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This gorgeous climber from South America will really brighten up a blank wall or trellis in your garden. With a naturally twining habit this is an ideal plant to twist through a tree or perhaps drape over a pot. Large 6 pointed stars of dusky pink offset by silky deep brown stamens will delight in summer-autumn as they open from fat buds. Deciduous. Stunning blue medium flower with contrasting White centre, very hardy and robust, tolerates shade and dry soil, pruning can be done to reduced after the first flowering. Group 3. Will do best in deep cool soil. Evergreen. Estimated price $49.99 each. Hardy. or call our freephone 0800 800 401. New stock arriving beginning of December, 2021. Clematis Purity. Payment when stock arrives. The fat buds of this gorgeous Clematis open to reveal deep, rich mauve blooms which are very large and star shaped. Clusters of little "pea like" white flowers appear in late winter-spring smothering the foliage. New stock arriving beginning of December, 2021. If you wish to view the full list, which may take a little time to load, then please select 'All listings'. across (2.5 cm), from late summer to fall. Estimated price $31.99 each. Native. DeciduousClematis hybrid Group 2. Pre-order now. As a vine for fences or pergolas ideal. Lapageria Flesh Pink x Blush Pink M B N hybrid. It is no wonder they are so popular! Clematis vitalba is such a strong grower that it threatens our native forest and can kill established trees. Estimated price $41.99 each. Clematis montana Rubens is an attractive hardy deciduos climber, smothered in rich pastel pink flowers with an enticing vanilla scent in mid spring. Climber. Group 2. Group 2. See our 'How To' tab for growing and pruning tips for all Clematis groups. Plant in a sunny spot in well drained, deep cool soil. Early flowerers Among the early flowerers is our native puawhanganga (Clematis paniculata), which erupts in massive veils of white starry flowers throughout our native bush in early spring. Set against the dark green foliage this is a striking climber for a semi-shaded or morning sun spot. Dark green fern like leaves and oh so pretty single white flowers that appear in abundance in the spring make this little Sweet Hart a must have. Puawhananga / New Zealand Clematis . This Clematis flowers on new growth so any pruning should be done in late winter-early spring before the new growth commences. Evergreen. Group 2. Everything about this evergreen Clematis is sweet. Wairere Nursery826 Gordonton Road, R D 1, Hamilton 3281 Ph: (07) 824 3430 Email: emlink(); Clematis - pronounced "klem-a-tis" - from Klema, the Greek word for vine - are prestigious members of the Buttercup family. The petals are white with a magenta band. Clematis ‘Purity’ is pruning group 1, flowering on last year’s growth. Clematis Limited PO BOX 21-678 Henderson Auckland New Zealand Tel: 09 835 1474 (9am - 8pm Mon-Fri) Fax: 09 835 1475 Email: Clematis in New Zealand 3 Purpose of this report 3 2. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. Often described as evergreen but in colder more exposed sites this clematis will experience some leaf loss. Wairere Nursery826 Gordonton Road, R D 1, Hamilton 3281 Ph: (07) 824 3430 Email: emlink(). Plant in sun or semi-shade and keep the surface roots cool for best results. aka Clematis hybrid. We invite you to join us in restoring NZ's natural heritage. If you love white then you will love this beautiful Clematis which has large star shaped blooms in pure white. Likes a sunny well drained spot with protection from harsh frost. Climber. Pre-order now. The blooms look particularly attractive against the dark green foliage. Lapageria Flesh Pink x Blush Pink. Best sheltered from harsh frost. Contrasting dusky pink anthers. Group 2. Clematis hybrid Group 2. From tree huggers to container varieties, there is a Clematis for every garden and flowers for almost every month of the year! Estimated price $29.99 each. An evergreen twining climber with leathery green foliage. Very pretty and evergreen. A beautiful Clematis that will be happy in sun or part shade as long as the roots are kept cool. Exceptionally frost tolerant (down to -15 deg C according to the distributors). Festoons of large, starry, pure white blooms with golden anthers appear in spring, followed by silken seed heads. Clematis x cartmanii Sweet Hart Beautiful white flowers in spr... READ MORE. Best through tree or over pergola. This entry is for a cultivar of a rare, evergreen, spring-blooming species that's endemic to New Zealand and not hardy north of Z7a. As with all Clematis 'Sweet Hart' prefers to have a cool root run so it is important to keep the base of the plant well mulched. Group 1. Keep the roots cool with a nice layer of mulch. Pre-order now. Showing 65–80 of 210 results ... Clematis hy. Both species have been called Clematis paniculata. 2m. Creeping Fig does not like harsh frost and will show signs of some stress in very cold winters but usually recovers well. Deciduous. A beautiful NZ Clematis hybrid which has large white flowers from spring until summer. Clematis ‘Purity’ is a selected form of Clematis paniculata. Data specific to Clematis ; Raised by: A. Ericson: Country of Origin: New Zealand: Growing Zones: USDA Zone 5 USDA Zone 6 USDA Zone 7 USDA Zone 8 USDA Zone 9: Plant Group: Forsteri: Typical Plant Size: Over 15 feet: Pruning Group: Group 1 - … Payment when stock arrives. Its naturally scrambling habit make it perfect for draping over banks and walls and it looks great in a hanging basket. Must have well drained soil and protection from frost. Sweetly scented, Clematis paniculata (Sweet Autumn Clematis) is a very large deciduous climber with masses of starry creamy-white flowers, 1 in. Evergreen. Clematis is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.Their garden hybrids have been popular among gardeners, beginning with Clematis × jackmanii, a garden standby since 1862; more hybrid cultivars are being produced constantly. Prune as per Group 2. Deciduous. If you have not already verified your email address you will receive a verification email to the address entered which must be actioned in order for the notifications to start. Protect from harsh frost. Jasminum azoricum. Semi-evergreen. Phone: 03 308 6858. Deciduous. Clematis Clematis flammula Clematis Clematis Legal Status: Unwanted Organism - BNZ Status in New Zealand: Established Organism: Land plants Pest and disease search Other Common names:Fragrant virgin's bower, Plume clematis Description Fragrant virgin's bower is a deciduous climbing vine with long woody round and weakly ribbed stems. Estimated price $44.99 each. A favourite Clematis of mine, this beautiful climber comes from China and has lustrous deep green foliage and deliciously fragrant white flowers in spring.The new foliage growth is a warm bronze. Gorgeous Clematis and Other Vines!! If you love white then you will love this beautiful Clematis which has large star shaped blooms in pure white. The self clinging aerial roots clamber along walls, up fences, water tanks etc. Estimated price $35.99 each. Clematis 'Purity' in the Clematis Database. Fertilizer helps growth and blooms but can not replace planting in good soil. Payment when stock arrives. We've been shipping Clematis and other beautiful vines all over the country for over 20 years. Estimated price $49.99 each. Clematis hybrid Group 3, Add some 'Fireworks' to your spring garden with this award winning Clematis that has very large star shaped blooms in a soft mauve shade highlighted with a bar of deep mauve-pink. Deciduous. • National Pest Plant Accord (Manual of plants banned from sale, propagation and distribution) ($10.00 plus GST) • Plant Me Instead! They are mainly of Chinese and Japanese origin. Group 3. Evergreen. Gardens can add real beauty to our surroundings, parks and other public places. Clematis Richard Pennell . This Clematis was introduced by Mr Percy Picton who was a gardener at Hagley Hall in the U.K. These need a very large tree to climb!

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