causes of conflict in the community

Your IP: Generally, conflict will arise either out of conflicting personalities amongst your community's membership, be related to common difficulties associated with the usage of online communication tools, how your membership go about achieving their goals, or the members' perception of you as a community manager, your company or the online space you've provided them. It is difficult to eliminate conflict altogether from-society. Differing principles & mismatching values:Are your community principles prominently displayed and are you attracting the right people to your online community? The cultural differences among the groups sometimes cause tension and lead to conflict. Perceptions of public vs private spaces online: Do individuals amongst your membership have differing understandings of how public or private their discussions are on the web? 15. They resemble in this respect the equivalent of linked emotions of love and hate. Everyone deals with conflict. Conflict is universal. Vicious gossip aimed at an unpopular officer at times permits subordinates to funnel off their aggression without quitting the job or attacking him physically. • 16. The latent conflict between China and India may become overt in the form of outbreak of war over the boundary issue. Introduction: Conflicts can arise when people struggle to get something that other people are also interested in. The second reason of inequality is the differentiating level of the talent of the people. It suffers least from internal conflict when it is engaged in external conflict with an enemy. Corporate conflict occurs among the groups within a’ society or between two societies. Though there are common ends for which the individuals unite into group, yet there are also ends which relate to the person himself. The forms of opposition change, but the amount of it, if not constant, are at any rate subject to no general law of diminution.”, “Conflict of some sort is the life of society, and progress emerges from a struggle in which each individual, class or institution seeks to realize its own ideals of good. Culture is the way of life of a group. While this makes your online community interesting and encourages a range of debate, sometimes personalities and ways of communicating clash, for example: 5. Work conditions and wages. Briefly, the following characteristics of conflict may be noted: (i) Conflict is a conscious action. (iii) Conflict is an intermittent process, competition is a continuous process. Again, competition is always governed by moral norms while much of conflict is not, as is proved by the maxim “everything is fair in war.” The line dividing competition from conflict is admittedly thin. As said above conflict is a fundamental human and societal trait. In competition, two or more parties want something all cannot share, but they do not strive for the purpose of denying or opposing others—else the action would become overt. The culture of a group differs from the culture of the other group. According to Darwin, the principles of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest are the main causes of conflict. Here you’ll find a variety of articles on subjects such as business, ministry, archaeology, communication, psychology, education and many more. While community conflict is sometimes highly complex, the following list of possible causes will help you pinpoint what type of problem you are facing and hopefully find a resolution. In other words, women may be excluded from certain jobs and occupations, incorporated into certain others, and marginalized in others. © 2017 SociologyDiscussion - All rights reserved Terms of Service Privacy Policy Contact Us. The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue is international conflict. Oh perception. MacIver rightly states that co-operation crossed by conflict marks society wherever it is revealed—in the Co-operative culture” of the Zuni Indians of South-West America, in the collectivized economy of Soviet Russia or the competitive economies of other nations, in the formal debating club and so on. Horton and Hunt have classified the effects of conflict as follows: Diverts member’s attention from group objectives. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f86e74f7b12047a Civil disobedience and non­violent satyagraha with which Gandhiji fought the British Imperialism are the best illustrations on the point. - 6063801 Ansa lot of factors come in to play, like: government's corruption. Social inequality is found in almost every society, it is. No one can be faulted for where they start on this ladder. Nothing has done more in recent years to strengthen the unity of Jews than the revival of onslaughts against them everywhere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The overt conflict occurs when one side or the other feels strong and wishes to take advantage of this fact. It is a process of seeking to obtain rewards by eliminating or weakening the competitors. If you want to turn your empty lot into a community garden but your wife envisions a shooting range, you have a conflict. This reality requires us all to learn how to deal with conflict when it arises. The first step of understanding how to deal with conflict in your community is to be able to identify the cause or source of the friction. Get on our mailing list. Misinterpreted silences: Is the inherent asynchronicity of the medium your community uses to communicate resulting in the time delay in-between responses blowing issues out of proportion? Conflict of impersonal ideals is a conflict carried on by the individuals not for themselves but for an ideal. Even if open conflict can somehow be eliminated, conflict in its partial form continues. Intra-ethnic or inter-community conflicts include Ife-Modakeke, Umuleri- The social ladder is one that is filled with many holes. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Thus he interests of the workers clash with those of the employers which leads to conflict among them. Their development was marked by a ceaseless struggle. 3. Even in the friendliest relations and in the most intimate associations there is some point where interests diverge or where attitudes are not in accord. Identifying also the impact of other factors, Weber promotes a more comprehensive understanding of the issue within the modern society. (ii) Conflict takes place on a conscious level, competition is unconscious. Some sociologists like Ratzenhofer and Gumplowicz regard it as underlying social evolution and progress. Conflict resolution refers to the deliberate efforts made at resolving disputes for peace and stability of the warring communities. These can include: 1. It arises primarily from a clash of interests within groups and societies and between groups and societies. The Causes of Conflict. Differing principles & mismatching values: Are your community principles prominently displayed and are you attracting the right people to your online community? Thus the conflict between the Congress Party and Opposition Parties is political conflict. That is why war is held to be inevitable in a world of sovereign nations. Similarly, the verbal conflicts of friends, lovers and married couples often clear the air and permit once again the acceptance of the relationship. Everyone deals with conflict. (iv) Competition is non-violent, conflict may involve violence. Eventually, if the racial and stratisized situation is not changed, the mindsets of irrational people will lead to the downfall of different forms of government and systems; because of misuse and irresponsibility of wealth and racial duties our world will continue to deteriorate and destroy everything the general, In terms of analyzing the relationships between slaves and slaveholders in the ancient time or the feudal system of the Medieval, there was always the unequal treatment of people and the exploitation of the work of lower classes. In this article we shall look at some major causes of conflicts in the home. It is difficult to exaggerate the part that external struggle plays in consolidating a group internally. It is a part of human society. 13. Conflict differs from competition in so many ways. 3. The intensity of this struggle varies with the vigour of the people, and its cessation, if conceivable, would be death.”. Historical problems: Do certain community members have previous personal arguments affecting their ongoing interactions? They occur among animals as well as among human beings and they often come together. Conflict is an ever present process in human relations. Conflict always includes awareness of an adversary and overt conflict always includes doing something to an adversary. But to bring this antagonistic impulse to action some definite objective is needed which may be the desire to gain material interest.

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