it can be. Add 2 more clips along this side. It’s okay for the first few clips to feel a little less secure, it's totally normal. Use fasteners suitable for the walls in your home. Black Friday is here! BJÖRKSTA picture is large but easy to take home. Mount with the frame visible or with the canvas spanned around the frame - it's entirely up to you. So the next time you plan to make an investment in art, the only other thing you’ll need is a bus ticket or your bicycle. We all love oversized art, but we know how expensive it can be. Starting on a long side, place the clip into the groove and press firmly. Choose the look of your picture by either having the frame visible or folding the canvas around the frame. Lay the frame on a large flat surface. Certain images create a sense of calm and harmony, while others kick-start our imaginations and make us daydream. If you need to, you can slightly trim the excess corner of the print, so it lays within the frame. Choose size, motif and the frame of your choice. "Why not have a beautiful fabric mounted to the frame?" Powered by Shopify. Once the frame is built, it’s time to add the art. The first pass you use the screws to stabilize the frame, then make sure the corner edges line up perfectly, and then tighten the screws completely. Don't let the IKEA instructions intimidate you, this assembly is easy and really straight forward! Ikea Canvas Instructions Ikea Instructions. As you add the rest of the clips, the paper should stretch to the frame. Up to 40% off the entire site + FREE Domestic Shipping through 11/30! Not only does it work with standard size prints, but it also works perfectly with the IKEA Bjorksta Canvas Frame! That's why we've developed BJÖRKSTA unassembled picture frame - so it's easier for everyone to decorate with art. It was this insight that triggered Anna's technically-minded colleagues to begin developing BJÖRKSTA unassembled picture frame. Use the tool again to secure each clip. "If you live in an apartment of 269 sq ft, of course the space will be limited, so the walls can be used to enhance a personal style", says Anna. You’ll slide the metal L shaped corner brace into the lower channel in each of corner. She sees a growing interest for more personalised decorating throughout the world and believes that wall space can be used much more in many homes. Easy to take home since you buy the frame folded up in a handy package and the canvas comes as a roll. That’s why we are so excited about our paper. "For many people, the home is an ongoing and ever-changing project, and therefore we want it to be easy to change the canvas", explains Anna. There are small screws that are designed to work with the provided Allen wrench. Done. And how do you squeeze such a big picture into a small elevator to get it up to your apartment on the tenth floor? It looks beautiful without glass and has a perfectly matte finish. And when the product developers had already started thinking outside of the box, they found a solution for greater freedom of choice: the canvas can either be mounted inside the frame, or over it to cover the frame. What image would provide the right mood if it were on the wall of your home: a lush-green tropical jungle or a black-and-white urban jungle? Lay the frame on a large flat surface. Your order does not include a frame. Different wall materials require different types of fasteners. © 2020 Juniper Print Shop. Our collection of big art inspires and takes you away to different places. But no matter where and how people live, their interest in personalized home decoration and art is just as great. IKEA provides hanging hardware that can be installed with a screw or nail. It looks beautiful without glass and has a perfectly matte finish. No problem! The picture and frame come in separate packages. The picture and frame come in separate packages. "Maybe a nature picture, 2 yards high, could help you relax and feel really good when you come home after a long day at work". Lay the print face down, lining up the edges. The beauty of BJÖRKSTA picture with frame is that you can choose between two different mounting methods. More and more people live in small spaces in big cities and the most common way of getting around is by public transportation or by bicycle. You buy the frame unassembled in a flat package and the canvas comes as a roll – both are easy to carry and fit under your arm. Picture and frame, jungle journey/aluminum color, Available for delivery in select locations. The goal of the project was a picture frame you carry home with you in a package that is easy to carry. The finished frame is super lightweight. Shop IKEA’s selection of sleek and stylish ready to hang wall art featuring pictures, frames, decorative stickers and decals, posters, and art cards. But how do you carry your new picture home on the bus or on your bicycle if it measures 78 x 55"? The frame comes with plastic clips that fit inside the lower channel and helps stretch the paper really tight, like a canvas.

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