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which of course is not as absolute as all that; yet the proposal does have considerable potential merit. Why do you assume given my educational background ( but you Do you happen to know why O’, is used as a prefix some 975 times in the KJV? (1999). There is another amazing similarity. However, I think it is only when eccentricity is small that the dust albedo feedback alone becomes the critical factor. Especially if there is 15,000 years of dusty ice layers in the ice sheets. The Cause and Effect essay is extensively footnoted to peer reviewed papers. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. This is the last of several adventures added to the game as a part of the series Lost tales from Greece. Just steal away :). There will be consequences but most stuff you do in this game will have similar kind of consequences and you will have to learn how to deal with it. A small amount of dust was necessary to terminate the Ice Age, but adding more dust had a smaller effect. The bogus book review… There are several factors and it is not possible to quantify them properly. And I see no difference between a thought experiment and a model. So… if the dust theory is a solid non-unicorn climate driver… What does that say about the ending of the LIA coincident with industrial (get it?… inDUSTrial) spewing BC and ammonium sulphate PM all over the Alps, then later Greenland and the Arctic. My mental model would label the opening of the Bering Straight as a cooling factor because it introduces a relatively low salinity water flow into the Arctic. There are several feedback factors and it is not possible to quantify them properly. It looks like vindicativeness. Eat and pray with Romans (see Saul’s condemnation of Peter for not eating with Gentiles). >>Your view is not chaotic but deterministic. Click to access EdmundFitzgeraldNTSBReport.pdf, Click to access EdmundFitzgeraldNTSBReport.pdf. These black dashed lines coincide with rising solar intensity in every case. Why “greatly” rather than “marginally”, for instance? I know from experience how effectively dust on snow works: I lived in Manitoba, Canada for 6½ years. You will note that even when eccentricity was high, and therefore NH high latitude precessional insolation peaks were high, there were many insolation strong peaks that did not produce an interglacial (see graph below). >>unbiased way to see if interglacials follow obliquity (2010) and closer to the estimate by Ellis and Palmer. You will not argue the theory, history and facts, because you don’t know the history and facts. ( less than 10% of the variance) If the temperature today is 13.7 degree C and at LGM was 5 degrees C then air circulation ratio can be obtained from the psychometric chart at saturation for simplicity. I think it’s time to leave this conversation. It seems more plausible to assume desertification is related to lack of freshwater as more and more of it gets sequestered as ice. To begin the quest, talk to Anais at her house. Opposition. And yes, it is a runnaway process once it starts, because dust continues to concentrate on the ice sheet surface. The 97% Consensus has as much to lose if their worldview is undermined, as this small theological cabal. The variations in CO2 during the ice age cycle were probably caused by oceanic absorption and outgassing, dependent upon temperature. The more dust is covered by much less snowfall.” More or less what Ellis and Palmer claim, except that they emphasize the decrease in albedo at the ice sheets. And if dust is added to the equation, albedo becomes an order of magnitude stronger again. Interested denizens could speculate if it is the same R Ellis commenting here. or MUST HAVE a small effect ** So perforce there must be another terrestrial feedback factor that resists and assists the effects of a Seasonal Great Summer (a maximum in seasonal precessional insolation). What, exactly, is wrong with the concept? I’ll have two sugars with my morning braggadocio. When soil or ash was used to melt down to roads over highland with meters of thick snow it was not done in winter time but when the spring came. The reason is the known lag between inferred temperature and CO2 in ice cores. (2010), namely 50 g/m2-yr, the number of dust particles per m2 would be 50/(1.2 ´ 10-11) = 4 ´ 1012. More like various folks might have pieces to a puzzle and end up spending time arguing which is the best piece to solve the puzzle, with others maybe saying none of them even belong in the puzzle. Claiming that you don’t “know” Russell Scott. Pairwise Homogenization Algorithm (PHA) Adjustment Our answers differ from hadcrut4 on a country by country comparison. 10 g/m2-yr at the lower end of the Laurentide ice sheet, decreasing gradually to about 1 g/m2-yr at the northern end of the ice sheet. There is a conception of the significance of global average annual temperature because that is what we measure wrt global warming. Dust loading from Greenland ice core. ”, did it ever occur to you that it might be both? ——————————– It looks like you are about 10,000 years out on that graph. If you get spotted it will rise the bounty on your head. No revision is necessary. mentioned the importance of dust deposition on ice sheets as an important factor in termination of Ice Ages. Perhaps the glacial melt is the extra energy needed to keep the conveyor current in its current most excited state. However, assuming CO2 is the main control knob and ignoring the effect of dust may cause climate sensitivity to be overestimated. It’s an old source here: The polar oceans freeze and thaw at the same temperature and turn ocean effect snowfall on and off as needed to limit the upper and lower bounds of temperature. Your graph cannot be quite so different to ours. R.Ellis offers no objections to the characterisation of their research at Forbes. The pre-MPT era was quite different in many respects. You must have the shallowest of friendships with people. >>at least one variable has a value nowhere near Only thing that does not do is explain the shift from ~41000 cycles from then to about 1mya to ~110000 year cycles to now.”. unique way of adjusting. I certainly don’t. Importantly, he encourages us all to move from exposing the problem to implementing the solutions for freedom _ some of which he shares here. As Ellis put it (private communication): The question is how these peaks in dust flux were generated during the latter millennia of each ice age. Sooner or The deconstruction ‘data’ is what is in the referenced papers, so anyone can check and see whether there has been selection bias or paper misrepresentation by me doing the deconstruction. By the way, regarding the modelling, the GCMs have consistently failed to be able to lift the planet out of an ice age using CO2. I am rooting for 2000 although I have no skin in that game. Click to access Edmund_Fitzgerald.pdf Kassandra Laskar 2004. Switching off the effect of the dust deposition on snow albedo leads to a rapid development of unrealistically large ice sheets, which cannot be melted even … The problem is that the claim that dust controls the glacial-interglacial cycle is unsupported by evidence. The hypothesis stops depending on when the dust happens. Paillard, D. 1998. But there was an increase in grain size in dust upon the Loess Plateau in China during the LGM. Although the accurate modeling of all of these processes is problematic, related uncertainties are not crucial, because a saturation effect occurs for dust concentration in snow of more than 1000 ppmw and the albedo of snow reaches a value comparable to that for dirty ice. ‘It assumes that climate change forced by external factors tends to happen regionally rather than locally’ to detect and correct shifts. As to the Y-D cooling this also remains beyond the scope of this paper. Increased solar input might be necessary for terminations but is clearly not sufficient. I reckon temperature/CO2 trends estimated by modern instrumentation (as opposed to those estimated by paleoclimate proxies) over the past century and a half or so have got more than a little something to do with that. And we never said that it did. Deposition of fresh dust drops off steeply in the early stages of deglaciation; the continuing melt-off is thus not sustained by fresh dust but must instead be carried by the old dust that is exposed layer by layer by the melt-off itself.

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