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He is a demon and the main male protagonist of the series. they died happily. The pseudo-Catholic religious structure was...interesting. Review. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. If you get yourself to accept the oddness of the gun-wielding 'exorcist' aspect and occasional jumbling of Christian references seemingly only vaguely understood by the author, you do get attached to the characters & anxious to see how the story plays out for them. There was a moment or two in the second volume where it seemed like the volumes were going to become formulaic & episodic, but then (once all main characters were in place) the major plot took off. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. All Images, character names, and titles are C by their respective copyright holders. Great first book! The year is 1928. I love this series, but this first volume is a bit of a slow start. This makes for a very different dynamic between them than I'm used to, and. any Comic Vine content. Love it! 1997-2021 Robert's Anime Corner (tm). Length: 600 Minutes But when it was revealed that time comes off of Rosette's life every time she breaks the seal over Chrono's demonic form, that was when I was hooked on the series. I have the French editions and my, it's hard getting back into the language. It is simply beautiful. Started in 1999. All rights reserved. C All Rights Reserved. Format: DVD (Region 1) I felt that this volume was sightly disappointing. :). Where'd my happy ending go?? Translated into English as Chrono Crusade by A D Vision. Someone like her should be on this earth for longe. I love this anime, even though the ending was spoiled for me so I never finished it. Statues || Cels || Adult  The ending is completely different from the anime which is why I highly recommend reading this!!! Great first book! Home || Short series (8 vol.) Chrono Crusade. The story was bland and so was the mood but the redeeming factor I guess was the characters, they grow on you. To combat this menace, the holy organization known as the Order of Magdalene was established. Rosette Christopher (ロゼット・クリストファ, Rosetto Kurisutofa) Voiced by: Yuka Imai (Marine Entertainment Drama CD), Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese); Hilary Haag (English) The impulsive, 16-year-old, protagonist of Chrono Crusade. 24 Years! I feel like it's cheating to count manga as books towards my reading challenge but we are getting down to the GRIND now. Looking for information on the anime Chrno Crusade (Chrono Crusade)? She hunts demons, and is aided Chrono. “If you're having fun, enjoy it. Rosette is particularly unlikable in these first sections and as pretty as the art is, the battle scenes are difficult to parse. If all religious persons in a convent were as good-looking as the characters in this series, everyone would rush to join up. This is a very different manga from the ones I had been reading. The story in this book seems to be progressing rather more quickly than in the anime, which is actually nice, it flows with more sense this way. I like Rosette's strong personality. The presentation and music of the series are both passable. We So far I'm satisfied with this purchase. It was a great read, granted I hadn't been exposed as much back then to the world of manga, novels and anime as I have now. send you an email once approved. I almost didn't read this story. This manga brought tears to my eyes more than once. Rating: 5.0 / 10.0 I guess I had greater expectations for this manga but sadly it did not live up to them, and I found myself just wanting to finish the manga just to get it over with. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. She has so much pluck and daring-do, it was hard to think that she likely wouldn't live past 30. I am kind of watching the anime and reading the manga at the same time, and they are extremely different! The ending works well with the manga in both the anime and manga. Yeah, I remember reading this many years ago and it still somehow remains in my memories. 1 (Chrno Crusade, #1)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Working for good as it were. Proper Japanese Title: クロノ クルセイド (Kurono Kuruseido). I watched the anime first and although I loved it, the ending just ruined it. And when you want to cry, go ahead and cry your heart out. Fairly interesting story that I expect to get better in later volumes. Rosette is pretty great as well, so far. Great start for a wonderful story:D Still I had a sense that the first vol. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll this one was just about perfect...Rosette wasn't sappy or wishy washy, a very strong lead....and or small he managed to convey that "tormented soul" feel...the end was bittersweet....but it fit so well i couldn't be mad at it it was just so right...i really want to know a bit more about Chrono's past, too. The story in this book seems to be progressing rather more quickly than in the anime, which is actually nice, it flows with more sense this way. Blog The series consists of 24 episodes, presented on 5 DVDs. Very readable shonen manga with adorable color pages (thanks ADV!). It's the personification of love unsaid but understood I'd say. Comic Vine users. everyone has a weird anime they really loved in high school that no one else even gave a thought to... this was mine. The story is a bit ambitious, but it generally incorporates all the generes all fairly well. I was really pulling for the two of them to win, and the tragedy of the revelation hit harder than I was expecting. She has so much pluck and daring-do, it was hard to think that she likely wouldn't live past 30. First volume is hard to tell if it will go anywhere, but it is promising. Rosette Christopher is a nun with the Magdalene Order. Volume » ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You can search for The anime goes off in a completely different direction and generally weakens a lot of the character interactions and relationships.)

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