Halloween Magic Shows

Halloween is the busiest time of the year for Magicians.Just a few years ago I had 21 Magic Shows in 7 days, only a few were in the same location & on the same day. I have already booked several Magic Shows for the month of October and the dates will fill in very fast as we get closer. Believe it or not I will get calls as late as the week before asking if I have any available dates or time slots.

One of the big reasons was a Magician  named named Harry Houdini. Houdini began his magic career in 1891 and died on Halloween, October 31st he was just 52 years old.

One of Houdini’s most popular publicity stunts was to have himself strapped into a regulation Strait Jacket and suspended by his ankles from a tall building or crane. Houdini would then make his escape in full view of the crowd. In many cases, Houdini would draw thousands of onlookers who would gather in  the street and bring traffic to a halt.

My first ever attempt at the Suspended Straitjacket Escape was in 1987 @ Riverview Park & Waterworld. We did 3 shows each day and that first year it was very slow in the beginning so I went to the Park Owner and asked if I could do the Straitjacket Escape in the Midway. He was a little worried but said OK.

Each day 15 minutes before every show I would perform the Straitjacket Escape & just as I finished and was lowered to the ground we would start selling tickets to the Magic & Illusions Show starting in 5 minutes, and did it help since they were right outside the Theatre we performed in.

I did this 3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I was in great shape all year long.

My 1st Strait Jacket Escape 1987

Wisconsin Dells Magician Paul Lee 1987

Thanks for your time & repeat bookings, I have 80 repeat clients for far this year.


Paul Lee

PS Dont delay if your a planning a School Assembly, Park District Halloween Event, Town Center Halloween Party, Country Club Members Party, etc. Call 1-630-933-8690 or visit us @ www.paulleemagic.com





Straight Jacket Escape in 2010

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