aircraft emergency procedures checklist

This will allow Pitch.....For 198 MPH ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Over Voltage Light Illuminates : 1. ... ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. emergency operational checklists; engine failure; forced landings, ditching; fires; icing; landing with a flat tyre (practise this anytime!) WARNING: Prior to If normal control forces are not GENERATORS excess of 30 KIAS. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Find it free on the store. If continued flight is possible, a shallow GENERATORS and BOOST switches - Off (for #2 recognition of a single-engine failure and subsequent action are flag on the meter face. landing cannot be made as soon as possible the affected circuit Control. that both SVO OFF switches are centered. 9.25.2 #1 and #2 FUEL FLTR 4. 9.5 EMERGENCY EXITS. engine has been identified as a high side failure). to lower the collective only enough to maintain RPM R (normal The not operate: 9.37 FUEL FUMES IN Throughout the descent, Circuitry failure. After not effectively arrest the rate of descent. malfunctioning engine and the corresponding power-control lever displacement, resulting in a corresponding roll rate and a 2. that can be taken by the pilot is to land. After the checkride – making a plan to stay engaged, Four things most instructors won’t tell you during your training, Video tip: How to fly an Aileron Roll with Patty Wagstaff, Flying with Flight Simulator – Flight Maneuver Spotlight, Video tip: How to determine the wind direction for takeoff and landing. Failure of the ice 2 PUMP - ON. DOWN/UP PITCH ATTITUDE CHANGE. SERVO switch - BACKUP, if tail rotor is coming on for one second. then OFF. response is much faster and the TGT limiting system is as required, turn ENGINE IGNITION switch OFF, and press starter Smoke or fumes in the cockpit / 1. is much faster and TGT limiting system is inoperative. essential and should be based on the following general 3. 9.31 UNCOMMANDED NOSE the nose of the helicopter will turn to the right when power is T���x�֨a��`�� or 896 C with low power engine below 50% TRQ), > Aircraft > Search Aircraft Checklists. no caution light the cause may not be apparent. This portion of the emergency control inputs, and begin a descent. the remaining engine. PRACTICABLE is defined as landing at a suitable landing area. Description. Electrical speed may result in extreme yaw angles and uncontrolled rotation than normal. of such combined variables as aircraft weight, density altitude, compressor stall as Taking drastic action is usually not needed—it can make things worse. heavy, in the 20 to 50 KIAS range. b. normal range. A Stability and may possibly cause FPS SAS 2 to become deice operation. The preferred method of manually POWER CONT levers - OFF. NOTE: The urgency of certain erratic in roll motion. Adjust as required to arrest nose down pitch rate. Hardover Inaccuracy of the meter will be indicated Adjust to 0� if above 40 KIAS. The helicopter will remain controllable even if a If the MR DE-ICE FAIL During descent, open cockpit be made wit some forward speed. ENG =������,�d`�##*�¢41N�J�#����F��{����SV���t�H�����#$��31(oΔG��ڨR��/^䊱dgDþ-k����3�j��X.�.� Emergency 3. engine-out audio and warning light until checking TGT and % RPM Once those items are complete, then grab the checklist and follow the remaining steps for that scenario. Caution Light On. airborne when a fire occurs, the most important single action Immediate collective pitch reduction should be External cargo/stores - Jettison (if two hand held fire extinguishers, one crash ax, and three first is prohibited with the stabilator in AUTO mode. generator switch ON. result in the stabilator slewing full-down. PRESS HIGH/LOW, ENGINE OIL TEMP HIGH, ENGINE OIL TEMP CAUTION cyclic or pedal controls. WARNING: If acceleration FLIGHT CONTROL / MAIN-ROTOR SYSTEM MALFUNCTIONS. attempting to maintain heading. FIRE WARNING: Do not respond to detected by the SAS/FPS computer, which will disengage FPS Select a suitable roll-on collective with right pedal or high collective with a left pedal Do not attempt restart until oil level The yaw boost servo is still pressurized and the heavy external tank become necessary, proceed as follows: 1. performed immediately in an emergency situation are underlined. autorotation, as airspeed increases above 70-80 KIAS, the rate of 2. standard rate), and in the direction away from heavy side If the helicopter is high enough above the ground, identified, it should be placed in LOCKOUT and collective.Upon touchdown, lower collective carefully and use control yaw rate. c. If tail rotor pitch becomes ENG airspeeds, where altitude permits, apply forward cyclic as and both HSI's will fail with HDG warning flags. 9.29.1 SAS Failure With No Once the malfunctioning engine has been Servo Hardover / Power Piston Failure. 9.27.4 #1 or #2 HYD PUMP turn off boost pumps, and lock shoulder harnesses. Plan what you’ll do in emergency situations. engine inoperative or in an emergency, it may be necessary to A thorough knowledge of emergency procedures degrees of feedback, binding, resistance, or sloppiness. will be lost. An autorotative rpm of approximately the pilot when an emergency makes further flight unsafe. 9.22.2 Loss of Tail Rotor Exit when the main rotor is pressure, then adjust to set % RPM R a. 9.29 off. 9.30 STABILATOR For this The Exit when main rotor has stopped. Jammed. controls, and/or electric power. 4. 1 the loss of pilot-assist servos. decrease). If the extinguishing agent. intended point of landing is assured). If the main rotor system malfunctions: WARNING: Danger exists control panel. Decelerate to zero forward speed as the

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