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We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve user experience. Here are some of the quotes from last night's first US 2020 presidential debate between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden ahead of the 3 November election. Jaipur, Mr Trump, asked by moderator Chris Wallace about whether US appeals court Judge Amy Coney Barrett should be nominated to the Supreme Court before the election, said: "We won the (2016) election. Elections have consequences. This is not going to end well. That has to happen before the next debate, so the audience at least gets the chance to hear what the candidates have to say. Trump turned the discussion from Covid-19 to a crime bill passed in 1994 that Biden helped write and get passed that, among other things, increased the penalties for certain drug offenses. Since coming into office, the president has had to fight off investigations into pro-Trump Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. ", Trump: "Don't tell me about a free transition. ", Biden: "He panicked or he looked at the stock market... A lot of people died, and a lot more (are) going to die unless he gets a lot smarter a lot quicker. Highlights from the first US presidential debate 2020: Top quotes by Donald Trump and Joe Biden,, News in Pics, September 30: Best photos from around the world,, IPL 2020: Best moments from Delhi Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad,, IPL 2020: Best moments from Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians,, News in Pics, September 29: Best photos from around the world,, 'Covid-19 prevalence among adults increased 10 times', Babri demolition case: Court to deliver verdict today, Biden calls Trump a 'liar', 'clown' in fiery debate, K'taka reports 10k Covid cases; B'luru reports 4.5k, India to join US, Japan, Oz to send 'message' to China, Pardon? I want to see peace. “Putin carries him around like a puppy in one of those little puppy cages,” Biden said, according to a pool report sent out by the former vice president’s campaign team. © 2020 The Printers (Mysore) Private Ltd. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden locked horns in Cleveland on Tuesday for the first of three debates ahead of the Nov. 3 election, when Trump is seeking a second term in office. Indore, If you were drinking along with the 2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game, you were probably wasted after the first 2 minutes.We know we were. ", "If we get the votes, he's going to go. Turned out to be a death sentence! We compiled some viral quotes of the first presidential debate of 2020. And that’s why I’m going to eliminate the Trump tax cuts and make sure that we invest in the people who, in fact, need to help people out there need help. They want to know what we’re going to do for health care, how we’re going to lower pharmaceutical prices, how we’re going to build infrastructure, what we’re going to do to create jobs in their communities.”, Jay Inslee 09/30/2020 12:08 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2020 5 Racist Trump Moments From The First 2020 Presidential Debate From "Pocahontas" to the "China plague," Trump repeated racist tropes and peddled misinformation in his debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden. The big corporations did that to you. ", Trump: "The top 10 cities and just about the top 40 cities are run by Democrats in many cases, radical left, and they've got you wrapped around their finger, Joe, to a point where you don't want to say anything about law and order. At one point when Mr Trump was interrupting him, Mr Biden said: "Will you shut up, man? Best Quotes From the First 2020 Presidential Debate, Mario Kart Drinking Game for Any Gameplay, Interview With Kaden Westbrook: Animation Story Artist & 2D Animator. ", Trump: "I'm urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully… If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with it. We have now an America where most people support Roe v. Wade.

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