fiji moon sighting 2020

The new ufo video is here. Please hold and revive the Eid prayers in your homes with your close family members taking into consideration the limited numbers regulated in the state of New South Wales. Alien Cube Ship 10X Bigger Than Earth Caught At Our Sun, July 15, 2020, UFO Sighing News. The Fiji Muslim League wishes to advise its members, that all attempts will be made to sight the new moon on Saturday 23rd Ma... y, 2020. Missing Time Alien Abduction! If the new moon is sighted EID-UL-FITR will Insha-Allah be celebrated on Sunday 24th May, 2020, otherwise on Monday 25th May, 2020. UFO Fleet Seen During Overcast Weather At Yuma, Arizona, Video, UFO Sighing News. I give you full permission to use all photos, videos and info I wrote on this site. I only report 1 out of 25 anomalies I find. Date of sighting:  August 11, 2020 13:00 Location of sighing:  Earths Sun Source:  EIT 171, SOHO  Strangely enough I was looki... Below we see a close up of the C Shape emblem over the doorway. UFO Shoots Past Hikers In Riverside, California, March 22, 2020, Photos, UFO Sighting News. Therefore, upon completion of 30 Days, SATURDAY, APRIL 25th , 2020 is thus established as the 1ST Day of Mahe Ramadhan Mubarak, 1441 AH Video, UFO Sighting News. At now the new ufo moments. Full access is granted here and now, all we ask is that you post a link back to us and mention our name. The Moon phase calculator shows exact times of the various moon phases for Suva, Fiji in year 2020 or in other locations and years. Glowing Blue UFO Over Madrid, Spain Shocks City, V... UFO Caught In Front Of NASA Satellite On April 25,... UFO Hidden In Cloud Over Mountain In Taiwan, May 3... Will China Admit To Having Contact With Aliens? Glowing UFO Over Mountains In Australia Caught On ... Loch Ness Monster Seen On Live Cam, May 14, 2020, ... Armada Of UFOs Moving Over St George, Utah On Vide... Alien Base Entrance Found On Google Earth Map, UFO... Green UFO Seen In Apollo 7 Mission Photo, NASA Sou... UFO Recorded Entering Top Of Mount Hood, Oregon, V... Alien Entity Appeared In Church In Infrared Camera... Orange UFO Shoots Across Sky In Mississippi, May 2... Young Boy In Philippines Records UFO During Day In... Alien Life Form Found On Mars In NASA Rover Photo,... UFO Shoots Slowly Over Rome, Italy On TV News! SIGHTING OF MOON EID-UL-FITR 2020 . 100% Proof Of NASA Taking Images Of Alien Structures On Earths Moon, Photos, UFO Sighting News. 937 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW I often only point out the highest detailed structures to insure the readers can also see it, but today I will circle the others to show you a bit more. Mysterious Jellyfish Object In Space On Sky-Map, V... Black Disk UFO Shoots Over Bristol, UK May 17, 202... Energy Entity Caught On IR Camera Exploring Home, ... Alien Body Found On Mars, Would Be 4 Meters Tall! Date of sighting:  April 20, 2020 Location of sighting:  Rives Junction, Michigan, USA Source:  MUFON #108024 Here is a great vi... Hey, I can't update two websites every day, so please go visit my main mother site UFO Sightings Daily. 100% ... Alien Caught On Security Footage Trying To Enter H... UFO At Airshow Buzzes Around Jet, April 2020, Vide... UFO Fleets Seen Over Mexico At Night, Video, April... Would Elon Musk Be Able To Retrieve The Alien Gun ... UFO Over Lima Peru, Shoots Off Fast! More Ad Links. I can make out about ten other semi visible structures in these photos, but it does take a lot of experience to get your eyes use to focusing on the right details. Respected brothers and sisters, As the position of HDMS is to follow local moon-sighting, we would like to advise our community that the moon has been sighted in Fiji (+2hrs) which is in the same time zone difference as the city of Perth (-2hrs). Dark Tower Found On Moon In NASA Official Photo, July 2020, UFO Sighting News. WE HAVE MOVED BACK TO THE ORIGINAL SITE, TO UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY. Muslims all over the country will today await the sighting of the new moon to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. The Saudi Supreme Court will then issue an announcement that day regarding the sighting of the moon. Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu. Contact has been made in Fiji and New Zealand by our members where the moon sighting has been confirmed. I was looking in the old Apollo 15 mission photos when I came across this huge structure. Religious symbols Found On Mars, Cross And Lamb, V... Fleet of UFOs Underwater Off Greece Coastline, Goo... UFO Following Historic Apollo 11 Mission Module, J... UFO Seen Over Palm Springs, California May Be Area... Brown Triangle UFO Seen Over US During Apollo 9 NA... UFO Hiding Within Cloud Causes Lightning Storm Ove... UFO Over Southern Australia Gets Misidentified As ... White Orb Recorded Over NORAD At Colorado, Video, ... Alien Creatures Found On Mars In NASA Photo! Bitcoin wallet: 12Q5fm4EQSvpN5s9qGeQ99W2zynwvoxv6i, Ethereum wallet: 0x8ddfb56566d7ae614a65f9f966837a66387cde47, Litecoin LTC: LRp68hyor5DfcoJ2HNJSG97dUKh4VEC5ta, Dogecoin: DQcKAYnseFbHEtdQYkYCRPKeoYVJkE5kPv, Reddcoin: RiZ2qTon6zNtNoJicJhf9B5ds96zPA2SJf. The Fiji Muslim League says if the new moon is sighted today then Eid will be celebrated tomorrow. Eid Mubarak to you, your family and the entire Muslim Community. Video, UFO Sighting News. Date of sighting: Jan 20, 2020 Location of sighting: Yuma, Arizona, USA This video was posted by my friend on Youtube going by ... Feel free to use any photos, info or videos on this site for any news story you are doing. Plane hovers in spot for almost 20 seconds! Muslims all over the country will today await the sighting of the new moon to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. Giant Alien Skull Found On Mars, 1/2 Meter Long! Same goes for my Youtube channel ET DATA BASE videos, except please post my channel URL to help me get more subscribers please. USA. Email: Full access granted. This is proof that NASA has a secret goal for the Apollo map out alien structures and possible locations of alien tech retrieval sites.

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