how to make foam swords cosplay

Quick video on how to make an easy cosplay sword! I made it diagonal under the sword and wrapped both sides around the sword to the center and tied them when they were close. Water spray bottle, spray water when u finish adding the expanding foam so the process will be faster. Prepare the Smooth cast 300 same measurement A and B mix it and pour it in the mold and slush it around. WE ARE COMPENSATED FOR REFERRING TRAFFIC. 1. HIS INSTAGRAM:  CHECK HIM OUT, NOTE: Every material used here can be found at Reynolds Advanced or online in smooth on. Please forgive my English if have some errors, I try my best to explain all the steps! WE ALSO PARTICIPATE IN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WITH OTHER SITES. Using insulation foam is usually a good way to go, even if you don't fiberglass it (you'll need some kind of protective coating to keep it from scratching/denting, though). This is the end of the sword, It is a little time consuming, but I hope you like it. (horns are made of insulation foam) . Make sure every time you take out the silicone put the keys in the right place. Once you done with details put 2-3 layers of mudge podge and paint it and done! Share it with us! Start with a pool tube and make this kind of cut: Start Gluing the bot part (jus cut long rectangles and glue on top of another). Lady Gaga Cosplay - 2020 VMA's Halloween Costume. Can be with a brush or sponge. To make the support base use Fiberglass (smell is super strong you need protection and work it outside). (i ha to remake the harness since the first one was to big. In the last layer of rebound 25 make at least 4 oz of A and 4 oz of B. My senpai class by PR Props full credit to him! 4. To start you will have to make the base with cardboard. the sword I was making is something from an anime so you can choose different colors. Copy the pattern to the board and cut it. Some people like longer hilts, some don’t. 2. More than one expanding foam bottle (will depend on the size of your weapon. When you finish sculpting to make the clay look smooth and take away your finger prints use a little bit of mineral spirit. Copy the pattern to the board and cut it. Remember the total measurement have to be with the top and bot part included. Apply 4-5  layers doing the same WITHOUT thi vex. I don’t force paint places that the sponge can’t reach because that’s what gives the effect of shadow with the base color in scale case. Cut long stripe of worbla. And you are done! 1. Add a hard piece in the U of the skeleton in my case used a book cover. And place it in the pvc to check if is the measurement you wanted in total. 1. I wore my very very recently completed Pidge ,,,,, Paint it and after it dries put a layer of modge podge. One side goes down at a soft angle. 2. To fill those triangles spaces just cut scales in a half and start gluing them in those spaces so it looks like the picture #5. 3. Start carving. When u finish carving it use a sander with a paper sand # 120. Decorate hilt and sheath with White Cloth Tape: The hilt will have diamond shaped pattern, My sword has the cross on the sheath (optional: it’s the design of the sword from an anime), Wrap red nonstick tape around: (optional), Once again, this is the sword’s design I was going for, if you don’t want to it’s fine. 4. Heat it and roll it. When the rebound its completely dry use free form to make the base. Start glueing the long feathers first in the bot of the paper. In my case since mine needs some kind of bumps like rocky look I used hot glue to make em. The best cosplay costumes have great accessories and what is the best cosplay costume accessory? Make a hole in the mid of the sword to put a stick inside so it wont break if hits some or something, then cover it with gypsum board filler. ( I tested some color first). WE ALSO PARTICIPATE IN AFFILIATE PROGRAMS WITH OTHER SITES. Also its easy to use and its super lightweight! 4. Decide the size of your wings and make the skeleton with wire and some paper (white one i didn’t have white paper so used what i had). When you done and ready to paint it seal it with 2 layers of modge podge. Covered the wings with cloth mache to give that skin texture. (apply every next layer when its tacky). Did you make this project? Paint it , apply details you want, straps , etc whatever you want and you are done! Details can be added with foamy. Painted it. Use an ice cream stick to apply it. (I always add lil bit extra in the sides in this case added left, right and bot).

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