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A fast debounce time ultimately means that your key stroke is registered quicker by your computer. There are different colors again when a switch has different levels of resistance. The solution was to use software click sounds which can be configured by sound type, volume and can be heard when using headphones, without bothering others. Typing and pressing keys must give users feedback in some way so that they know the signal was reached by the PC. Actuation point, on the other hand, is the point at which the switch is actuated. Show more + And no problems with it. Mechanical switches use springs for more precise control. The switches, designed from the ground up, were built for gamers craving a key stroke that was swift and precise while still being tactile. Customizable on a per-key basis, it lets you quickly identify the right key in the dark. No problem, we are here for you! An anodized aluminum plate reinforces the Vulcan’s structural integrity and protects against wear and tear. thumbsupYes thumbsdownNo. Its purpose is to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt and to protect the inside. Easy-Shift[+] is one of our most popular functions, so for the Vulcan we decided to include it as well. This allows the firmware to read signals more rapidly, with faster transmission to the PC. However, AlienFX is a separate system supported by Alienware. Certain Vulcan variants have a programmable wheel with additional functions. The low weight of the Vulcan’s key caps makes them more agile and responsive, resulting in less typing fatigue. Switches without this resistant are commonly red in color. It marks the first ROCCAT keyboard to feature inhouse­developed TITAN switches. AIMO is the new technology for ROCCAT’s illumination. They match the spacing and surface area of traditional caps but feature a shortened height to make cleaning easy, complementing the Titan Switch’s dust-resistant housing perfectly. Developed following the renowned principles of German design and engineering, it is the best keyboard ROCCAT has ever built. Functions from Talk have been incorporated into the standard functionality of Swarm. Pressing and releasing a key creates a lot of electrical signal noise, but with the Vulcan the contact is cleaner and stabilizes faster. The FN keys are secondary functions for the F-keys. The Vulcan variants are available in many different key layouts. There are different colors again when a switch has different levels of resistance. The key caps are also ultra-light – 50% lighter than standard – for that rapid response. Learn more about how we developed the Titan Switch here. The switch has a special design and interface for key caps. While Easy-Shift[+] is pressed, other buttons and keys have a new function when pressed. The FN + F-keys have standard media functionality, with extra functions in the top right area. By design, the Vulcan has the potential to work with AlienFX. Didn't find what you were looking for? So a while ago I bought myself a roccat vulcan 121 aimo. I am planning to swap my "A" and my "F9" Switch. It works most of the time, but it makes a little squeeking noise when i press it and sometimes it doesnt register me pressing "A". As well as a tactile and silent 1.8mm actuation point with a 3.6mm travel distance, the switches feature structural housing to reduce wobble while being pressed. As a German company, a German key layout is of course supported. ... • Vulcan 80: single-color key illumination, black anodized aluminum • Vulcan 100: multi-color key … TalkFX maintains legacy functionality, although will no longer be updated. Examples of other available layouts include QWERTY (UK, USA), AZERTY (France), etc. This creates a bit of an optical illusion whereby it looks smaller but it’s actually bigger. For sound feedback, users previously needed blue, clicky switches. Get your benefit and more by registering your ROCCAT product to your account, - improved win7 FW update stabilize issue, Did this answer your question? Mechanical keyboards typically have a top illuminated area due to the switch design and LED placement. The Vulcan’s key caps have a unique, optimized design. Separate wrist rests for different Vulcan models will be available at a later stage. The Vulcan is a precision gaming tool that lets you sense its performance from the first glance and the first key stroke. The ROCCAT Vulcan mechanical gaming Keyboard represents a powerful combination of technological innovation, robustness and illumination. This can be done by touch (tactile), visually (lighting) or by sound. ROCCAT® Vulcan 80 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. USB 2.0 (or higher), Internet connection (for driver software). We therefore cannot guarantee compatibility with other key caps, although some should still fit. The switches, designed from the ground up, were built for gamers craving a key stroke that was swift and precise while still being tactile. This spring alone doesn’t let the user feel the point at which the switch sends the signal to the PC.

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