New Addition to the Magic Show

On Friday the Paul Lee Magic & Illusion Show welcomed a new  addition to the show.A new baby dove was hatched on 12/17/10

It’s been quite some time since it has happened, it was exciting.

Looking for a name, so please send you names. I will for the 1st time choose a name from 1 of you. I will pick from a Top Hat as to be fair to all making suggestions

Thanks & good luck on picking the new name.

Day 1 new Baby Dove

Day 3, 4 times the size of the egg

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13 Responses to “New Addition to the Magic Show”

  1. Stevie J Says:

    Name the baby dove Peace

  2. Roxana Mlakar Says:

    Purity or Heaven would be cute

  3. Megan Raab Says:

    Name it Presto!

  4. Dee Brahm Says:

    I think that “Noel” would be nice.

  5. Renee Kuffel Johnson Says:

    I say Believe…bee for short!!!

  6. Mary Szabo Linder Says:

    Angel !

  7. Marie Stich Says:

    I vote for ANGEL

  8. Saren O'Hara Says:

    I thought of Freedom…I do admire the other suggestions..

  9. Dee Brahm Says:

    Paul, Jacquline thinks that “PETE” would be a good name.

  10. Ed Spinelli Says:

    Name it December

  11. Carol's Mom Says:

    How ’bout Paulette?? Assuming here that it’s a girl. If not, I like Presto!

  12. Tom Holbrook Says:

    I’d like to make a write in for; Coocoo.
    But, the others avery good too.

  13. Doug McKnight Says:

    How about Marshall Brodien III !!!

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