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Boil the tapioca pearls until it floats to the top then cook on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. When ready, drain, then wash the pearls in cold water. Once the boba pearls are cooked, strain them and IMMEDIATELY dunk them in cold water. First, obviously you’ll need your tapioca pearls. Measure out water six times the volume of pearls you have made and bring it to a boil. Ensure that the pearls do not dry sticking together. Leave the boba pearls for about 2 hours on the baking sheet. Now, it is time to cook your pearls. Once you have finished boiling your tapioca pearls you scoop the tapioca pearls out of the pot and let it rest in cold water for 20 seconds. Keeping them soaked in cold water prevents them from sticking to each other. Then add 1 cup of black tapioca pearls. by: Judy. Total: 1 hour. Keyword: tapioca pearls. The diameter of most standard boba pearls before they are cooked is usually from 0.4 to 0.8 in. Cuisine: Asian. The first stage involves cooking the boba pearls in water. You can find these in your local Asian supermarket. Ingredients 6 cups water 1 cup large tapioca pearls (160g) 3 tablespoons sugar (plus 1 cup water) Instructions. If you have trouble finding them, they may sometimes be in the freezer section. Storing Cooked Tapioca Pearls (Boba) Cooked Tapioca Pearls may be left at room temperature for 4 hours, placed in a simple syrup, and then refrigerated for 72 hours or frozen to significantly extend its lifespan. How to Freeze Cooked Tapioca Pearls . Rate. Read on for how to cook tapioca pearls for bubble tea or boba. For every 1 cup of tapioca pearls, add 8 cups of water. These instructions are for dried tapioca pearls, not the quick cooking kind! Cooking Tapioca Pearls with Store-Bought Tapioca Pearls. Just note that as the pearls cook, they are able to swell a little. Tapioca pearls, also known as boba or tapioca balls, are small white spheres made from tapioca, which have a slightly translucent texture when finished cooking. There are 3 things you need to have before cooking your tapioca pearls. You can make the boba pearls to be of any size you prefer. A simple DIY for 3-ingredient homemade tapioca pearls (aka boba) – including how to cook tapioca pearls and a delicious brown sugar bubble milk tea recipe. Print. Detailed instructions on how to cook tapioca pearls for use in bubble tea and desserts. You can cook a large amount of tapioca pearl and use what you need and then freeze the rest. Course: Dessert. Bubble Milk Tea (or ‘boba milk tea’) stands/stores have been popping up all over the UK within the last decade. serves: 8. This will soften the boba pearls and make them chewy and translucent . Scoop in the pearls and simmer for up to 30 minutes. Turn the heat to medium. Tapioca pearls are quite tasteless, so they are often used in combination with a variety … Check at the 20-minute mark to see if they’re the consistency you like. Cooking boba pearls will be done in two stages. For every cup of boba pearls, use 4 cups of water.

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