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Coleonema pulchellum (confetti bush) – Traditionally used as a deodoriser, add this … It has feathery, large, soft, bipinnate leaves with small hook thorns along the ribs on the underside. It is remarkably drought-tolerant and features beautifully in a rock … – Tickle your salads and baked goods pink with the flowers of the wild malva. It occurs naturally along the south coast. Tropical legumes as pasture plants include species … Bespoke safaris and stories. Traditionally oxalis is used as an ingredient in ‘waterblommetjie stew’ and as a salt substitute. Browse succulents by origin: South Africa - Plant information, facts and uses, photos, growing tips, where to buy, and more. This fast-growing succulent ground cover flowers from August to October. Sprays of white puffball flowers are bo... View Plant Details, Acacia burkei (=Senegalia burkei) is a hardy, deciduous, medium sized Acacia that has attractive, large round leaflets. Click here to receive our stories and photo galleries via email. Shop List of best Nurseries in Gauteng of 2020. It is covered in orange blooms with darker bracts in the early spring. It is a hardy coastal shrub and grows in sandy coastal soils. Be inspired & stay informed about Africa. – They impart a gorgeous ruby red hue to syrups and cordials. If you’re a South African who visits beauty salons, chances are you’ve walked into a Sorbet. But with its huge underground cannabis industry, the country is facing pressure to work hard reduce the amount of weed and cannabis seeds in South Africa. It is easy to grow and is reported to keep moles away. Subscribe to enjoy more stories like this. Celosias are one of the most colourful and long-lasting summer bedding plants. It is important to know what part of the plant to use and how it can be used for culinary concoctions; some are edible only in certain seasons or after certain preparations. The ba... View Plant Details, Acacia caffra (=Senegalia caffra) is a very hardy, deciduous, drought resistant, graceful tree with feathery foliage that gives the tree a weeping shape. Worse, some regions receive as little as six inches of rainfall, making them little more hospitable than … – Chew on the leaves for sore throat relief. This is a list of Southern African trees, shrubs, suffrutices, geoxyles and lianes, and is intended to cover Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and … By far the greatest challenge facing any life on the savanna is the inconsistent rain patterns. In South Africa, cannabis is illegal; it is classified as a Schedule 7 narcotic. Both have beautifully scented large white jasmine flowers with a pink reverse from August to November. Because of the unique climate of the South African coast, helder kruipvygie is best grown from seed as a greenhouse or indoor plant specimen in North America. To find out more about indigenous gardening and the Good Hope Gardens Nursery as well as the Roushanna Gray and Gael Grey click here. Plectranthus. The Plants for Bees – South Africa Info-graphic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.The Information in this work is a compilation … – Use the flowers in salads and to decorate cakes. Travel in Africa is about knowing when and where to go, and with whom. – The leaves can be crushed and used to soothe bruises by adding the leaves to your bath or as a poultice. – A delicious herb in cooking as it works well with veg and pasta dishes, chicken, in sauces, stews and roasts. A shady position, compost and a bit of water in summer will keep this fast-growing pelargonium happy. It forms a good windbreak and is an excellent pioneer plant. KwaZulu is another South African … Gardening in South Africa. It has feathery, large, soft, bipinnate leaves with small … – The leaves have a very strong flavour, so use sparingly, but it makes a great addition to iced tea and herbal drinks. – Suitable for flavouring in baking, jams, syrups and salads. Powered by ITM Website Design Cape Town, Flamepod Thorn, Vlamdoring, umthathawe, umnga, mogokare, muluwa, mologa, Prickly Thorn, Dorinkiedoring, Umthathawe, Swartapiesdoring, Black Monkey Thorn, Mokgwa, Umkhaya, Gewone Haakdoring, katdoring, Common Hook Thorn, Cat Thorn, Morutlhare, Muvunda-mbado, Umtholo, Motholo, Mbvhinya-xihloka, Kurkbasdoring, Papierdoring, Kurkdoring, Musaunga, Isikhwishi, Cork-bark Thorn, Corky Thorn, Paper-bark Thorn, Paper Thorn, Paper-bark Tree, Apiesdoring, Monkey-Thorn, Mokgapa, Tshikwalo, Molopa, Rooidoring, rooibas, rooihaakdoring, swarthaakdoring, engelsedoring, Red Thorn, umphuzwe, Umsama, muunga, Candle Thorn, Candle Pod Acacia, Trassiedoring, Trassiebos, setshi, Mohae, Soetdoring, Sweet Thorn, Muunga, Mooka, Umunga, Swarthaak, blouhaak, hakiesdoring, Black Thorn, Monga, Monganga-tau, mongangatau, munembedz. 10. Artemesia afra (African wormwood) It responds well to pruning. Acacia ataxacantha (=Senegalia ataxacantha) is a hardy, deciduous Acacia that can grow as a scrambling shrub or medium sized tree with many hooked prickles. They are particularly great in stews and roasts. These beautiful perennials are real value for money and great to kick off this list … – The flowers can be used in salads and as a garnish. – Makes a delicious flavouring for ice-cream. – Use medicinally as a tea for stomach disorders as this plant has calming properties similar to exotic mint. This is a reasonably slow-growing summer rainfall coastal shrub that grows best in nutrient-rich soil. N And C Maintenance And Spares - Pietermaritzburg. – The flowers can be used in salads and the heart-shaped leaves used as a garnish in salads and dips. Othonna is a genus of African plants in the Asteraceae family. – The fruits have a tamarind-tasting juicy seed centre and are used to make jams, chutneys and sauces. The ‘cure-all’ of South African plants, Sutherlandia frutescens is widely praised for its immune boosting, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties used for ailments such as arthritis, cancer and as a … The large flowers are yellow but turn pink with age. There are two forms of this plant – a scrambling shrub or a creeper. Gardening with South African Plants We have added a new Gardening with South African Plants section to the Information Library where we will be putting all gardening related topics. The num-num has lovely white flowers in spring and summer, which are followed by the delicious fruit. We are consistently adding new plants … This beautiful specimen tree gives dense shade, but is a little slow growing. – This sage can be used medicinally as a tea for coughs, colds and stomach ailments. We have a treasure trove of edible and medicinal plants within our rich plant kingdom in South Africa. It regrows from little underground corms as soon as the rains start. 7. 11. They die down at the end of spring. When and where to go in Africa, and with whom. – Dry the leaves and store in a glass jar in your spice cupboard or add it to a salt mix. Find Nurseries in Gauteng and get directions and maps for local businesses in Africa. Oxalis pes-caprae (wild sorrel) – Adds a garlic flavour to cooking and baking. It is easy to grow, drought resistant and responds well to being composted. 28 Portland Road Unit 8 Mkhondeni Industrail … – Use the flowers in salads, in baking, in teas or as a flavouring. It grows in damp areas in sun and light shade. – Can be used as regular mint for culinary uses. Known as false buchu, this lovely shrub grows to one metre or more in height and width. Mentha longifolia (balderjan)  The ZZ Plant is known by many names, … It occurs naturally in the Western Cape and doesn’t have to be planted. A few weeks too early / late or a few kilometers off course and you could miss the greatest show on Earth. Download the large JPG or the PDF file. Search for your ideal safari here, or contact an Africa Geographic safari consultant to plan your dream vacation. In the dryer parts of South Africa, blue buffalo grass is well adapted. Conference Venue Carissa macrocarpa (num-num) It can flower up to 6 times a year. – This aromatic herb can be used in sweet or savoury dishes – strip the little leaves off the stems as one would do with thyme. Wick watering, from the bottom, is sometimes appropriate but may not be the best practice for those new to growing African violet plants. – Use the flowers as a garnish in salads. It grows best in a sunny position in well-drained soil and looks best if pruned after flowering to prevent it from getting leggy. 1991. It prefers a sunny position and is covered in white flowers in late winter. This easy-to-grow herb is found naturally from the Cape to Lesotho. Safari company The Impala lily is frost tender and is limited to growing in the warm, dry areas in South Africa and up towards central and East Africa.

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