barn swallow babies died

I don't know, it all seems a mystery, especially now hearing yours have suffered too. The dead swallows have now been collected for analysis by a local RSPB rep, so if there is any news forthcoming I shall let you know. Tree Swallow. The stables are 3 miles from my home on an organic farm (which has won many awards), no poisons or anything untoward that can be seen. So they perished. The, photo below from Kay and Bert Grant has actually grabbed the, raiding Magpie with its feet and is pecking its head, the photo below from Tony Leukering 2011 is, suggestive of Avian Pox, a viral disease. Yes, please let us know the outcome of the analysis. Just like male lions, male Barn Swallows will kill the young of another pair of swallows. Barns are great places for storage and everything but the kitchen sink ends up in there - been there before, and there was an old sink in one barn we had as part of our rental. Starvation and Hypothermia (exposure) of adults: The swallow below was caught by cold spring weather and, unable to find, burned its own tissues to keep alive. Just dreadful, and such a waste. Some large birds, including Crows, Jays and Grackles, raid nests of other, use calls, dive-bombing, mobbing and even physical, drive avian predators away, and sometimes they succeed. Prolonged cold temperatures are most apt to kill because the young must go Vents that can be plugged during cold snaps are best. I hope it will give us important information to prevent this happening again if it is a man- made tragedy! Anything like this happened elsewhere? The last winter was harsh, longer than usual, and very cold. Thanks for your reply. when i came back i saw the other baby one the ground and died ( I am not sure its the same baby form first time). If they don't look at all damaged, then as blackbird suggests poisoning might seem the most likely answer. Just a thought. small young with wounds like the bloody gash on the head of the nestling below, or that small nestlings have disappeared from a box, may signal that a takeover, attempt is in progress. One nest had 3 young and the others had 2 in each. The recent weahter ever so dry and hot so I wonder if that led to the Swallows downfall. This is too much of a co-incidence and was very upsetting. It was said that the parents were having to feed the 'wrong type of insect' as the ones they prefer to feed are scarce this year, at least during the early part of summer anyway. Meanwhile, in my own barn, 3 miles away, I have one active swallow nest, can't see how many chicks are in there but they make quite a noise so a few I hope. We too have 4 nests in 4 stables, every year the swallows come and raise 2 sets of babies, but for some reason at the beginning of June the first set of chicks all died and were chucked from the nest - but over two days. She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road. To find wildlife rehabilitators near you use either of these links: Chilling/Hypothermia and starvation of nestlings: Prolonged cold temperatures are most apt to kill because the young must go. As the nests are not damaged and the effect on all the nests means that it must be something in foodstuff that the chicks have eaten. Glistening cobalt blue above and tawny below, Barn Swallows dart gracefully over fields, barnyards, and open water in search of flying insect prey. Are the correct number of chicks still there - any missing at all. We know that cuckoldry is common in passerines like starlings, and that some species (like House sparrows Passer domesticus and Barn swallows Hirundo … I too have no idea why this would have happened. This is shocking and I can't imagine what could have happened to affect 3 separate nests. Photo by, Note the eye of the dead adult below. Parent swallows may refuse to enter boxes having heavy infestations of, to view the Purple Martin Conservation Association's outstanding, page on ectoparasites and their effects. Notice how the flight muscles that. It is a distinctive passerine bird with blue upperparts and a long, deeply forked tail.It is found in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Such a mystery that this should happen to 3 separate nests - 7 chicks (all almost ready to fledge) at exactly the same time.

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