do electric gates need safety edges

if a hand gets in the way of a closing door, it stops the automatic movement. Strictly speaking, suppliers in the UK must comply with the requirements of The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, though these essentially restate the requirements contained in the Machinery Directive. There are European standards that are harmonised to the Machinery Directive; while compliance with these is not mandatory, to do so would normally be considered to be the best way to demonstrate compliance with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Machinery Directive (the harmonised standards are said to provide a ‘presumption of conformity’). Their presence in the vicinity of the closing edge was not detected; and. It is your responsibility to ensure a qualified automation installer carries out a risk assessment of your property first to ensure all safety precautions are met (signs, visual/audio aids to detect gate movement, photocells, safety edges etc where required). l/ beam that if broken will stop the gates from operating. It will detect children, adults, animals, cars etc. Stay up to date with news and promotions by signing up for our weekly newsletter. Persons or organisations in control of powered gates should periodically review their risk assessments to ensure that they identify any changes to the environment or operating conditions and that they have taken appropriate steps to address them. All designers and installers of electrically powered gates should ensure that the forces generated by a gate when meeting a person or an obstacle are limited and that they do not exceed the values specified in Annex A of BS EN 12453:2001. Gate automation kits and parts for automatic electric gates from the UK’s leading independent supplier. In accordance with the recommendations of BS EN 12453:2001, where the force limitation technique is used in Type 2 or Type 3 installations with automatic operation, additional safeguarding techniques should be used to reduce the likelihood of hazardous situations occurring. These shine an infra-red beam between the gates and when the beam is […] Where photo cells are fitted will vary from site to site but below shows a typical set up. They were trapped because: BS EN 12453:2001 recommends a minimum level of safeguarding against the crushing hazard at the closing edge of the gate depending on the type of environment in which the gate is operating. This is then supported by the support post (positioned towards the right side of opening). The primary concern when automating your gates is understandably safety. Safety edges are used where there is any danger of entrapment or crushing may occur. Enclose the run-back area of the gate by fencing 1m away from the gate, or additionally use mesh of a suitable aperture size at least 2m high and positioned in accordance with table 5 of BS EN ISO 13857 to prevent hand/arm access. When an edge presses against an obstacle, the rubber compresses and triggers the ‘switch’. Just give us a call on 01282677300 for more information about any of our products. A gate’s safety-related detection devices, such as optical sensors and pressure-sensitive strips, are often vulnerable, so these should be vandal-proofed as far as reasonably practicable. Monday - Thursday: 08.00 - 17.00 We would always recommend against DIY fitting and opt for a qualified automation installer. Click Below To Read Reviews For Linkcare Gate Automation. Note, however, that machinery safety standards are not always written with a view to protecting children; for example, the scope of BS EN ISO 13857, Safety of machinery.

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