School Assembly @ Lewis Elementary School

On Thursday March 3rd I had the pleasure of performing a Magic Show for a group of Chicago School students that are in a

special group called It’s So Cool To Be Smart. Its a very exquisite club.

The students in this club have excelled to the top of the student body with outstanding grades & performance. I may just have meet a few future Doctors, Teachers, Astronauts, Scientists, etc.

What a great group of students they are. Many had never seen a Magic Show before so they didn’t know what to expect, and then on my very 1st Magic Trick my gloves turned into a Dove that flew over there heads they were hooked and wanting more.

I signed many autograph’s & have a lots of  new fans.

The School is looking into having me back for an upcoming  school assembly where the entire school can attend.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing you again.

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School Assembly Crowd

It's Cool To Be Smart Club

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