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Learn what we're doing to help nourish the world. Miticide: pesticide for mites Cover crops are planted between growing seasons of a farmer’s primary cash crop, for the purpose of improving soil health, reducing erosion, improving soil fertility, and/or reducing soil compaction. Hybrid seeds are created using traditional breeding methods where two different but compatible plants are crossbred to create a new plant — also known as a hybrid.  The process of managing the amount, source, timing, and method of nutrient (fertilizer) application, with the goal of optimizing farm productivity while minimizing nutrient losses that could create environmental problems. Land used for agriculture to grow food, animal feed, biofuel, etc. Proteção de Culturas. The simplest definition of plant breeding is crossing two plants to produce offspring that, ideally, share the best characteristics of the two parent plants. Fungicide: pesticide for fungus Insecticide: pesticide for insects Biological diversity means the variability among living organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. Plant breeding provides farmers with crops that are better suited for their environment and consumer preferences by making use of the genetic diversity that exists naturally within each crop family. But plant breeding is not just about addressing environmental challenges. Pesticides applied directly to a seed before planting, for the purpose of protecting seeds, seedlings, and plants from pests. Piping systems, most commonly corrugated plastic tubing, that are placed underneath the soil to remove excess water from a field of crops. Crop Science has businesses in seeds, crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. Soil organic material is anything that was once alive and is now in or on the soil as it is decomposed into humus. There are three primary types of cover crops: tubers like the Tillage Radish; grasses like cereal rye, oats or annual rye grass; and legumes like clover. Breakthrough Innovation Happens at the Intersection of Scientific Disciplines, How Small Improvements Lead to Big Gains in Efficiency, How Agriculture Research Helps Fight Malaria, The Importance of Biodiversity and Supporting Ecosystems in Agriculture, Building Capacities, One Farmer at a Time, Breaking the Cycle: A New Season for Smallholders, Poo, Worms and The Fight Against Climate Change, Future of Farming Dialogue | 13 October 2020, Shaping the Future of Agriculture Sustainably: Perspectives from Bayer, Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions, Sustainable Production Requires Successful Collaborations, The Brilliant Women Who Shaped Modern Technology, To Advocate for Science and Agriculture, Empathy First – Then Facts, Farm Solutions to Address a Changing Climate, Growth and development of the plant is as intended. Median lethal dose (LD50) is an indication of the lethal toxicity of a given substance, representing a dose at which 50% of subjects die. The motion for this particular event will be: Pesticides are not necessary for a resilient EU food system. This allows roots to develop to their desired depth and removes standing water from lower portions of the field. An Oxford-style debate is a debate over a predetermined statement—otherwise called a “motion.” Two teams argue “for” or “against” the statement within a formalized structure. Shop bayer advanced flower food in the plant food section of the rate at which 50% of the maximal effect is observed. The main target organ in humans is the liver, but the risk of developing gallbladder cancer is also increased. Quality System, providing the formal framework for the conditions under which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported, and archived. Academics, industry researchers and policy-makers around the world are actively discussing how products enabled by gene editing will be evaluated and managed to ensure their safe and responsible use, For more information about the division, including unique stories, blogs and more, visit the dedicated webpage. Discover how Bayer is shaping the future of agriculture. the intrinsic hazard of sharp knife is to cut). Plants can be bred to ensure higher quality and more uniformly-shaped crops which leads to a reduction in food loss and waste. Plant material that remains after harvest. Read More. Even the earliest farmers understood that, in order to survive, they needed plant varieties specifically adapted to their environmental conditions and cultivated to produce the best foods to nourish their livestock and communities. That’s why we invest more in plant breeding research and development annually than we do any other crop science research and development platform. Terms and Conditions for Access to Crop Protection Study Documents. Compilation of all study reports and accompanying documents necessary to register an active substance or a plant protection product. Distribution, reproduction and/or publication can be subject to consent. The practice of planting a single crop type in a particular region or field often for an extended period, one planting cycle after another. Impacts on animal wildlife, like pollinators, including endangered species. Cart with 0 items Cart. Fuchsine and aniline became the company's most important products. The benefits of this practice include improved moisture retention and reduced soil erosion. What we imagine and what we achieve are simply different points on the same path. For example, ”no-till” involves no disturbance of the soil; and “reduced-till” or “strip-till” involves minimal disturbance. About 10,000 years ago, humans discovered Teosinte, which was a plant with small, thin “cobs” only 5-8 centimeters (2-3 inches) long with kernels so hard they would crack your teeth. Occurs in many diverse sources, ranging from major cereal crops to peanut butter, nuts and spices. Any fuel derived from living plant matter. Rotating crops provides productivity benefits by improving soil nutrient levels and breaking crop pest cycles. A mycotoxin produced by Fusarium fungi species. Biotechnology, or genetic engineering, is the process of using living organisms to improve qualities of a plant such as the plant’s ability to protect itself against damage or improving upon its ability to grow and produce. To make a long-story-short I used Bayer Advanced, Triple Action All Purpose Plant Food, on several plants (some very expensive) and it KILLED THEM. In agriculture, microbial products are those made from microorganisms to help protect crops from disease and pests, and to encourage healthy growth. (Maximum Residue Level) The potential residues on a harvested crop are regulated by maximum level.  (No Observable Adverse Effect Level) The highest dose where no recognizable harmful effects are observed.  No observable effect level, the level of exposure at which no effects of the substance were seen. The download of study summaries is subject to our Terms and Conditions for Access to Crop Protection Study Documents. Any use of Study Documents or their content for regulatory or any other commercial purpose is prohibited. Identifying and isolating the genetic characteristics that help solve farmers’ challenges is difficult and time-consuming. Occurs mainly in cereals and corn. Throughout the history of civilization, plant breeding has helped farmers solve complex challenges while also appeasing the appetites of consumers. Can include stalks, leaves, and roots.

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