chipotle guacamole nutrition information

Nutrition Calculator. Amount Per Serving. Trans Fat. 14. Quantity. Calories from Fat. 8 g. Fiber. 2.0g. Large Chips & Large Guacamole 1. Fat. 150. 0/8. Just wanna know more about the best order on earth? 1270. Nutrition Facts… 2 g. Add To Compare. Chipotle -- Nutrition Calculator. 730. Total Fat. 22 g. Carbs. Calories. % Daily Value*. 1270 Cal . 230 Calories. How many calories in Chipotle Guacamole. Large Chips & Large Guacamole. 20%. Calorie breakdown: 83% fat, 13% carbs, 3% protein. Calories In Chipotle Guacamole Calories: 47 , Fat: 3g , Carbs: 4g , Protein: 1g , Fiber: 2g Calories: 630 , Fat: 54g , Carbs: 44g , Protein: 8g , Fiber: 26g Saturated Fat. 3.5 oz. ... Large Chips & Large Guacamole. Chipotle Guacamole Nutrition Facts. Calories. Allergies? 13g. Portion. Nutrition summary: There are 230 calories in 1 serving (4 oz) of Chipotle Mexican Grill Guacamole (4 oz). 117. 10%. serving (4 oz) Serving. Special diet? Total Fat. Counting calories? ✕. Calories From Fat. 6 g. Protein.

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