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Even the combined power of the 4 Chaos Gods could not undo the damage done by this Purge as they were unable to save or recreate their Champion, having their mighty power temporarily disrupted granting this attack an Anti-Divine effect. He started a Great Crusade against the Chaos Gods and began to conquer the Galaxy expanding humanities reach creating the Imperium of Man. Furthermore, he should be capable of everything regular Librarians are capable of to an immensely greater degree, such as being capable of distracting enemies by utilizing their past, making hallucinations appear, causing apparitions of long dead allies or horrible terrors from their minds to manifest for them, and far more. Weaknesses: The Emperor will not use his full power outright when forced to face his close friends or "sons" unless absolutely necessary, can be arrogant and untrusting of allies at times | Is bound inside the Warp as if he were to leave the Chaos Gods would run rampant. Can turn harmful bullets to smoke with a thoughts, among likely thousands of other applications), Afterimage Creation (The Emperor moves so swiftly that enemies, daemons and xenos alike strike at him in the past, aiming for his body yet finding only golden mist left behind by the time the attack connects), Mind Manipulation (Being the most powerful psyker in humanity's history, the Emperor is easily capable of manipulating minds, from the most basic to the most complex, and dominating them to his will. The Emperor of Mankind is the immortal ruling monarch of the Imperium of Man, and is described by the Imperial Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Cult as the Father, Guardian and God of humanity. 1 Summary 2 Personality 3 Powers and Stats 3.1 Noble Phantasms 3.2 Class Skills 3.3 Personal Skills 4 Others Saberis a Saber-class Servant summonedfor the Holy Grail War. What then? Saber's True Name isThe Emperor of Mankind. ... DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Charisma: At this point, it is no longer popularity or skill, but rather a kind of spell (curse) in itself, The Emperor's presence is said to feel holy and overpowering. Technically, the physiology of the Emperor is entirely human, though he makes him constantly superhuman in durability through passive psychic fields), Precognition/Alternate Future Display (The Emperor can see countless possible futures at all times, though his ability to act on them is limited due to pinpointing the exact course of events being hearkened by him to wanting to cross an ocean, though having to account for all the possible, innumerable factors that could lead to such an outcome), Clairvoyance, Astral Projection (Much like other extremely powerful psykers, he can project his presence into the Warp and freely travel through it), Matter Manipulation/Transmutation (He can utilize his psychic to manipulate matter to the atomic level. The Emperor's fatal flaw turned out to be his hubris. He should also be able to achieve a sort of psychic invisibility by erasing his presence from people's minds), Extrasensory Perception (The Emperor should be capable of basic feats of Space Marine Librarians, such as tracking down objects or people by slight familiarity, relive the past of any place, read people's auras, and far more to an immensely higher extent), Portal Creation/BFR (Can tear open portals into the Warp and throw people into them), Summoning (The Emperor was briefly capable of summoning the souls of his deceased warriors, Astartes, Custodes and even Ferrus Manus himself as flaming avatars of destruction, to fight for him in the Webway), Healing (The Emperor can heal serious injuries, such as broken bones or bruised organs, with a touch), Fire Manipulation (The Emperor whether through the use of his sword or by his lonesome, makes use of supernaturally charged flame that can burn most beings to ash instantly and is anathema to the forces of Chaos. An extremely capable and supremely charismatic diplomat who could bring entire worlds to surrender without a single shot being fired. As one who has influenced all of human history from the shadows weather through science or something else, Emprah has an EX-Rank in this skill. Developed the Webway project, an initiative which would make mankind free from Chaos by permanently severing their reliance on the Warp. Summary. Affecting them seems to require affecting their souls as well, though the Emperor in particular can only regenerate if he fully dies), Reality Warping (As the most powerful Alpha Plus psyker in existence, utilizing his connection to the Warp the Emperor can bend reality in a variety of different ways), Information Analysis/Psychometry (The Emperor's psychic powers allow him to glean information out of practically anything he desires, whether it be through psychic mind reading or analyzing an object), Memory Manipulation (Could depart memories of his own past life onto the Tribune Ra, and even show them to him through projecting them in his mind.

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