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Vegetables are edible part of a plant and cons... #Millet are small seeded grasses that grow well in dry places as a rain fed crop. Shall I bring it on Friday?”. I add the remaining while finishing the dish after the leaves have wilted. All kinds of greens are very popular at the HnH home, and made in one form or another every other day. For me, this also is ethnography: no instrumental, directed, deep dive but the meandering, piecemeal and apparently pointless unraveling of meanings, facts, and details that give quotidian form to the relationships between people and express wider cosmologies–without the slightest promise of ever getting to a cohesive portrait of anything. There are quite a lot of varieties under this family… some also come with reddish tinge on leaves. I use up the stems in my cooking though many people discard it. Amaranth greens can be got easily from local shops that sell greens. ‘mma, keeraaai! [Source 1] [Source 2] [Although according to this source, it’s Amaranthus Polygonoides, the prostrate pigweed]. “Don’t you carry manathakkali keerai [மணத்தக்காளி கீரை]?” I ask her. With less leaves the dal will be more prominent and colorful. Simple theme. “Keerai” is the Tamil word for greens. “Only around aadi maasam [July-August] and only in some places.”. The leaves are generally smaller, and also pointier than most other common amaranth varieties. Glad you’re back. Also, tender greens wilt and shrink relatively quickly than mature leaves. Hope you enjoy my collection and thanks for visiting my space. Here links to recipes of #breakfast / #dinner and also #chutney, #sambar & #sidedish are listed. Harini is a vegan food photographer, writer and recipe developer. Common names: pigweed, spleen Amaranth, red amaranth If you make this do tag us with your version on instagram (@hariniandharsha) or find us on facebook (@hariniandharsha) and post a picture. Serve with rice topped with ghee. Cooking notes: This is a lovely, versatile amaranth. Add chopped onion, garlic and green chili to this and fry for 2 to 3 minutes. This particular variety shown in picture is called “Mulai Keerai” “முளைக் கீரை” in Tamil was available in big bunches at my local Indian store, surprisingly very fresh. It is called mulai keerai in Tamil, thotakura in Telugu. The younger greens are sometimes just called thandu keerai, perhaps referring to the greens that produce the edible thandu or stalks. The seeds are called amarnath seeds or amaranth in Tamil. No doubt, Aurovillians have figured out lots of ways to grow good salad greens here, and […], […] related to the tomatillo–which explains the husk. “But those are not always available,” our watchman chimes in, himself a farmer at heart. I used a whole bunch to my one cup toor dal and that’s why my dal looks too greenish. If you’d like more heat slit the chillies lengthwise. Amaranths are both commonly cultivated and wild, local and quite global, and have been cross-pollinating so much, it’s often tricky to tell the different strains apart. Do check out her page for some beautiful stories and facts about this […], Your email address will not be published. Yay. Fresh, grated coconut – 1/4 cup There are quite a lot of varieties under this family... some also come with reddish tinge on leaves. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Saute till dal turns pink and chillies speckled. A smaller leafed amaranth, “siru” is small in Tamil. Theme images by, , amaranth seed or oil may be of benefit for those with. Tiffin :  Breakfast/Dinner ... #Appam : Appam belongs to #dosai family but the method of preparation is slightly different. wonderful collection of red amaranth recipes, A Beginner’s Guide to Tamil Greens: Stir-fried Amaranth [Mulaikeerai poriyal], The Mixta Majicama Summer Salad | Pâticheri, Grow your own ground cherries for a rustic Chocolate Almond Torte | Pâticheri, Urulai Keeri Varuval | Potato Amaranth fry - A Mom's Cookbook, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Separate the leaves from the stalks, as even the younger stalks tend to be substantial enough to demand separate attention (and cooking times). Fry till transparent and aromatic. Botanical name: Amaranthus tristis, Amaranthus gangeticus [yes, it’s a specifically local strain], Amaranthus tricolor, Common names: pigweed, spleen Amaranth, red amaranth. Someone sells vegetables on a push cart. “These are heat-generating [soodu, pointing to the arakeerai], and these are cooling [kuļurchi, sirukeerai],” comes the prompt reply. ta-da.. a big bowl of keerai paruppu debut here. ‘Keerai’ (Saag, Koora, Greens) is the Tamil term that is used for all kinds of edible green leafy vegetables. I will share it soon one of these days. Such posts take a loooooot of work — and I’m so slow, it’s almost unfair to the blog. Ingredients . Sprinkle a pinch of salt to help sweat. My tolerance for heat is rather low. But from all I’ve read, although there might be red and green amaranths elsewhere growing, they’re not the same botanical strains. My simplest muļaikeerai recipe is a very straightforward stir-fry that is something between Indian and “Asian.” The stems can be minced (as in the image above) and prepared as a poriyal. They are a good source of vitamin A and C, folate, thiamine, niacin and other dietary minerals including calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, copper, and manganese. Cook a small batch and finish the same day. It is quick and simple, and pretty forgiving. Cooking notes: The wildest of this batch of amaranth greens, arakeerai is a great substitute for greens in just about any dish. In Tamil Keerai or Cheera, In Telugu - Tottakura and in Kerala it is known as Cheera. Stems – Chopped fine and uniform There you go…. Required fields are marked *. We and our guest-writers try to provide honest information based on web-based research and experience, but do not lay claim to its accuracy, completeness, currentness or sustainability. I like to eat up while the food is hot and fresh. Arai keerai [Amaranth Greens]- 1 small bunch [plucked, washed, & chopped] Moong dal [pasiparuppu, pachaiparuppu]– 3 tbsp; Sambar Onion [Shallots]– 4 [chopped] or red onion - 1 “These days everyone is asking for manathakkali keerai. Adding in 2-3 stages helps getting the right balance. Cover and cook for a 2 minutes. Kerala Chicken Fry – Kozhi Porichu Varuthathu, Kara Chutney Recipe – Side Dish for Idli Dosa, Chicken Salna Recipe – Tamil Nadu Parotta Salna, Vada Curry – Saidapetta Vada Curry – Idli Dosa Side Dish, Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups Recipe – Cheese Roll Ups – Kids Snack Recipes. I prefer a sprinkle after adding onions to help them sweat. Cuisine Style: Tamil nadu, south india | Preparation&Cooking Time: 15 minutes | To Serve: 4 | Type : Kootu, Dry Curry | Take with : Rice, idli, dosa. Chiffonade means to take as many leaves as you can handle, roll them tightly and cut into very thin strips. Such an amazing quick fix recipe. Mula Keerai Paruppu / Thottakura Pappu / Keerai parauppu / Mashed greens / Amaranth dal / Dhal / Keerai Kootu / Masiyal / Lentil / Masial / Paruppu Keerai / Pappu. (More on nightshades forthcoming in my series on common Tamil greens, as another common relative of the ground cherry is the black nightshade, Solanum nigrum or […]. #AmaranthPayasam 1 : #Amaranth is a leafy vegetable ( greens ) and a seed. Copyright © 2018 Harini & Harsha . “It just got over,” she says. I tried it.. really it becomes well and tasty too, Hi mullai, i treid this recipe yesterday it came out really gud.eveyone liked it and instead of mulai keerai shall we add someother keerai?thanks mullai always rocks-Dhivyavarshini, Looks very tempting Mullai…Asusual Good Job :). Amaranth is nothing but widely used leafy vegetable called Than... #KaraAvalPori #SpicyPuffedRiceFlakes : Traditionally Puffed rice is made by heating the rice in a sand filled oven. So Noila continues to stop by a few times a week, and I buy my greens from nobody else. We also get amaranth flour | rajgira atta but it is not commonly available here in South India. Noila belongs to an era which feels more bygone than it really is, one in which so many people walk neighborhood streets and bring so many more daily needs and small services home. Amaranth greens also known as Chinese spinach is a kind of leafy vegetable which is very popular in India, is great source of vitamins and minerals. The information and opinions given may not be treated as professional advice. Everyone asks only for muļaikeerai these days.”. Nevertheless, here is my localized guide, based on several hours of research and reading–sources provided where possible, for my own nerdy sanity and memory as much as anything else. Both recipes can be found here. But again over cooking leads to bitterness and loss of nutrients. When I ask why, they smile and glance cautiously in the direction of my husband, who is a distance away and paying no attention whatsoever to us.

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