My Circus Days

I did work as a Ringmaster & Magician with the Franzen Brothers Circus.

I started in I believe in 1987 for a half season and again in 1988, and in 1989 & 1990 I was with the show full time. We traveled to over 30 states, and we were on the road 10 1/2 to 11 months a year, 2 show a day, in a different town 98 percent of the time.

I can recall that it rained 20 plus days in a row, we moved with the rain, it was a very difficult time. in between acts I would run outside of the tent and hose off all the mud, my boots were filled with water. I did have people come to me after the show telling me they noticed I changed my pants 1o or more time.. if they only knew.

Happy to be performing close to home these days. I do travel for show shows but not for months at a time any more.


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