best debate quotes 2020

Trump: “I believe that we have to do everything we can to have immaculate air, immaculate water, and do whatever else we can that’s good.”. He’s talked about his good buddy who’s a thug, a thug.”, Trump: “We have a very good relationship and there’s no war.”. newsletter, Watch live: Last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden with live fact-checking, Illinois Voting Guide 2020 from the Chicago Sun-Times, Angry Trump promises rally in battleground state of Georgia, Trump and allies still refuse to admit election loss, Biden seeks unity as Trump stokes fading embers of campaign, Supreme Court blocks NY coronavirus restrictions on houses of worship, McHenry County vows not to prosecute bars, restaurants for serving indoors — but Pritzker asks prosecutor to ‘follow the law’, All Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book does is win, Man killed in forklift accident in Blue Island, ‘Englewood Barbie’ provides makeovers, Thanksgiving feast to homeless Chicagoans: ‘I just want them to feel special’. There was unity going to happen.”. - Quotes From the First Trump-Biden Debate By Reuters , Wire Service Content Sept. 29, 2020 By Reuters , Wire Service Content Sept. 29, 2020, at 10:14 p.m. This is a massive country with a massive economy. “I can’t remember which of his rants to address first” – Biden “He can’t remember much” – Trump He … Biden on Trump’s mask policy: “He’s a fool on this.”, Biden, speaking of Trump: “This is a president who has used everything as a dog whistle to try to generate racist hatred, racist division.”, Trump to Biden, citing Biden’s support for the 1994 crime bill: “You’ve treated the Black community about as bad as anybody in this country.”, Biden: “Yes, there’s a systemic injustice in this country in education and work and in law enforcement, and the way in which it is enforced.”, Trump: “The top 10 cities and just about the top 40 cities are run by Democrats in many cases, radical left, and they’ve got you wrapped around their finger, Joe, to a point where you don’t want to say anything about law and order. You know why? He can’t stay in power.”. UPDATED : Sep 30 2020, 08:51 IST . Trump: “We’re rounding the turn. Responded Trump: “There’s nothing smart about you, Joe. He isn’t flashy, but he has a 28-3 record as Irish’s starting quarterback. ‘Mosul’: Intense Netflix war film is one of the year’s best. Climate change and the environment. President Donald Trump’s key quotes: “ Before COVID came in — the greatest economy in history, the lowest unemployment numbers. At the Jan. 14 debate, held at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, six candidates clashed on jobs, Iran and more. “We have the Senate and we have the White House and we have a phenomenal nominee respected by all. If I lose, that will be accepted. Because he cannot stop you from being able to determine the outcome of this election.”, Asked if he would urge his supporters to stay calm and pledge not to declare victory until the election is certified, Trump said, “I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully.”. About 11:05 p.m., the boy was inside an apartment in the 8000 block of South Aberdeen Avenue with a male who was handling a handgun. That’ll be the end of it, that’ll be the end of it.”, At one point, while being interrupted by Trump, Biden said: “Will you shut up, man. We won the election and therefore we had the right to choose her.”, Biden: “We should wait, we should wait and see what the outcome of this election is.”, Pivoting to the Affordable Care Act, Biden said: “I’m not opposed to the justice. Key quotes from the US Vice Presidential debate involving Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. She will be as good as anybody who has ever served on that court. ... I’m not elected for 3-1/2 years.”, Responded Biden: “He’s elected until the next election. You don’t have it in your blood.”, Trump on Biden’s proposed approach to developing coronavirus vaccines: “People like this would rather make it political than save lives.”, Biden: “Guess what, a lot of people died, and a lot more (are) going to die unless he gets a lot smarter a lot quicker.”. He’s been running on that.”, Trump interjected: “As far as a say is concerned, the American people have already had their say. Trump: "I believe that we have to do everything we can to have immaculate air, immaculate water, and do whatever else we can that's good." The fact is this man has no idea what he’s talking about.”, Biden to Trump: “You should get out of your bunker and get out of the sand trap and ... the golf course and go in the Oval Office and (put) together Democrats and Republicans, and fund what needs to be done now to save lives.”, Trump to Biden: “You didn’t think we should’ve closed our country (to China) because you thought it was terrible.”, “... We’ve done a great job.

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