does hibiscus tea interact with blood pressure medications

Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. Too much of one thing can always have unintended consequences! 2009 Jan;23(1):48-54. doi:10.1038/jhh.2008.100. Diuretics actually affect kidneys; something hibiscus tea has been recognized to do. So, now you won’t be dealing with high, but low blood pressure, and this can also cause adverse health effects. It is possible for hibiscus tea to interact with certain medications. Hibiscus tea can cause some consumers to feel light-headed, sleepy, and dizzy after drinking it. Certain hibiscus species are poisonous to dogs, most especially the hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus), also known as the Rose of Sharon. In evaluating six previously published studies involving 474 people with hypercholesterolemia, researchers in Malaysia were unable to find any association between H. sabdariffa and improvements in blood lipid levels. The taste is tart and many people find it pleasant. For thousands of years, herbs have been utilized as medication for a variety of different diseases. I think I may have low blood pressure also. Hibiscus tea is an infusion that utilizes the calyx of the flower, infused/steeped in water as the primary ingredient. In order to see the effective results of hibiscus tea, it is important to know how to use it. The researchers from Australia, Iran, and Romania evaluated five previously published trials involving 390 people, 225 who were given an H. sabdariffa and 165 who were provided a placebo. Sometimes diuretics can be too invasive, especially with people who have a history of kidney or liver problems, or people with diabetes. 2013 Nov 25;150(2):442-50. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2013.09.042. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The tea can actually become toxic to the liver if the consumer is not careful about watching how much they drink. Hibiscus has properties that some believe are effective in treating high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol. This means that the plant and its blossoms are considered nontoxic to humans. It is often conceived as a mild laxative and diuretic. The National Cancer Institute states that you should avoid hibiscus tea if you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. It is because in some individuals hibiscus tea can have a different impact on blood flow. Be safe and keep us posted! If buying dried hibiscus flowers, only choose those that have been certified organic under the regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Here is a list of the Top 10 Hibiscus Tea Side Effects: Hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure. I highly recommend speaking with a healthcare professional prior to ingesting any forms of herbal tea. Much the current evidence is based on animal research, including a 2013 study published in Pharmacognosy Research in which an injected extract of H. sabdariffa reduced the blood glucose in rats by 12 percent. Your email address will not be published. Hibiscus tea changes processing of some of the anti-inflammatory drugs are by your body. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Required fields are marked *. Are all hibiscus plants safe for consumption? If kept at a constant, low level, these benefits will lead to better heart health. We definitely understand. Low blood pressure patients are strongly suggested not to drink hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea can be made by steeping 1.25 grams (1.5 teaspoons) of dried hibiscus to 150 milliliters (3/4 cup) of boiling water for five to 10 minutes. Now, hibiscus tea acts as the inhibitor of the angiotensin-converting enzyme and for that reason is included in numerous ACE-inhibitor medication. Due to the acidic nature of the beverage, aluminum content, and manganese content, you should abstain from drinking over this amount. Hibiscus tea is rich in minerals, amino acids, iron, carotene, thiamine, vitamin C and other, medically important compounds that improve the immune system and strengthen the immune cells. I will cover the main Hibiscus Tea Side Effects in this post. High blood pressure is actually considered to be one of the major risks when it comes to heart diseases, heart failure, aortic aneurysm, and even chronic kidney disease. Your email address will not be published. Hibiscus tea can interact with some medications. doi:10.4103/0974-8490.110520. Dried hibiscus petals intended for potpourri should not be eaten. Hibiscus has a characteristically tart, floral floral flavor and little scent. It is best to make sure that you do not have any of these side effects before driving or operation heavy machinery. There are numerous types of diuretics that act differently, but every diuretic has the same purpose. I drink it on a regular basis and feel safe while doing so because of how safe it is. Insulin secretion enhancing activity of roselle calyx extract in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. According to the University of Michigan Health System, one cup of tea should contain up to 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers. It is fairly easy to treat with medications, but if left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems. If you would like to learn more about this (usually positive) effect, check out my related post titled, Hibiscus Tea Blood Pressure. Hibiscus tea will now only help you regulate your blood pressure, but it will also help you relax and calm down. Dried hibiscus flowers or powders, found online and in some health food stores, can be used to make hibiscus tea and syrups. If you are on birth control, you should speak with your doctor and never consume in huge quantities. I cut down to 2 cups. That is why medical professionals advise regular consumption of hibiscus tea, however, not at the same time as the consumption of medication. If you have diabetes and have low-uncontrolled blood sugar, you may want to steer clear of this specific tea. I can’t find this type of information on Hibiscus Tea anywhere else!! An affiliate link means that we may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through our links. Lower estrogen levels can have a negative effect on fertility and the ability to reproduce. Hibiscus tea seems to act as an ACE inhibitor, similar to the blood pressure drug lisinopril. I read all of the comments and appreciate it! 2013 Apr-Jun; 5(2): 65–70. If you are already have a lower blood pressure, you would want to be aware of this side effect. In addition to brightening a garden landscape, certain species are used for making food, tea, and folk medicine. You can avoid almost all of these Hibiscus Tea Side Effects by following a few simple rules: Western medicine has just begun to study the benefits and side effects of Hibiscus sabdariffa. It doesn’t have to be a necessarily bad thing; it is normal for the pressure to be high and low depending on one’s day and mood. Because of these components, hibiscus tea can act as a natural angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor. A plant, known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa, in particular, has been used for health issues related to high blood pressure. Hibiscus tea may cause complications when taken along with some prescription medications including cancer medications. Hibiscus tea is a popular worldwide tea because of all of its health benefits. It does have several potential side effects.

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